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John SammonAuthor:John Sammon
Updated on 06/04/2024

No matter if you are a small private practice, a health insurance agency, or a large local group of hospitals, your presence online is pivotal to bringing in new clients or patients.

We’ve been in the web design and development industry since 2010 and have some great tips for you as you navigate through the process of redesigning your website.

Keep on reading to figure out some things you should look out for and keep in mind. Or, feel free to use the button below to ask our team for help.

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“We called on Sixth City as well as a number of other companies to make a proposal for a new look, and a better-run WordPress website for the Lake County Health District. They were low pressure, more problem solving, and they step up where we needed, but also let us do things that we needed to. In the end, our new look is a very functional, well-branded site, and they were professional, knowledgeable, and precise with their help in our website build. We went through all of our own content, and upped our game as well. So we are pretty pleased with the result.” – Lake County Health District

Guide to Medical Website Design: Things You Should Know for 2024

Table of Contents

Q: What is web design for healthcare?

A: Website design for healthcare providers and institutes includes taking a practical approach to redesigning your site for enhanced user-ability, navigation, and most importantly – search engine presence. In the medical world, your website will require different components that other niches won’t, such as a detailed blog that has resources customers will need as they face different issues in their life. Having a site that is compatible on all devices is also a large component for the healthcare industry, as 62% of searchers have used their mobile devices to conduct health-related searches according to Pew Research Center.

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Q: Why should medical providers invest in a website redesign?

A: Here are some compelling statistics that may help you move forward with your redesign:

  • 44% of patients who research hospitals on a mobile device scheduled an appointment (Google)
  • 71% of patients will leave a website if there is not enough information provided or easily findable from the provider (Wordstream)
  • Therapists, dentists, and nursing homes are all among other healthcare niches that have nearly 70% of potential patients searching online before scheduling appointments (Invoca)
  • 67% of current or potential patients will prefer online booking over other methods (Zippia)

And if you are interested in learning more about how marketing can help the medical field, check out our post on dental marketing statistics.

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Q: How can you center web designs for doctors around local search?

A: Designing the website for local search is essential for attracting nearby patients and improving visibility in local search engine results. Our team can help guide you on these strategies, or add them on as a service, but mainly these strategies will include local keyword optimization, Google Business Profile listing optimization, and schema markup to enhance local search rankings and attract relevant traffic to your website.

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Q: What is the best CMS for healthcare providers?

A: We have worked with various different content management systems over the years, and we would recommend WordPress or Shopify for anyone in the medical industry due to their customization capabilities, blog functionality, and ability to handle SEO enhancements via plugins and apps.

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Q: How long does a web design project typically take?

A: The timeline for a website redesign can vary depending on the scope of the project, how large your current site is, and the complexity of the design. However, typically a redesign can take anywhere from 12-16 weeks. Whether you are starting from scratch or re-working your current site, we will be sure to collaborate in our discussion and create an ideal timeline together.

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Q: Does website design also include content writing?

A: It can! If you are in need of content alongside a site design, you will need to ensure you choose a provider that offers both. And on top of that, you will want to ensure the team is reliable in terms of SEO, so that your content is not only well written for whoever is reading it, but for Google, Bing, Yahoo and well so your website can be found easier.

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Q: Can you incorporate patient portals or online appointment scheduling into a web design for medical facilities?

A: Yes, absolutely. If integrating online appointments and patient portals is a priority for you, we will customize the design accordingly to your needs through the software of your choice. But also may need to make suggestions if there are compatibly issues. These features will not only enhance user experience, but also streamline administrative processes for your facility.

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Q: What about telemedicine features?

A: We can definitely incorporate telemedicine functionalities into your website design to facilitate virtual consultations and appointments. This can include CTAs that connect users to secure video conferencing you have in place and telehealth visits.

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Q: Will a new website help us increase sales?

A: When done right, yes. Website design should not only be about aesthetics, but also increased conversion optimization tactics. In the past, when we have done website designs and applied our design for conversion elements, we have seen monthly leads increase over 300%.

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Q: Will I have a dedicated point of contact throughout my web design?

