With our extensive experience in working with companies across a variety of industries, Sixth City Marketing understands what it takes to craft an effective manufacturing marketing strategy.

As the economy continues to be in a state of flux, the process of gaining and retaining clients is more competitive than ever. So why not give your business the ultimate advantage by utilizing manufacturing SEO tactics?

With manufacturing SEO, your site will be able to rank higher in searches, allowing more potential customers to come to your website. We can help your SEO through content creation, link building, keyword research, website optimization, and much more.

How Our Manufacturing SEO Agency Can Help Your Company

Incorporating a manufacturing-focused SEO strategy into your marketing efforts can reap great rewards, but our services can also correct for many issues websites face which hurt their searchability, and in turn negatively affect their traffic and lead generation.

Common issues that manufacturing websites often contain include:

  • A site that is not mobile friendly, which is top priority in Google’s ranking factors
  • Key pages that have less than 500-1000 words of copy (vital for ranking a page)
  • A site missing an SSL certificate (non-https URL)
  • Inactive social media channels that have infrequent updates
  • Missing calls to action essential for generating a user response
  • No way to contact the business
  • Lacking conversion or goal tracking in analytics

By utilizing our expert manufacturing marketing agency, you can eliminate these issues and start to see a significant boost for both your traffic and conversions.

5 Ways We Can Amp Up Your Manufacturing SEO Marketing

We recently created this handy guide for manufacturers to reference when evaluating their marketing efforts. Here are a few key tactics we use in our manufacturing SEO strategies to get you results.

Evaluate Top Landing Pages

We will go into your Google Analytics profile and see which pages on your website get the most traffic, convert the best, and have the most room for opportunity. From there, we can revamp page copy, add additional keywords, and more.

Check Your Local Presence

Have you claimed and optimized your local listings on Google and Bing? Making sure that your business information is properly displayed not only on your website, but across citation websites, social media, and Google My Business as well, is an essential SEO tactic.

Take Time to Build Quality Links

Having a strong backlink profile is essential in the eyes of Google. Our strategists have experience crafting link building strategies to help give your site a boost from quality websites.

Refresh Your Metadata

If it has been a while since you have had your metadata updated on your website, giving them a makeover to include more keywords and more appealing copy can bring more users to your site.

Design for Conversion

Our team has the ability to make strategic design and development changes to your website that will turn website visitors into customers. From adding pops of color to changing the location of your web forms, there are numerous things we can implement to improve your pages.

Notable Manufacturing Clients That We’ve Worked With

TYKMA logo
cutting dynamics
PH logo
shini usa

In our work with these businesses and many others, we have accrued the experience needed to effectively increase qualified leads and website traffic for companies within many unique manufacturing sectors.

We Do More Than Just Manufacturing SEO Services

A complete campaign from a successful manufacturing marketing agency doesn’t just stop with search engine optimization. For manufacturing industries, it means reaching out to customers in new ways and making it easier than ever for them to find what they need, request parts, create custom orders, inquire about capabilities, and more.

Our manufacturing SEO company can also provide:

  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing (Google, Bing, Facebook Ads, and More)
    Running a successful paid campaign can be extremely difficult. With our in-house staff of PPC experts, we can deliver custom landing pages, well-written ads, and precise keyword and location targeting to ensure your ads get in front of your ideal customers.
  • CRM Consulting/Marketing
    Do you use a customer relationship management system such as HubSpot or PipeDrive? As a HubSpot certified partner, we can assist you in setting up workflows, organizing leads, and much more to help your sales team keep up with the leads we bring in through our manufacturing marketing services.
  • Social Media Management
    For manufacturers, social media marketing can be a great way to get the word out on new products, services, and any special events going on in your company such as trade shows. Our team will write posts, schedule them, and conduct maintenance on your social media accounts on your behalf.
  • Website Design and Development
    One of the best ways to help your website convert higher is through a fresh look and design. We have years of experience designing custom websites for specific industries that cater to their preferred customers’ needs. Best yet, we work with you step by step through the phases of planning, designing, and launch.
  • Email Marketing
    Supplementing our SEO services, we are trained in working with various email platforms such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, HubSpot, and more. From designing a template to match your brand to writing monthly newsletters, we can help you email your current customers, distributors, and more.
  • Video Production
    For manufacturers, video is a great way to supplement technical data on your website, giving your customers an inside look at your facility, services, products, and more. We can shoot videos to supplement your website content, social media, and email marketing campaigns.

Contact Our Manufacturing SEO Company Today

When it comes to manufacturing SEO services, no one does it better than Sixth City Marketing. With a deep understanding of the industry, and what it takes to reach customers and give them exactly what they need, we promise to take your business to new online heights.

To learn more about our manufacturing SEO agency, and what we can accomplish for your company, be sure to contact us today.

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