With more and more customers seeking out businesses online for a variety of products and services, it’s imperative for any company that wants to keep up with the competition to have a solid web presence.

top columbus web designBeing effective online means addressing a lot of factors, but having a modern, efficient website design is a key component.

Our services for web design in Columbus and the surrounding areas of Ohio have helped a variety of businesses optimize their sites and boost traffic and leads.

As you’re considering various website designers to help revamp your business’s online presence, Sixth City Marketing is here to help your business achieve those goals. Learn more about our web design services and how they can impact your business today!

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The Importance of Having a Strong Website

A well-designed website will help your company stand out against your competition. You can do so by creating and maintaining a website that is visually appealing, loads quickly, and includes strong calls to action throughout. If you do not have a strong and responsive website, potential customers will be more inclined to click off your site, resulting in a loss of potential business!

Benefits of Our Web Services in Columbus

With the help of our website design strategists, developers, and more, we can offer the following benefits that some other agencies may not be able to provide:

  • We’re Local – Our Columbus roots run deep, and our headquarters is up in Cleveland. We can meet with you at your convenience in person to address designs and strategies. We also promote various local businesses on our blog and share important facts and stats on the city that people may find useful.
  • Custom Designs – We provide complete custom designs tailored to your business, your goals, and your target audience. So, whether you’re looking to showcase your products or detail your exceptional services, you’ll be pleased to know that we will listen to each of your deliverables and create a final product that aligns with these expectations.
  • Dedicated Service – You will be assigned an account manager who can answer any and all questions you have throughout your project and present you with deliverable items.
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What We Do Differently: Design for Conversion

Since we have experience redesigning hundreds of websites, our Columbus web design services focus on optimizing for conversion rates, and we strive to create a site that’s designed to produce more leads and get you more business.

In addition to a look and feel that matches your company’s branding standards, we’ll also emphasize the following in our designs:

  • User Friendliness – We create sites that are clear, direct, easily navigable, and visually appealing, all of which are supported by worthwhile written content. These features also make it easier for your staff to make updates when needed
  • Goal Tracking – Through systems like Google Analytics, HubSpot, and Unbounce, we’re able to generate detailed breakdowns on the results of our web development efforts in ongoing SEO campaigns, a significant advantage over traditional marketing tactics such as newspaper, magazine, radio, and television ads
  • Responsiveness and Mobile Friendliness – When designing your site, we ensure that it features a responsive design and is mobile-friendly since upwards of 63% of online searches are now being conducted on mobile devices
  • Google Analytics review – As a part of our website redesign process, we will also take a look at your Google Analytics to ensure your goals are configured correctly, whether that is to see an increase in organic traffic, transactions, or even time on the site, can be accurately accounted for.

Overall, our team understands that your website is a tool to drive your business to success. That’s why we want to help you utilize your website and position it for the highest return on investment possible, which can include providing a flexible finished site that can grow as your business flourishes, as well as supplying ongoing training for you and your team if desired.

“Sixth City Marketing provides National Church Residences with a full range of services including website design/administration/management, digital marketing, search engine optimization, analytics/metrics/reporting, and much more. Their excellent customer service, speedy turnaround times, and expert advice makes them a valued extension of our in-house team!” – National Church Residences

What We Offer: Design Experience and Knowledge

In addition to years of training and experience, our services for website design in Columbus, Ohio are continually keeping up with the latest industry updates and website trends. Both of these factors contribute to us being able to provide the most up-to-date designs for clients like you. Additionally, we can also offer the following as far as web development insights go:


  • Versatility – We can build websites in a variety of content management systems, including Shopify and WordPress, putting our knowledge of these systems to work for your goals.
  • SEO-based designs – Because we are a search engine optimization agency, all of our websites are crafted with advanced SEO knowledge and tactics in mind, helping your pages to be highly search engine friendly and pull in more business. This can include schema implementation, SEO writing, form creation, user experience design for CRO, and beyond.
  • A Variety of services – Along with everything we can do for companies needing help with web design in Columbus, Ohio, we can also supply services like SEO, PPC, social media management, and more.

