email marketing stats 2023Looking to continue your email marketing initiatives, or even start them, in 2024? If that’s the case, our team of digital marketing experts at Sixth City Marketing wants to help you.

Here are 40 essential email marketing statistics you should know when crafting your campaigns.

General 2024 Email Marketing Statistics

  • There are projected to be an estimated 4.37 billion email users in 2023 (Statistica)
  • In 2023, we expect to see an average of over 347 billion emails sent per day (Oberlo)
  • In 2022, 69% of marketers were still using email marketing to distribute their content (Content Marketing Institute)
  • Email marketing revenue worldwide is expected to reach $17.9 billion by 2027 (Statistica)
  • 4 out of 5 marketers say that they would rather give up social media marketing than email marketing (Luisa Zhou)
  • Millennials and Gen Xers rely on their email more than any other generation at 98% (Statistica)
  • In 2021, an average of just over 2 hours a day are spent on email (Statistica)
  • 35% of individuals have two email accounts (Statistica)
  • 63% of people who open up an email try and find a discount (LXA)
  • 99% of email users check their inbox every single day (Hubspot)
  • In 2025, the number of email users is expected to reach 4.6 billion (Techjury)

Email Marketing Effectiveness Statistics

  • Email marketing has an overall ROI of 4,200% (Luisa Zhou)
  • For every dollar that you spend on email marketing, you can expect a return on investment (ROI) of $40 (Omnisend)
  • 60% of consumers reported that they have made a purchase as a result of a promotional email (OptinMonster)
  • Automated emails can increase revenue by 320% (Campaign Monitor)
  • 51% of marketers believe that segmenting is one of the most effective email marketing strategies (Instapage)
  • Testing your emails can lead to a higher overall return on investment (HubSpot)
  • 63% of all businesses will reduce their level of emails based on their consumer engagement (Databox)
  • The average unsubscribe rate in the year 2022 was only 0.1% (Campaign Monitor)
  • Email marketing campaigns that are most effective include the strategies of segmentation (78%), message personalization (72%), and email automation (71%) (Hubspot)
  • 87% of brands said that email marketing contributes to their business’ success (Hubspot)
  • Emails that include image offers get a 10% boost in open rates (Hubspot)
  • Gmail is the most popular email client, used by 27.8% of people, followed by Apple iPhone which is used by 27.6% of people (Litmus)
  • When a company personalizes emails, it can increase revenue by up to 760% (Techjury)
  • When surveyed, 59% of Americans believed that the majority of their emails weren’t useful to them (Edison Mail)
  • Emails that mention hobbies, the government, or the arts are evident of having the highest average open rates (MailChimp)

Email Subject Line Statistics

  • 47% of people will open an email based on the subject line (OptinMonster)
  • On the other hand, 69% of individuals will regard emails as spammy based on the subject line (OptinMonster)
  • 42% of individuals will look at the sender of the email first before deciding to open it or not (Mirabel’s Marketing Manager)
  • Emails that end up being the most successful are the ones that include promotional offers, promote curiosity, and are ultimately personalized to each person’s preferences (HubSpot)
  • 45% of marketers will use automation for A/B testing purposes (Litmus)
  • 56% of people are more likely to open an email if the subject line contains emojis, compared to text-only subject lines (Campaign Monitor)
  • On the iPhone email app, only the first 30 characters of a subject line are shown (Yola)

Email Open Rate Statistics

  • The average open rate worldwide in 2022 was just around 20% (GetResponse)
  • Mobile devices account for nearly 60% of all email opens (Luisa Zhou)
  • 49% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from their favorite brands weekly (Moosend)
  • Fridays have the highest open rate of just under 19% (Moosend)
  • 63% of people say they will open an email to discover discounts (MediaPost)
  • Welcome emails have the highest open rate of 50% (Act-On)
  • Personalized emails have an open rate of 22.63% (Influencer Marketing Hub)
  • 75% of all marketers believe that personalized email marketing campaigns can result in higher click-through rates (Instapage)
  • Just about 22% of all email marketing campaigns are opened within the first hour of them being sent (GetResponse)
  • Recognizing the sender is the most important factor of whether or not an email is opened (Mailjet)
  • Companies that send two emails a month tend to see a higher open rate (Techjury)

Mobile Email Marketing Statistics

  • 41% of people will view their emails from their mobile devices, while 39% of views are from desktops (HubSpot)
  • Nearly 1 in 5 email marketing campaigns are not optimized for mobile devices (SuperOffice)
  • About 42% of people will delete emails that are not properly optimized for mobile (SaleCycle)
  • Optimizing email marketing campaigns for mobile responsiveness can lead to increased mobile clicks by 15% (MailChimp)
  • 55% of emails are opened on mobile devices (Hubspot)
  • Mobile devices account for 27% of email addresses (MailChimp)
  • 23% of consumers who check an email on a mobile device will check it again later (Backlinko)
  • The iPhone email app has the highest market share, with the Gmail app taking second place (Litmus Labs)

Email Statistics Regarding Day and Time

  • The best days to send emails are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays (OptinMonster)
  • The worst days to send emails are on the weekends (OptinMonster)
  • 8 a.m., 1 p.m., 4 p.m., and 6 p.m. are usually the best times to send emails (OptinMonster)
  • 58% of email users will check their email first thing in the morning (OptinMonster)
  • The worst time to send an email is 5-6 p.m. (Moosend)
  • Thursday is the best day to send an email campaign (Moosend)
  • While Saturday is the worst day to send an email campaign (Moosend)

B2B Email Statistics

  • 81% of B2B marketers use email newsletters as their main form of content (Content Marketing Institute)
  • 67% of B2B buyers and consumers set up a separate junk email to avoid unwanted emails (Hubspot)
  • New product announcement emails have the highest click-through rate according to B2B marketers (Hubspot)
  • 77% of B2B buyers prefer that people contact them via email (Porch Group Media)
  • On average, B2Bs email open rate is 15.1% (Moosend)
  • B2B marketing emails have a 23% higher click to open ratio compared to B2C marketing emails (Backlinko)

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