ppc stats 2023Here is our quick guide to the 36 most important pay-per-click marketing facts and statistics you need to now for 2023:

General PPC Statistics

  • PPC has an average of 200% return on investment (ROI) (SmallBizGenius)
  • 90% of internet users will see a Google Advertisement (WebsiteBuilder)
  • Paid advertising channels with the highest return on investment (ROI) are Facebook Ads and Google Ads (WordStream)
  • The traffic that comes from PPC advertising has 50% more conversions than organic advertising does (Moz)
  • The average click-through rate (CTR) for a search ad across all industries is 3.52% (Galactic Fed)

Local Service Ad (LSA) Statistics

  • 46% of all the searches on Google are seeking local information (Social Media Today)
  • The number of good reviews that you receive and the credibility the business has is more important than the ranking of LSAs (iLawyer Marketing)
  • Google LSAs account for almost 14% of local SERP clicks (BrightLocal)
  • Nearly 80% of consumers want their LSAs to be organized by to their city, zip code, or their immediate surroundings (Think with Google)
  • Your Google Business Profile (GBP) needs to have at least one review before your LSAs can go live (Google)

Responsive Search Ad (RSA) Statistics

  • The more headline variants that you have for your RSAs (as of 2023, you can have up to 15!), the more impressions that you can receive per RSA (Optmyzr)
  • Including ad customizers or even DKI can lead to an overall decrease in performance (Optmyzer)
  • To find a sweet spot for the best results, having 2 RSAs per ad group is recommended to improve your conversion rate (Optmyzer)
  • Excessive pinning is known as one of the main causes of decreased RSA strength (Google Ads Help)

Mobile Advertising Statistics

  • It is reported that over 50% of advertisement clicks are on mobile devices (WebFX)
  • Mobile devices account for 70% of search ad impressions in the United States (Insider Intelligence)
  • 60% of all mobile users will click on a PPC advertisement at least once per week (Business Insider)
  • 75% of consumers are going to spend up to 2 hours watching short-form videos on their mobile devices (Insider Intelligence)
  • 33% of mobile ad spending goes to Google (MediaPost)

Display Ad Statistics

  • The Google Display Network is one of the leading PPC players with over 2 million websites featured (Google Ads)
  • Consumers are nearly 155% more likely to search for terms related to your brand when exposed to display ads (WordStream)
  • When a search is conducted after viewing a display ad related to the search, the likelihood of conversion is 59% (LocaliQ)
  • 27% of consumers are likely to search after seeing a display advertisement (LocaliQ)
  • The digital advertising spend worldwide is expected to reach $485 billion in 2023 (Insider Intelligence)

Video Ad Statistics

  • 96% of individuals report that they will watch an explainer video to learn more about a product or service (HubSpot)
  • Out of the 96% of people, 89% of them will make a purchase based on a video (HubSpot)
  • 31% of small businesses do not invest in digital marketing video techniques because they do not have a strategy (SERPwatch)
  • 52% of consumers report being more confident in their purchases when a video accompanies the product (SERPwatch)
  • 83% of marketers recommend that videos should be less than a minute long (HubSpot)
  • 51% of people are more likely to share videos than any other content type (Wyzowl)

Statistics on Landing Pages

  • Landing pages that are going to contain a video are inclined to have a conversion rate of 86% (SERPwatch)
  • 52% of B2B PPc advertisements point to the home page instead of a landing page (Findstack)
  • When you have competing offers on a landing page, your conversion rate can decrease by approximately 1.5% (Findstack)
  • The average CTR of images without text is 52% higher than images with text (ThriveMyWay)
  • 2 out of 10 people are going to read your entire landing page, but 8 out of 10 people are going to read the entire headline (ThriveMyWay)
  • Your landing page copy should be anywhere between 250-300 words if you are selling complex goods or services that need more explanation (Popupsmart)

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