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Are you looking for the most effective way to get more relevant leads from your website? Whether your company is currently utilizing digital marketing or is just getting started, we can help. Sixth City Marketing has extensive experience helping manufacturing companies increase business by improving online inquiries through their websites.

What Makes Us Different – We Show Results

How We Increase Your Sales Revenue
We know your goal is to increase online leads or inquiries from your website. To achieve this, we formulate a custom online strategy for manufacturing marketing that is shaped by your target audience, your targeted geographic location, and your website goals.

A Typical Campaign Will Use These Key Online Marketing Channels

How We Show You Results

The reason why digital marketing has grown significantly over the last decade is because everything is measurable. The effectiveness of a campaign can be easily determined based on a host of measurable data. As a manufacturing SEO company, we live and die by this data.

As proof of this, many of our current manufacturing clients have been with us since we started the business in 2011. They’ve stayed with us because we’ve been able to regularly produce results for their businesses. These results can be seen through increases in:

  • Online form submissions and phone calls to a site year over year (YOY) (via Google Analytics)
  • Overall traffic YOY (via Google Analytics)
  • Search engine traffic YOY (Google Analytics)
  • Increases in targeted keyword positions (in an SEO campaign)

We’ve had the pleasure of doing manufacturing SEO for a variety of notable clients, including:

TYKMA logo
cutting dynamics
shini usa
pilgrim harp

The Sixth City Marketing Difference

  • Our marketing campaigns for manufacturing are 100% unique and tailored to your goals and target audience
  • The majority of our work is done in house, including the writing
  • We are a full-service digital agency that can offer a variety of essential services, including web design and even online video production
  • Customer satisfaction and service is one of our top priorities

Manufacturing Marketing Case Studies

Through internet marketing services, many of our manufacturing clients have seen direct results by using our manufacturing SEO company and our proven strategies.

Some of these results include the following:

Valco Valley Tool & Die

  • 114% increase in visits per month YOY (2,910 vs. 1,362)
  • 543% increase in online inquiries per month (135 vs. 21)
  • 6% site conversion rate vs. 1.54%

How Did We Do It? SEO Marketing

We researched how their main products were being identified across the web, who was looking for them, and what exactly these products were being used for. We discovered that their customers used a variety of terms to search for their main product line (snap buttons).

Once determining exactly how to best serve the needs of Valco customers, we optimized accordingly, driving more visits to the site than ever before.

Keyword Optimization and Conversion Design

We modified key pages within the existing design to create greater “calls to action” for users to contact Valco.

We also supplemented key pages with both photos and videos to reinforce the company’s branding and manufacturing capabilities.

You can take a look at some of these changes and improvements at Valco’s website.

Shini USA, a Division of Budzar Industries

  • Monthly visits increased 28% (1,464 vs. 1,142)
  • Monthly traffic from search engines increased 632% (564 vs. 77)
  • Monthly online leads increased 129% (39 vs. 17)

How Did We Do It? Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Optimization

  • We determined how customers searched for the company’s products through keyword research, and took measures to make sure Shini USA was highly accessible. We then used keyword optimization, both on-site and behind the scenes within code that is recognized by search engines, to boost Shini USA’s status.
  • We additionally optimized existing content and wrote new content to target specific keywords that were ranking well, increasing Shini USA’s web presence and competitiveness.

Conversion and Website Design

  • Once visitors came to the site, we wanted to make sure the site was as conversion friendly as possible.
  • We redesigned the internal pages to have strong calls to action and a more visually pleasing look.
  • We implemented Google AdWords Management (PPC).
  • We overhauled their existing campaign with the goal of reducing cost-per-lead and increasing their total number of leads.

You can take a look at some of these changes and improvements at Shini USA’s website.

Tips for Choosing a Manufacturing Marketing Agency

Choosing a marketing agency can be extremely difficult. Since online marketing isn’t formally taught at a college level, digital professionals have to learn through experiences at organizations or agencies. Seeking a reliable agency who is experienced in marketing for manufacturing is hard, so we recommend you keep these aspects in mind:

  • References
    Talk to current customers and ask them about their experiences with this manufacturing marketing agency.
  • How They Show Results
    Ask about the type of metrics and reporting that they provide you with on a monthly basis. A lot of agencies produce robust monthly reports with pages of data that can be overwhelming and confusing. Your time is valuable and your digital partner should be able to provide you with an overview which helps you understand what’s going on consistently.
  • Location
    A lot of things become transparent in face-to-face meetings. If you can find a solid local vendor offering SEO for manufacturers, this tends to help streamline the working relationship and curb the learning curve. If they aren’t local, a face-to-face video chat can do wonders as opposed to a conference call.
  • Services Offered
    Does the agency specialize in online marketing and do they offer other online marketing services? It can be critical to make sure that your social, PPC and SEO campaigns are all in sync and utilize the same high-level strategy.

Quick Win Opportunities for Improvement on Manufacturing Websites

These are some common things we have observed when starting work with manufacturing companies:

  1. Website Content
    It can be very difficult to brainstorm and write content for your website. There are only so many things your team can do in a day to improve sales and leads, and this aspect tends to be lower on the list of priorities.We frequently find that there is very little content on key pages of manufacturing companies’ websites, which are often individual product pages or product category pages. Adding keyword-rich and user-friendly content can help improve traffic and leads on these essential webpages.
  2. SEO Keyword Opportunities
    If you have started an SEO campaign, you likely have a list of top keywords that you have targeted. We often recommend diversifying this list of keywords to focus on very specific topics. Key opportunities center around writing content for industries that you specialize in, items that your products are used in, or materials that your product is used for or associated with.
  3. Website Development and Technical Structure
    The typical quick win opportunities for increasing your online website presence revolves around technical changes to your website. These can be identified in a brief initial evaluation and analysis of your website. Here are a few things we typically uncover in a review of your site:

    • Limitations or opportunities with your website content management system
    • Any kind of 404 errors or unfound pages that Google is reporting (via the Google Search Console)
    • Non-secure website (non-https)
    • Missing calls to action and web forms
  4. Design
    It’s safe to assume that you currently have visitors coming to your website and a percentage of them are reaching out to you. Modifying the design of the entire website or key pages can lead to an increase in leads from the traffic you already have.Modifying can range from a complete website overhaul (not our typical recommendation) to adding small graphics with a call to action on key pages (more of our typical recommendation).Google Analytics is key to identifying opportunities to improve leads from the traffic you already have coming to your website. Since we are evaluated on how many more leads we bring to your website, our team will proactively make recommendations about how this can be improved.
  5. Data/Measurement
    In order to achieve your digital goals, it’s critical to know how you are doing right now.
    If you don’t have both Google Analytics and goal conversion tracking set up right now, you’ll want to do that right away. Here are a few other aspects to consider:

    • If you are running any paid campaigns, are they correctly synced up and filtered correctly in Google Analytics? If not, you could have inaccurate data to evaluate.
    • Are you tracking leads such as form submissions, phone calls, and more? If not, you may not be able to track the metrics of your current campaign.
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How We Can Help

Are you interested in having Sixth City Marketing assist you with your company’s manufacturing marketing needs, or do you have a question for us?

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