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Updated on 04/18/2024

The approach to business-to-business SEO marketing is different in many ways from the strategies used for B2C or business-to-consumer marketing. For your companies, you are trying to reach decision makers at business organizations and often, it’s a specific group of people that you are trying to get in front of at that organization.

Throughout the years your business’s online presence has gotten more important than ever before. Much of our daily lives are consumed with using search engines to find results. We search for different people, places, activities, and all types of things daily on the internet. So why not ensure your website can be found by investing in SEO?

Ask John About B2B SEO
“We worked with John and the Sixth City Marketing team on an eCommerce project and both our team and our client’s team had a great experience. They were knowledgeable and easy to work with and they put together SEO and content recommendations that fit within our scope.” – Michelle Kowalski, Walder Studio

Frequently Asked Questions About B2B SEO

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What is SEO for B2B Companies?

B2B SEO is a subset of search engine optimization (SEO) that involves strategies that will drive qualified potential clients to your site, and help them convert into sales. From implementing SEO tactics to your website, you can see improvements in keyword positions, backlinks, and most of all: leads.

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Impact of SEO on B2B Companies

If you are considering investing your time or money into SEO, we invite you to review some statistics on how SEO has impacted B2B organizations and how other marketers are utilizing it:

b2b seo stats

  • 71% of B2B clients start their product research with search engines (Think with Google)
  • 57% of B2B marketers say SEO has been their most successful channel (Conductor)
  • 41% of B2B marketing representatives read three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales representative (Demand Gen Report)
  • 84% of B2B marketers say they outsource content creation over any other marketing tactic (Content Marketing Institute)
  • 81% of B2B companies are slated to spend a minimum of $7,500 per month on SEO (Semrush)
  • 76% of B2B organizations state that they have a formal marketing strategy (Smart Insights)
  • Compared to traditional marketing, content marketing generates 3x the number of leads and costs 62% less (Content Marketing Institute)

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How Is B2B SEO Different Than SEO for B2C?

SEO for B2B companies can significantly differ from tactics used for B2C because of who your target audience is. For example, if you own a large manufacturing business in Boston who builds and sells tractors, B2B SEO would mainly focus on digital marketing initiatives to attract corporate vendors.

This would help the tractor company sell its product in bulk to smaller businesses in need of more than one tractor. Then, the company that buys your product would then use business-to-consumer strategies to sell the tractor to farmers and alike.

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B2B SEO Checklist for Success

Before starting any campaign, it’s important to have a game plan. Consider everything you’ve done for your marketing efforts over the years, and see which of the following you haven’t done:

  1. Research for keywords and a full competitor analysis
  2. Review of your local or national presence on search
  3. Optimized, unique content writing for all pages of your site
  4. Various types of schema implementation
  5. User experience enhancements for desktop, mobile, and tablet
  6. Strategic link acquirement through a variety of approaches
  7. Technical improvements to metadata, site structure, speed, and images

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How Are SEO Results Tracked?

Our team provides customized monthly reports for your business to review the data and improvements in your business’ performance. Our reports include a monthly overview of the work completed during that specific month, leads acquired, and from which source they were found (direct, organic, paid, or referral).

We also include information about the overall traffic change to your site and changes in keyword positioning that have produced the best results. Lastly, using our system, we’re able to give you an update on sales and ROI from SEO.

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How Important Is Local SEO for B2B Companies?

Depending on your business type, local B2B SEO can help your company gain leads in proximity to your business’s physical location. This can also help B2B companies that offer more localized services for their client base. For instance, say you offer cleaning for commercial companies, even if you are a national franchise you’d still be serving a local region to gain clients in that area.

If you are looking to boost your local B2B SEO, the first step is to completely optimize your Google Business Profile (GBP). It is important to fill out the entirety of the profile to make sure that your consumer base knows your exact offerings, your hours of operation, and more. Filling out your GBP will also help your B2B company rank in Google’s local pack. We also suggest filling out custom services in your profile, as its an easy way to potentially show up for more terms!

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Do Any Marketing Services Clash?

Using more than one digital marketing service such as SEO, email marketing, or PPC for B2B companies can actually be very beneficial for your business. We actually look at SEO and PPC (or pay-per-click marketing) as complementary channels. Using both of these channels can help target a certain audience and location, and increase the possibility to be found through different search engines by new users.

Our clients use email marketing in many ways. The most common way is sending out a monthly email newsletter to both current and prospective clients. For other clients, we actually build out drip campaigns where we strategize, write, design, create, and send a strategic series of emails to prospective clients to help inform and educate. The goal is to nurture the client in the sales pipeline with the goal of continuous engagement (it’s especially helpful for companies that have a longer sales cycle).