Common Questions on Website Design Projects

When talking with current and potential web design clients, we are often asked various questions, and we’re happy to supply answers so customers can understand our processes better and expand their knowledge of website design and development. Here are some FAQs to help as you are looking into our services:

What Are Common Reasons Companies Redesign Their Site?

If you’re unsure if you need help with your website’s design and development, here are some things to look out for that would be considered poor website design and development:

  • Smaller or hard-to-read text
  • Unresponsive on mobile devices
  • Slow loading times
  • Poor navigation
  • Inconsistent design
  • Poor accessibility
  • Unclear CTA
  • Lack of visual hierarchy
  • Cluttered layout
  • And more

If you believe any of these factors could apply to your company’s website, it may be time to look for help.

How are Web Design and Web Development Different?

Website design encompasses the skills and tasks that are needed to create and maintain a successful website. This can include focusing on various aspects of a site’s front end, including aesthetics, user experience, graphic design, and more. As for the development, the back end of the site should be built to be user-friendly, fast-loading, and structurally sound.

The goal of building a successful website is to be easily navigable, accessible, and enticing for conversions, ultimately drawing in more consistent traffic and a return on investment in the form of qualified leads and sales.

Do You Offer Both Design and Development?

Yes! We not only design your custom website, but we also have the ability to build it out as well.

Both of these aspects are crucial for having an overall high-performing website. Our company offers both services, so you won’t have to outsource a separate company to do any other part of the job. And we will strategize the best ways to design and develop your website to fulfill your unique requirements.

Does Your Team Have Experience with Various CMS Platforms?

Yes! Our team has plenty of experience building our WordPress and Shopify websites from scratch for those looking for a highly professional website that’s customized to your business’s overall goals and initiatives. Additionally, we have the combined capabilities to perform ongoing maintenance to the following CMS platforms:

How Effective Is Website Design and Development?

We’ve seen tremendous results when redesigning our past client’s websites. We’ve also put together website design and development statistics as well as website redesign statistics that display how effective your site can impact your overall ROI. Here are some key findings:

  • 38.5% of website designers believe that users will leave your website because of an outdated design
  • It takes only 0.05 seconds for a user to make an impression on your website
  • For every 1.5 to 2.5 years, companies will redesign their website
  • 42% of website users are found to leave a website because of poor functionality
  • 94% of first impressions of a website are related to the design
  • 75% of people believe that a website is credible because of the type of design it has
  • 67% of users using a mobile device to view a website will most likely make a purchase if the website is mobile-friendly
  • 89% of online shoppers will buy from a competitor if they experience a bad user experience elsewhere
  • 90% of internet users will click out of a poorly designed website
  • 40% of website users don’t want to wait more than 3 seconds for a page to load, before clicking off a website
  • Red purchase buttons are seen to increase sales on websites by 34%
  • 26% of people enjoy a primary color scheme for a website

If you’re looking for even more evidence of the impact of design and development, check out our case studies, where we’ve seen numerous clients experience success with website changes.

Will Our New Website Be Mobile-Friendly?

When designing your website, we’ll design it with the idea that your website will most likely be viewed on mobile as well as on a desktop and even tablet. This means that any design that we create on your website will be mobile-friendly. We do this because we understand that today people are constantly looking up information on their phones and we want to give users the best experience possible no matter what device they’re using.

How Long Does it Take to Build a Website?

The length of your website build can depend on what website services you specifically need, as well as the size and scale of the website itself. So if you are looking for us to build a new website from start to finish, you are looking at the project being anywhere from 12-16 weeks in total depending on the size of the project. On the other hand, if you just need a few designs for conversion strategies added to your preexisting website, that time frame can go down.

For a more exact estimate, fill out our form for a free site evaluation at the top of this page!

Where Do You Host My Website?

For the majority of our web design clients, we recommend that they host their website on SiteGround unless they wish to stay with their current hosting company.

What Platform Do You Build Websites In?

We build a majority of our websites in WordPress given its highly customizable capabilities and easy-to-learn platform. Some other reasons why we love WordPress include the following:

  • The platform includes a built-in blog
  • Comes with thousands of themes to choose from
  • You can choose from several plugins depending on your company’s needs
  • Most themes already include a mobile-compatible format

However, if you are an ecommerce business, we’d be happy to build you a beautiful and functional Shopify website instead!

