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Our web design and development services in Chicago are focused on not only creating a beautiful site for your business, but also attracting more users to your site to generate new leads and sales. We work to build you a custom site that will help your business succeed for years to come.

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Many web development agencies will design a site for you and that’s it. There is often very little consideration on how that site will convert into leads and sales for your business while factoring in its viability from an SEO perspective. As a full-service digital agency, these are the types of things we’re always thinking about during a web design project, which will ultimately set your new site up as a true lead generation tool moving forward.

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Why Your Company Needs Web Design Services

Website design is just one of the many building blocks that contribute to a successful business.  Because of this, you need to make sure that your website is up to date and easy to navigate, which will help enhance your company’s image and reputation within your industry.

What Goes Into the Website Design Process?

Website design is the process of arranging and maintaining stylized content on a website in order to draw the viewer’s attention, as well as convert potential customers into qualified leads for your business. Aspects such as user experience, user-friendliness, and brand-reflected content go into the overall design of your website.

The Benefits of a Website Redesign

There are numerous benefits to embarking on a web design project with our Chicago web development agency. This includes the following:

  • An overall increase in conversions – Whether you want people to request a demo, fill out a contact form, or even purchase one of the many products from your website, assistance from our web design company will help individuals easily navigate your website and ultimately contact you.
  • Compatibility on all device types – With 60% of all online searches coming from mobile devices in 2023, it is important that your newly redesigned website accommodates the needs of the people. That is why hosting and maintaining a website that can easily be accessed from a desktop, mobile device, or even a tablet will help you generate more qualified leads and get plenty of SEO love in the process.
  • A bump in organic traffic – If you are combining your web design services with other digital marketing strategies, such as search engine optimization, pay-per-click, or even some paid social media marketing, you should see a definitive boost in traffic to your website. Running multiple digital marketing strategies will ultimately result in more qualified leads and sales in the long run.

More Information on WordPress & Shopify

When deciding on the right company to trust for your website project, it is important to understand the differences and benefits of WordPress and Shopify and what you can expect from your website.

Here are some common questions about WordPress:

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that is one of the most user-friendly platforms for designing and developing websites. It is known for its flexibility and easy-to-use interface.

Are WordPress sites mobile-friendly?

Yes. We will choose a responsive theme that works well in mobile. We will also adjust design elements and use responsive plugins that will best serve the site in mobile.

Why do you recommend WordPress?

While there are many content management system (CMS) platforms out there to consider when building a new site, there is one our team believes stands out from the rest. Throughout the years, WordPress has proven itself to be the best website platform available when designing and developing a site for various industries.

Here are some reasons why we believe WordPress stands out:

  • Ease of use for business owners to make updates
  • Allows you to publish and edit your content quickly
  • Endless flexibility in terms of functionality and design
  • A huge library of free plugins to enhance your site
  • Expansive customization abilities to fit your needs
  • Comes with its own built-in blog
  • Easily adapts to a mobile-friendly interface

For Ecommerce Websites: We Can Build Your Site in Shopify

In addition to WordPress, our team has expertise in working on Shopify sites. If you have an online store and are looking to give your website a boost, you have come to the right place.

Shopify is a popular ecommerce platform that helps businesses set up and manage an online store. Merchants are able to sell their products online and the software is known for its user-friendliness.

Since the time we’ve opened and started providing website development, Shopify has continued to stand out as a top ecommerce platform. We believe it stands out because of the following qualities:

  • User-friendly interface – The platform is easy for both beginners and experienced users without needing extensive technical knowledge.
  • SEO Potential – There are various ways to customize your site to appear better in search engines, including metadata and schema.
  • Hosting is included – Hosting is included within Shopify, so no need to find a separate service.
  • Plenty of themes to choose – There are many options to choose from and can be customized to suit your store.
  • Mobile-friendly – Their themes are responsive in mobile ensuring functionality for users on their mobile devices.
  • Trustworthy security – It comes with an SSL certificates are provided and hosting within Shopify ensures security with customer’s data and transactions.
  • Flexibility with payment processing – There is flexibility with payment processors for handling transactions.

These are just a few of the many qualities that make Shopify our first choice for ecommerce websites. No matter what industry your online store falls within, we have the expertise to ensure your new site best represents your products and business.