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How Long Does it Take to See Results for B2B SEO?

Just like most SEO initiatives, it can take at least a couple of months for you to see significant results and an increase in organic traffic. Though a couple of months may seem like a long time to see feasible results, it will be greatly worth it. This is because your business should start seeing an overall increase in leads, sales, and even revenue when using SEO for B2B companies.

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So Why Should You Invest in SEO?

To better increase your business’s website appearance on Google, implementing SEO is crucial. The benefits of SEO include:

  • Increased keyword results – When potential customers do a search for your services, SEO can ensure your website shows up prominently on search engines for the key terms you want to rank for to help you get more customers.
  • Increased high-quality traffic – Users visiting your site increases the number of potential leads for your business. This helps the chances of leads turning into customers interested in what you have to offer.
  • Improved Trustworthiness – Tactics such as link building can not only build equity but trust and credibility for your site not only in the eyes of search engine algorithms, but also potentially users who find you on other sites.
  • Enhanced user-friendly interface – You need to ensure visitors have a good experience on your site in terms of usability. This allows for a quick page load time, easy navigation, and accessibility to people on all devices.

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What Keywords Should I Target?

Specific terms you will want to target will depend on your niche, so you will definitely want to do some research first. The good news is that there are many tools out there to help you assess keyword opportunities. Here are four tools to look at:

  1. SE Ranking – You’ll need to sign up to utilize this tool. However, they give you a 14-day trial to assess things. It’s worth the commitment, as you can place keywords into their system and get an idea of where you rank for that specific term. It also allows you to track your keyword progress over time, which is an important aspect of assessing long-term SEO impact.
  2. Google Keyword Planner – This tool requires signing up for Google Ads, but it doesn’t mandate spending money or running ads to see general search volume for keywords. If you run a campaign, you’ll get more specific data.
  3. Google Trends – Shows trends within search over time and peak times of the year for search volume.
  4. Ahrefs – If you have an account, you can use their keyword explorer tool to get an idea of what different terms your competition is targeting and what gaps are between your sites.

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What Types of SEO Are There?

There are four types of SEO known within the industry. These include:

  • Off-page SEO – Conducting SEO off-age encompasses everything we do to enhance your site off-site. Off-page includes things like link building, citation management, directory profile creation, and other aspects.
  • On-page SEO – This deals with your own site, as well as direct changes you can make it to improve your search engine rankings. This can include content writing, headers, meta data, videos, internal links, and photos to help drive more traffic to your site.
  • Technical SEO – With technical SEO, we look at factors such as site loading speed, image size and format, redirects page structure and user experience.
  • Local SEO – This SEO focuses on getting your rank higher in your preferred location through a specific strategy approach. It also includes putting more emphasis on local profiles such as a Google Business Profile.

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Should I Target National or Local Customers?

Like we briefly mentioned earlier, some B2B companies will have to take on a local approach, so your overall marketing strategy should dictate the initial geographic focus of your SEO efforts. Here is the difference:

  • Local focus – If your focus is a region or city, it’s important to note that somebody on your website. This can be on a specific page that targets people in that city or in general on your site. For localized campaigns, strategies should focus on local landing pages, local backlinks from local directories and companies you partner with, and your local profiles.
  • National focus – If you serve nationally, incorporating local terms into the key pages isn’t necessary and you will want to go after broader terms, as well as niche terms for the other industries you work the closest with. The key here is to have a balance of both broad and general terms and pages that focus on appealing to people looking for a very specific product or service.

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Some of Our Current and Previous B2B Clients

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cutting dynamics
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Why Choose Us? Because We’re Experienced Experts

  • We’re strictly focused on one thing: results
  • Our experts have 25+ collective years of experience
  • We’ve worked with dozens of B2B companies since 2010
  • Our reliable team is all in-house
  • We don’t use cookie-cutter approaches
  • We provide lead source reporting so you can track ROI

