Let Us Build You a Custom Shopify Website That Boosts Your Sales in 2024 and Beyond

John SammonAuthor: John Sammon
Updated on 04/24/2024

Are you starting a new business venture? Or looking to update your outdated ecommerce site?

No matter the reason, our in-house Shopify developers and designers can help you get the result you desire when it comes to the look, feel, and usability of your website.

Why We Prefer Shopify for Ecommerce Sites

Shopify is one of the most customizable platforms when it comes to ecommerce websites. It easily integrates with important data measuring software like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, which means you can parse through all your data with ease.

You can trust that we choose to build our websites in Shopify for a reason instead of other popular content management systems.
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“I am BEYOND impressed with 6th City’s work. Their transparency and knowledge for their craft is very impressive. We saw results for our business soon after partnering with them.” – Sydnee Cooke, Painted Cowgirl Western Store

Shopify Development and Design FAQs

We understand that finding the right agency to invest in when it comes to building an ecommerce website can be tough. To help, we’ve compiled a list of common questions we receive:

Why shouldn’t I just buy a pre-made Shopify theme?

Similarly to our advice for WordPress websites, while it can be convenient to purchase a theme online for cheap, they often include various setbacks that later on can hurt your marketing.

Some of these things include such as being heavily dependent on too many apps, not being mobile-friendly, and having non-existent support teams. Instead, when you work with a real Shopify developer, these issues will not be a problem down the line.

What is the typical process of building a new ecommerce site?

This depends on the individual agency you choose, but to give you an idea, here is what our team does:

  1. Plan out the site navigation and architecture.
  2. Create wireframe designs to place elements and structure.
  3. Mockup the design in Photoshop.
  4. Build the website on a staging server.
  5. Move the existing (or new) copy to the staging site.
  6. Launch the website and follow the post-launch list.
  7. If needed, provide training on updating your new site.

And of course, as we mentioned earlier, our team will be in contact with you as we complete each of these phases.

What types of businesses should choose Shopify over WordPress?

Given that Shopify is an ecommerce platform, it is typically only chosen by our team when the business’s main goal is to sell products online. Examples of some industries that would benefit from choosing Shopify include:

How much does it cost to build a Shopify website?

Our pricing, much like our designs, is customized based on your company’s unique needs. Aspects such as website size, need for additional apps, copy writing, and more are all considered when we send over our proposal to you.

What common mistakes do Shopify websites have when not properly built or maintained?

A while back, we wrote a blog post breaking down common issues we see with Shopify websites when they come on as clients. Here are a few of the things we see:

  • No Connection to Merchant Center – If you don’t connect your store to Google Merchant Center, you are missing out on loads of visibility to your products to shoppers looking for the items you sell. Having a strong, optimized product feed mixed with adding updates to your products in Google Merchant Center increases the chances of ranking on Google Shopping. We consider different account factors like relevant keywords, images, descriptions, and beyond to ensure that all bases are covered. Another thing to consider is promotions. Be sure to be diligent about running discounts and specials.
  • Duplicate Content – Given many Shopify sites come from a theme they bought, a common issue we notice is an abundance of duplicate content. When you have too much duplicate content, search engines will be conflicted about finding what page to show to users.
  • Missing Payment Methods – Unless configured otherwise, many pre-bought themes only have certain payment methods enabled, and it could be holding users back from making purchases. Offering more payment methods can streamline the checkout process for users and increase the conversion rate of purchases. We recommend offering various methods of payment, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Shop Pay, Facebook Pay, Amazon Pay, and beyond.

After my site in launched, what should I do about products that go in and out of stock?

As a store, you’ve probably noticed that products go in and out of stock frequently. When these products go out of stock and are deleted from the system, they create 404 pages. A high number of 404 pages is not good for technical SEO which can negatively impact your site’s rankings on Google. Therefore, it is important to keep 404 pages at a minimum, and our Shopify web development team always considers this when working with clients.

Will a new site design I fix the amount of conversions we get?

It certainly can! With design for conversion services integrated in our process, our team can help make suggestions for your key pages that encourage people to make purchases. Once our design is approved by you, we implement the changes, which can include adding more CTA buttons, moving or altering forms, changing wording, and beyond.

What You Get from Our Team

We’ve worked with a handful of Shopify sites for SEO, PPC, and design and development. So when you partner with us to build your new website, you can gain:

  • Ongoing Meetings – We will send over our phase plan and set up times to meet with your team to go over what we’ve created for every step leading up to the launch of your new Shopify store.
  • Custom Theme Design – All of our themes are custom-made for you, no cookie-cutter approaches here! We work closely with you as we craft your design in Photoshop to match your desired aesthetic, but your conversion goals too.
  • Blog Inclusion – While the focus of your online store will be the products, having a blog can be helpful in your appearance on search engines. This also allows you to write about different topics you wouldn’t be able to on product pages as well.
  • SEO Support – Given that SEO is our bread and butter, our development team also works alongside our search engine optimization experts to ensure your site includes crucial aspects such as metadata titles and descriptions, headers, and more. SEO is great to implement with a new website, as it helps improves rankings on Google leading to more qualified leads and increases sales. We do this by conducting in-depth keyword research, writing unique content in-house, and identifying other on- and off-site opportunities we can take advantage of.
  • Additional Marketing – Our team can provide additional services that can be helpful to new site owners, such as content writing, pay-per-click advertising, and more. For PPC, we maximize your marketing budget by getting your ads in front of the right audience and produce compelling ad copy, write conversion-friendly landing pages, and monitor your campaigns.

Get to Know Our Shopify Agency

Since opening our doors in 2010, we’ve grown from a one-man team to close to 20 employees with various backgrounds in marketing, design, business, and the like. Combined, we have 25+ years in internet marketing and can provide your business with a unique approach to design and development.

Our headquarters is in the sunny city of Cleveland, but we also have additional offices in Columbus, Pittsburgh, IndianapolisChicago, and most recently, Nashville. Rest assured, we can help your company no matter where you are located.

“I’ve worked with the team at Sixth City Marketing for about a year now, and they have been very helpful in improving my website’s visibility. The team is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. They are also easily accessible by phone or email, and respond quickly; the customer service is what separates them from the pack.” – David Kozak, Kozak Micro Adjusters

Talk to Our Team About Your Dream Shopify Website

Our web development team is led by our CEO John Sammon, who has 15+ years in development and design. He’d be happy to chat with you about your project via the live chat at the bottom of the page, or via our contact form.

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