Roofing SEO Services That Bring Results (Sales!)

Targeting and getting business from both residential and commercial audiences can be challenging.

Your city and your roofing competition can heavily impact your efforts to be at the top of search engines for key terms. Usually, the landscape is extremely competitive and you need to be on top of your game in order to generate the sales and revenue that your company strives to achieve.

We have the system, data, process and team that can help you generate more sales from qualified leads and local traffic via search engines. Please read below to learn more about our approach, team and successes in helping countless companies across the US with SEO.

One of our clients said it best:

“Sixth City Marketing has made me realize that having a website and not doing SEO is like getting a phone number and not listing it anywhere.” – Marc Konys, Bruening Glass Works

Generating ROI is Our #1 Priority For Your Business

When you choose our roofing SEO agency, you’ll be partnering with a company 100% focused on providing return on your investment. We know that marketing has to be fuel to propel sales. Our ROI focused approach and system starts by tracking the source of the following elements:

  • Online form submissions
  • Phone calls
  • Online chat submissions
  • Email sign-ups
Having this type of data can be a game-changer for helping roofing businesses understand the impact of their overall marketing efforts. This is key foundational element of a campaign.

Our Customized Approach to SEO for Roofers

Our agency is unlike any other, and our in-house team has 25+ collective years of experience supplying SEO for a variety of industries. Because of that, we know the importance of crafting uniquely customized strategies from scratch for every client we work with.

6 Key Areas We Address

Here are just a few things that our agency is great at doing that can help your roofing SEO see results:

  • Map Listing on Google Analysis – If your goal is to rank in a city, it’s critical to rank in the map-pack listings. These are the listings toward the top of the page that are usually to the left of a map on the desktop. If you are not listed in this area, you are missing out on customers. We’ll do research to assess your position and strength and do the same for your key competition.
  • Google My Business Profile – To gain positioning in the local-pack or map-pack listings, it’s critical to address your Google My Business profile. Our staff has extensive knowledge and experience for how to best set up, configure and optimize your GMB profile.
  • Landing Pages – The content on your website is vastly important for SEO, and our SEO writing experts can help give your landing pages the boost they need to be found by customers.
  • Quality Backlinks – Getting links from websites that have high authority online can signal to search engines that your site is also important. We have spent countless hours identifying opportunities across the web for all of our clients, and can acquire such backlinks for your business.
  • Competitor Research – We dedicate time and effort toward deep research into why and how your competition is ranking above you in searches. Our findings then help us strategize for areas that need improvement on your site.

Advantages of Our Roofer SEO Services

Some advantages that come with working with our team includes:

Custom Approach

With the SEO focus on your location, there are a lot of variables that come into play when developing a strategy for your services. Therefore, we start all of our campaigns from scratch – no cookie-cutter approaches here.

You Can Focus On Other Areas of Business

When working with us, you’re able to have more time on your hands to dedicate to growing your roofing business and to helping customers. You can trust that our team has SEO is covered.

Your Website Will Grow Stronger

Through the backlinks we acquire and the content we write to every small change we make in between, all our SEO efforts is not only done with the goal of getting you more business, but we also work to put your website in a better condition for years to come.

Long-Lasting Results

The work that we do for you during your campaign, whether it’s for a year or a more extended period, will help give your website a more stable foundation in the eyes of Google well into the future.

Who Is Sixth City Marketing?

Since opening in 2010, we have grown to a team of 15 marketing pros who love what they do and enjoy working together to help businesses thrive.

Due to our transparency, quality work, and more, we have clients who have stayed with us for over nine years! Our experience not only with roofers, but other home services providers, manufacturers, and more, allows us to provide fresh perspectives and unique approaches to helping our clients succeed, no matter the industry.

While we pride ourselves on being an SEO agency, we also provide other digital marketing services such as PPC, web design, social media, email marketing, and more.

And even though we are headquartered in Cleveland, and have other offices in ColumbusIndianapolis, Chicago, Houston, and Pittsburgh, we would be happy to help your business no matter where you are. We regularly make trips and can also arrange meetings for calls and video conferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is link building?

Link building involves acquiring links from other websites other than your own, it is also sometimes referred to as backlink building. Building links can increase relevance, authority, and page traffic of your site and help it be considered high-quality in the eyes of search engines.

How are our campaign results shown?

By investing in SEO, results are shown through obtaining more qualified leads, increase sales from your website, improve overall online presence, and see ROI in our services. You can trust that everything we will do while working with you is centered on accomplishing this goal, and quality and measurement are our highest priority in every facet of an SEO campaign.

How does SEO drive new leads?

Our SEO work can help bring more prospective clients to your website and entice them to fill out a form, call you, or contact you through a chatbot. We help leads get into your pipeline for you and your team to convert into sales.

Are we just limited to SEO?

We know all businesses are different and every business can benefit from a mix of our digital marketing services, but some services are more suited for certain industries than others. For roofing companies, alongside SEO, pay-per-click marketing or a website redesign can deliver some great results, so we’d be happy to assist you in those areas as well.

Other Ways We Can Help Roofers Outside of SEO

Like we just said, we can help you business with other services to help boost your online presence, as a complete marketing campaign can help you to be even more successful. Our other services include:

  • Pay-per-click marketing– This is a great way to reach your target audience and increase the traffic to your site! Our team can run targeted paid ads through platforms such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, or Instagram.
  • Website design and development – If your website needs improving, our team is happy to design a user-friendly website that can help influence conversions and be compatible throughout all devices.
  • Email marketing – Our team will write, design, schedule, and monitor your campaigns with the goal of the customers goals in mind.

Notable SEO Success Stories

Not only have we done SEO for roofing companies with the focus of delivering the best results, but we’ve also helped many other industries as well. Some of our case studies show a few of our other notable clients:

M/I Homes

  • Resulted in 48% increase in overall website traffic
  • 12% traffic increase from organic
  • 58% increase in new website visits

TYKMA Electrox 

  • Monthly leads boosted by 314%
  • Improved overall traffic by 402%
  • Organic traffic was increased by 50%

We Can Help All Kinds of Home Services

Knowing the home service industry is highly competitive, it’s important to make sure that your home services digital marketing messages are delivered as clearly as possible to your specific company.

Our team knows each company we work with is unique and special, which makes us even more motivated to treat each client and their campaigns as such. Our home services marketing tactics are beneficial to a variety of specializations within the home services industry.

Some home service areas we work with include but are not limited to:

“Fantastic to work with the Sixth City team. We brought them in to our website hoping to increase traffic. With some initial quick changes, we saw our traffic more than double within a matter of a couple of months. It is so valuable to have the input from experts who know how SEO and other marketing avenues work and can produce a far greater result than trying to beat the system on your own.” – Dan Eifel, Summers Rubber

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