What Are the Stages of the Website Design Project?

Some stages you can expect throughout your project include:

  • Site architecture recommendations – During this phase, our team will go over the recommended navigation channels based on factors like user experience, prior SEO knowledge, and conversion design.
  • Wireframing – Along with architecture recommendations, we will create custom wireframes, which are high-level recommendations of templates for key pages of your website.
  • Photoshop mockups – To ensure that the mobile and desktop versions of your website match the look, feel, and functionality that you’re looking for, we will create Photoshop mockups to provide examples of what the product will look like. This phase also comes with two rounds of revisions.
  • Staging site creation – This is where we will start to build your website in a development environment, which is also called a sandbox. This is so we can test the look and functionality of your new site before the final launch.
  • Content migration – Once the core competencies of your website have been covered, we will get to work moving existing content on your website to your newly refurbished site. This is to ensure that you do not lose any of the existing content that’s already on your website.

We follow through with each of these steps to ensure that your website is in the best shape possible to bring in a tangible ROI. For more information about our website redesign process, please reach out to our team, as we would be happy to discuss your next project with you!

What Happens After Our Website Is Completed?

After we have launched your website, we will work with you to ensure you are well-educated on the content management system so you can update your new site whenever needed. We’d also love to keep our engagement going by working with you on SEO, PPC, or any of our other digital marketing services.

Once My Website Is Finished, Will I Be Able to Update It in the Future?

Yes, you will have your own login to access your website and be able to update what you want, which can include training provided by our team so you’ll have an overview of how to handle day-to-day tasks. And we will always be an email or phone call away if you run into issues updating things even after your project is finished.

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Columbus-Area Businesses We’ve Worked With

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with a variety of prominent companies in Columbus, as well as throughout the state of Ohio. Companies that have utilized our Columbus, Ohio web design services, for projects both big and small, include:

  • M/I Homes
  • TYKMA Electrox
  • Stellar Technology
  • National Church Residences
  • Park National Bank
  • Miles-McClellan Construction
  • ActionCOACH Central Ohio
  • Dillon Manufacturing

Additionally, we’ve had the pleasure of creating seamless and effective website designs for companies in major cities like Cleveland, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Nashville, and beyond.

Other Industries We Serve

We’d be happy to help your business get the website you’ve always wanted no matter what industry you are in, but if it helps showcase our capabilities, here are a few industries we currently serve or have served in the past both B2B and B2C:

Local Chamber Memberships

columbus chamber
worthington chamber
powell chamber
dublin chamber
gahanna chamber

Our Columbus, Ohio Location

Our web design and development agency is located in the heart of the city just off the Scioto River. More specifically, we are inside the Historic Commerce Building just north of the Ohio Statehouse. Our address is:

35 E Gay St, #324
Columbus, OH 43215

Hours of Operation

Monday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Tuesday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.
Wednesday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Thursday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Though we would love to meet with you, we would prefer if you scheduled an appointment before stopping by.

Nearby Locations

Our Columbus office is located just down the road from Tiger + Lily and Brioso Coffee. We are also located within a short drive from some of these notable Columbus hotspots:

  • Columbus Museum of Art
  • Pins Mechanical
  • North Market
  • The Book Loft

Parking Information

Looking for parking near our Columbus location? If so, here are 3 options that we recommend for you:

  • The Uptown District parking lot is located on the corner of E. Gay Street and N. Third Street
  • 40 N. Front Street is a parking garage on the corner of W. Gay Street and N. Front Street
  • There is ample street parking located on the streets around our office where you can pay the meter and park for as long as you would like

For more information regarding our location in Columbus, feel free to reach out to our team directly and we can happily help you find parking or even the best restaurant or pub in the area!

“We called on Sixth City as well as a number of other company’s to make a proposal for a new look, and a better run WordPress website for the Lake County Health District. They were low pressure, more problem solving, and step up where we needed, but also let us do things that we needed. In the end our new look is a very functional well branded site, and they were professional, knowledgeable, and precise with their help in our website build. We went through all of our own content, and up our game as well. So we are pretty pleased with the result.” – Lake County Health District

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