What We Include in Our Services

  • Tailored Keyword Research
    Through our dedicated research into the terms most relevant to your business and offerings, we can determine which keywords will bring the most organic traffic to your site and analyze how to create our strategy.
  • In-Depth Competitor Analysis
    Taking a deep look into your competitors’ keyword positions, their content, backlinks, and more will allow us to better understand what improvements can be made on your site to level up.
  • Customized Content Writing
    One of the biggest areas we focus on while doing B2B SEO is content, as this is often an area many businesses have neglected over the years for numerous reasons. Our in-house writing staff can provide your consumer base with, helpful, informative content to help the decision-making process and encourage them to convert.
  • Strategic Link Building
    We can build high-authority backlinks to your website, helping search engines better understand your website and trust it. From relevant industry directories, to niche publications, and much more, there are a variety of creative opportunities available.
  • Technical Site Adjustments
    Sometimes, what is holding back a company from ranking well is the backend of a website. With forgotten 301 redirects, slow page speed, missing metadata, and more, there are numerous technical aspects we explore.
  • User Experience Enhancements
    Once users find your website through search engines, it is also important to ensure that the page they land on offers a good user experience, so you do not miss a potential sale. We can apply our design for conversion tactics to your pages to enhance overall page experience and conversions.
  • Ongoing Data Monitoring
    Throughout the duration of your campaign, we will monitor your data in Google Analytics and keep a close eye on the goals in your account for accurate data monitoring. We will also send you a monthly report detailing important data.

Our SEO Success With B2B Companies

Here are a few of our case studies with current and former clients that showcase how powerful SEO can be.

TYKMA Electrox

We were able to provide a SEO strategy specific to them, with a heavy focus on targeted keyword research, alongside a website redesign. Comparing their data to previous years, we were able to:

  • Boost organic traffic by 50%
  • Improve overall traffic by 402%
  • Improve monthly leads by 314%

Shini USA

With a mix of PPC, design for conversion and SEO that included keyword analysis and content optimization, we were able to see success. Comparing year over year, they received:

  • A 129% increase in monthly leads (39 vs. 17)
  • 28% more monthly website visits (1,464 vs. 1,142)
  • A 632% boost in SEO traffic (564 vs. 77)

5 Industries That Can Benefit from SEO

Want to know more about why your business should invest in search engine optimization? Well, those reasons can vary depending on your industry. Check out our examples of a few below that we’ve worked with first-hand:

  • B2B IT/Tech Companies – For companies looking to outsource IT for or alike technological help, B2B SEO can help your business connect with larger corporations through a simple organic search.
  • B2B Healthcare Providers – From medication to healthcare, even equipment and medical services, there are companies searching for partners to help them with their medical needs.
  • B2B Financial Services – If you are a bank, an insurance company, or an accounting firm looking to sell commercial banking services or insurance packages, marketing can help bridge the relationship between these companies and potential clients and small businesses.
  • B2B Legal Aid – Various sectors of the legal field rely on partnering with corporations to support their practice. This can especially be beneficial for firms that specialize in litigation, patents, and other forms of corporate law, and need to market their services to a larger group or company.
  • B2B Ecommerce – Whether you sell accounting software for large corporations, wholesale uniforms for hospitals, or even pens for trade shows (who doesn’t love pens?), we understand that there is a unique space online for online retailers who are catering to other businesses instead of consumers.

Additional Niches That Can Benefit

Not seeing your industry listed? That is not a problem.  Feel free to reach out to our team directly, as we would be happy to discuss and accommodate your B2B SEO needs.

Other Services We Offer for B2Bs

If you’re interested in more than search engine optimization, we have got you covered! We also work with a variety of other digital marketing services. We can also provide your business with:

  • Pay Per ClickThrough paid online marketing, we can get your business to be seen by the right audience. We conduct this by running ads targeting your ideal audience through search engines like Google or Bing. This will create exposure for your company and overall help with increasing leads.
  • Website Design and Development – Our team can help redesign a custom website for your business using WordPress or Shopify. We incorporate strong calls to action to help convert users and increase leads.
  • Email Marketing – By keeping your customers up to date on all products and features will increase engagement. We can write, design, and send out emails to existing and potential customers to boost marketing efforts for your business.
  • Social Media – We can write, edit, and post updates for your preferred social media outlets. We help increase your social followings and online presence through social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.
  • Consulting and Auditing – Along with offering digital marketing services, our team can also discuss any issues taking place and make strategic suggestions on ways to make improvements.
  • CRM Marketing– CRM marketing, also known as customer relationship management, is a process of administrating interactions with customers through platforms like HubSpot. We can help implement features such as web forms, live chatbots, and more on your website.

Headquartered in Cleveland, with Nationwide Service

While our main offices are in Cleveland, Columbus, IndianapolisChicago, and Pittsburgh, we can assist B2B companies all over the U.S. with the help of virtual meetings and our ability to travel to your location.

Platforms We’re Experienced With

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“We’ve be utilizing 6th City Marketing for at least 5 years now. They are a great organization. What sets them apart from other digital marketing agencies is that they really take the time to understand our business and objectives, as well as educate us on the various marketing opportunities relative to our interests. They just don’t try and shove us down a template once the contract is signed. I highly recommend them.” – Jordan Katz, Grafix Plastics

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