“We called on Sixth City as well as a number of other companies to make a proposal for a new look, and a better run WordPress website for the Lake County Health District. They were low pressure, more problem solving, and step up where we needed, but also let us do things that we needed. In the end our new look is a very functional well branded site, and they were professional, knowledgeable, and precise with their help in our website build. We went through all of our own content, and up our game as well. So we are pretty pleased with the result.” – Lake County Health District

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Our Chicago web design agency is located in the River North district. Our office is on the corner of W. Ontario Street and N. La Salle Drive. Additionally, we are located just blocks away from the following restaurants, bars, and tourist attractions:

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We are also located just down the road from Target, Starbucks, and McDonald’s for your convenience.

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Stopping by to visit us? If so, there is a public parking garage across the street from our building on W. Ontario Street (right next to the Target!).

Chicago Web Design FAQs

If you are looking for some answers to the most commonly asked web design questions, we have compiled those inquiries, as well as our responses for you below:

How long does it take to build a website?

When committing to a full website redesign, it could take anywhere from 12 to 16 weeks to complete the job. If you are looking for some smaller, quicker fixes to your website, it could take less time than that.

How do I know if my company’s website is already mobile-friendly?

A simple way to check if your website is mobile-friendly is by either checking on your own mobile device to see if your content is easily accessible or even adjusting the window on your computer to see how your site adapts visually. That way you can check to see what is or isn’t working with your website and troubleshoot from there.

Another way for you to check the overall mobile compatibility of your website is by utilizing Google’s free mobile test to see how your page compares to others.

How can I help my company beyond just doing a website redesign?

If you are a small business in the Chicago area and are looking to reach a more location-specific audience, search engine optimization (SEO) can help you. Here are just some of the things you can consider:

For more ideas, tips, and tricks to help your local business thrive in the Chicagoland area, contact our team today!

What to Expect During a Website Design and Development Project

Our Chicago website design services are tailored to meet your business’s goals and target audience. If you work with us on a project, here is what you can expect:

  1. Our team will first discuss and review your site with you to go over what you are looking to improve.
  2. We then will determine a plan to execute for your site and talk about your budget.
  3. Next, we will conduct a website architecture proposal of how we recommend your navigation be structured for optimal user experience.
  4. Our team will then create mockups for website design purposes in Photoshop and then build your website.
  5. Lastly, we will finish up some final touches and approvals, and then we launch!

Who We Help With Our Online Marketing and Web Design Services

At Sixth City, we offer so much more than just Chicago web design services. We can help your business no matter the industry, and we’d be happy to help you reach your marketing goals.

Here are some business types we have strategized for in the past:

Get to Know Our Chicago Web Team

combined years of experience providing web design services to companies located all around the United States.

Our team has backgrounds in marketing, writing, business, web design, and much more. You can ensure that our team of experts is trustworthy, honest, and dedicated to helping your business succeed wherever you may be located.

Alongside providing you with a brand-new site, we can also help your business improve its online presence through other marketing services, such as:

  • Search engine optimization – SEO is the process of increasing the ranking and overall presence of your site on different search engines. This helps increase new leads to your site when users search for your brand, product, or service on Google, Bing, or any other search engine. Some ways we provide SEO are by doing link building, content creation, keyword research, and much more.
  • Email marketing – Our team is able to design custom emails, send/schedule emails, monitor campaigns, and write newsletters for your business. We can provide emails tailored to the audience your business is trying to reach.
  • Pay-per-click – Paid advertising campaigns can help your business stand out from the rest by appearing above organic listings on search engines. Our team can set up and monitor paid advertising campaigns on different channels such as Google or Bing Ads.
  • Paid social media – Through social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter, our team is able to ensure your social media ads are showing up on your ideal audience’s feed based on their age, location, interests, and more.
  • Much more – We also offer services such as CRM managementconversion rate optimization, and consulting and auditing. Be sure to also check out our blog posts to see more in-depth information on what our team brings to the table.
“Sixth City Marketing revamped our website with usable tools to track our sales and identify where our sales were originating from! What a huge piece of information – to know what advertising is generating sales! Sixth City Marketing gave us PRICELESS consultation as to where to best spend our money! I cannot say enough how thankful we are as a small business for Sixth City input and work on our marketing plan!” – Scott Kinley, Kinley Studios

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