Google Ads marketing for dentists is a great way to target your ideal customer and reach different locations with your budget.

From specific ages to income and much more, paid online advertising has numerous ways to segment your audiences which leads to incredible potential for increasing your sales in 2020 and beyond.

Paid Marketing Channels We Work With

Pay per click (PPC) can be performed across various platforms, and our agency has vast experience with:

Understanding the Benefits of Dental PPC

Choosing between marketing types can be difficult. Here are some of the main reasons we would suggest Facebook or Google Ads for dentists:

  1. Transparent Data – Google Ads and other paid mediums allow you to see all the important pin points of your campaign, including your monthly spend, impressions, clicks, and conversions. Through this, you will easily be able to see how your campaign is performing at all times.
  2. Ongoing Management – Unlike other dental PPC marketing agencies, we don’t outsource our work, and all of our paid strategists are in-house and consistently monitoring the campaign for success to ensure the account is at premium health.
  3. Set Time and Budget – If you are on a tight budget, timeline, or both, pay per click is a great marketing method to invest in since both of those parameters can be set to help guide our team on how best to approach your campaign.
  4. Communication – On top of you being able to see all the data, we will always be in touch with you to deliver monthly reports on the progress of your campaign, suggestions we have, the success of any promotion you’re offering, and anything else relevant.
  5. Experience – We are a top-rated PPC management agency in Cleveland and Columbus, with a team that has over 25+ years of collective experience in the marketing industry helping various business types, including dental practices.
  6. Creative Customization – For all of our paid marketing clients, we take the time to create custom landing pages that are designed to convert, write landing page and ad copy, and perform A/B testing to ensure results.
  7. Competitive Research – We know that one of the main reasons you are likely investing in marketing is to outrank your competitors, and be the top choice for dentistry in your area. Our team will perform various analyses of your competitors so we know how to beat them on the web.

Get to Know Our Dental Pay-Per-Click Agency

Sixth City Marketing is a boutique digital marketing agency that has worked with various companies ranging from manufacturers to higher education institutions to just about everything in-between.

Our in-house team of writers, designers, and strategists all work together to collaborate on ideas to produce the best results for our clients, while maintaining a great workplace culture.

In addition to providing essential dental pay-per-click marketing services, we also have the ability to help dentists with search engine optimization, social media, WordPress website design, email marketing, and more.

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