Since being founded in 2010, we have worked with companies in a variety of industries both B2B and B2C, providing SEO, PPC, and so much more. Some of our areas of expertise include:

Digital Marketing Services We Offer to Diverse Industries

Whether you are in need of an industrial marketing agency, a firm for landscape marketing, or even marketing for finance, we offer a range of diverse marketing services at our agency that allows us to create tailored strategies, dynamic content, and website design elements to get your business’s marketing efforts back on track.

  • Search Engine Optimization – With our SEO services, we implement a variety of tactics to help increase your web presence to bring in more customers to your website, no matter if you’re a web store or something else. Some of the tactics we specialize in as part of our SEO services include:
    • Content creation
    • Website maintenance
    • Keyword research
    • Competitor research
    • Link building
    • Google Analytics configuration
    • Much more
  • Website Design and Development – Having an outdated site can be a huge setback when it comes to your marketing, and through web design and development, we work with you step by step through the process to ensure you are getting a custom design that will improve your website’s conversion rate.
  • Pay-per-click Management – PPC is a great channel for various industries, helping them attract more leads from their target audience. With our pay-per-click management services, we can get your ads directly in front of the customers you want. Some of the benefits of our PPC offerings include:
    • Custom landing page design and creation
    • Daily monitoring of the campaign
    • Competitor keyword analysis
    • Tailored ad copy writing
    • Ability to display ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Social Media Marketing – When looking to increase your brand’s visibility, especially if you are a newer business, establishing a strong social media presence can help produce a brand awareness not only in your local area, but across the nation as well. We have the ability to write posts, schedule content, and even create graphics to supplement our work.
  • Paid Social Media Marketing – Our team of experts will monitor, run, and manage campaigns through your chosen social channels. Whether they’re on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, we will help make sure your ads are in front of the ideal customer.
  • Email Marketing – Through email marketing, you can send intriguing and informative content straight into the inbox of your ideal customers. We can design you a custom email template, write monthly newsletters, and schedule them out to a list of your customers and potential customers to help bring more traffic and leads.
  • Monthly Reporting – As part of our main services, we prioritize showing you data that calculates your ROI in our marketing efforts. So every month, you will receive a report with all the data you will need to measure our success, including form leads, phone calls, website traffic, and more.

A History of Proven Results

We have had a lot of success with numerous clients by way of industrial marketing, marketing for higher education, manufacturing marketing, and so much more. Here are a few case studies to prove it:

M/I Homes

Through targeted keyword research, unique content creation with a local focus, and Google Business Profile creation and optimization, we were able to:

  • Boost overall traffic by 48%
  • Increase organic traffic by 12%
  • Improve the number of new users on the website by 50%

Shini USA

With the help of strategic SEO and conversion optimization, including incorporating more calls to action and visuals, we were able to increase the following for this large manufacturing company:

  • Visits per month by 114%
  • Leads by 543%
  • Overall website conversion rate by 4.6%

College of Business Administration at Kent State University

With a campaign tailored to their desired audience, we were able to produce great results for numerous graduate programs at Kent State University’s College of Business Administration. Here are a few of the things we successfully accomplished:

  • Increased overall leads by 135% by optimizing key pages on the site
  • Increased organic leads by 30% through customized content marketing, keyword targeting, and calls to action
  • Increased paid leads by 148% through strategic, custom landing page design

The Sixth City Difference

When looking for the right dental, landscaping, or medical marketing agency to help with your specific industry, there are a lot of key things to keep in mind. Here are just some of the aspects that separate us from the competition:

  1. In-House Staff – Our SEO, PPC, and web experts work in-house at our agency, meaning you will be able to work with our team hands on to craft a creative strategy custom fit for your business. Dedicated team members will also be at all the important meetings, allowing a more personal connection
  2. Results, Results, Results – We pride ourselves on showing our customers the results we are producing. Through monthly reports, Google Analytics data, and the tracking of keyword positions, we note our successes and make plans for our areas of improvement
  3. Prime Locations – With offices in Cleveland, Columbus, Chicago, Indianapolis, Nashville, and Pittsburgh we are able to reach businesses in a variety of cities, and have the ability to travel to your business, whether near or far
  4. Years of Experience – Our team has a collective 25+ years of experience in the marketing industry, proving that we can give your business the utmost quality. And as the industry has grown and changed, we’ve always been able to adapt to whatever is thrown at us
  5. The Culture – One thing we take pride in is our culture. Working hard means we get to play hard, and through various team building events and more, we are all able to work better as a collaborative team, meaning we can provide you better quality service
  6. Industry Knowledge – We have a true thirst for knowledge and staying up to date on current trends in the marketing industry, as well as things that impact the businesses we work closest with such as lawyers, dental offices, and manufacturers.
“We have been working with the Sixth City team for about 6 years now and they have really helped us build our online presence. We work monthly hand in hand to come up with new campaigns and strategies. They are always thinking of new ways to generate leads and they are there for anything we need. They are also in the process of building our new website and I am so excited about the launch. It looks great! I love working with Sixth City and look forward to it for many more years to come!” – Sarah Wentz, Valco Valley Tool/Die

Get a Unique Marketing Strategy for Your Industry

Whether you are in need of an industrial marketing agency, franchise marketing agency, dental marketing agency, or anything else, our team of experts can help get your business back on track with a personalized strategy unique to your needs.

Contact us today with any questions or inquiries about our services! We look forward to working with you.

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