A: Absolutely! It is important for us to ensure that there is a designated account manager for any project or campaign we take on. Your designated account manager will be the sole point of contact for feedback, approvals, design questions, and overall communication of goals throughout the entirety of your web project.

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Q: What happens after the project is done?

A: Typically, after we launch your new site we will make sure your site it is equipped with tracking codes from Google Analytics and other tools you use, as well as ensure redirects are implemented and all goals in GA are working correctly. After this, we will give you the new login information and help you learn the new platform.

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Q: Are the websites you build secure for patient information?

A: When we launch a new website, we ensure there is an SSL certificate applied to your domain, which will provide users on your site when a safe browsing experience, especially if they are providing sensitive information.

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Q: What are some of the steps involved in your website design services?

A: Some of the steps we take as we work with you on your new site include initial meetings for goals and design, creating a new structure set up, crafting the design using Photoshop, building the site in a development server, and several touch bases and approvals along the way.

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Q: What are some typical reasons healthcare providers and doctors redesign their website?

A: During our free strategy consultations with clients, we frequently discover particular aspects of their current website that prompt desire to move forward with a web design for medical facilities. Some common issues we see include:

  1. Outdated design –Websites may have outdated designs that don’t reflect the professionalism and modernity of the medical practice
  2. Poor navigation – Complex navigation structures can make it difficult for patients to find important information quickly, leading to high bounce rates
  3. Slow loading speed Slow-loading websites can deter visitors and negatively impact search engine ranking, affecting the overall website performance negatively
  4. Inadequate security measures –When there are weak security measures in place, it can leave medical facility websites vulnerable to cyberattacks and compromising patient data
  5. Absence of patient resources –Many websites lack useful resources for patients, such as appointment scheduling tools, patient portals, education materials, and more!
  6. Ineffective call-to-actions – Healthcare provider websites may lack clear and compelling call-to-actions, which can reduce conversions and also hinder patient engagement
  7. Unhappy with their CMS platform – We sometimes will encounter web projects solely centered around the fact that businesses are unhappy with the current platform their site is built it, whether it hinders their own usability, or the users.

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Q: Is mobile-friendliness important for healthcare websites?

A: Scheduling an appointment or getting directions to your healthcare office is important when users are on the go! Patients may be doing this on their lunch break, from their cars, and many times are not in front of a computer.

Many healthcare facility websites are not optimized for smart phones, leading to poor user experiences on smartphones and tablets. Given the substantial number of users utilizing mobile devices on the daily to browse the web, ensuring your medical facility’s website is mobile-friendly is paramount for ensuring online success.

Here are some more compelling reasons why device compatibility in a web design for healthcare providers is crucial, and why our team prioritizes it:

  1. Google’s has prioritized mobile-first indexing
  2. Competitive advantage over providers who have older sites
  3. Enhanced brand perception when users have a positive site experience
  4. Patient retention with accessibly to portals, messages, etc. on the go

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What You Get With Our Custom Medical and Healthcare Web Design Services

Here are some of the services and benefits you get when you choose our agency:

Clean Design

At our agency, we don’t focus on including flashy objects that can distract customers and hurt your site’s load time. Instead, we incorporate a clean design in WordPress that shows your messaging clearly and helps enable users to become customers.

Conversion Optimization

The point of having a website online is to help you gain more business, and we always make this one of our top priorities by including design for conversion enhancements such as forms, contact buttons, phone numbers, and more.

Brand Aesthetics

Early in our design phase of your project, we will work with you extensively to gather proper details on the branding of your business so we can incorporate them into our mockups and build out.

Search Optimization

Included in our development of your new website is additional functionality that can help improve your search engine optimization, such as metadata features, optimized images, page headers, and more.

Mobile Design

We ensure that we design and develop a website that is usable on all devices and in all browsers to help you get more business no matter if the user is on a Windows desktop or an iPhone.

Enhanced Speed

Aside from being a ranking factor in search engines, having a website the loads fast is important to help users stay on your website. If your website is slow and doesn’t load all the images correctly, it can make you lose potential customers.

Accessibility Features

In our current day and age, having a website that is accessible to everyone no matter their level of ableness is important, especially for the medical industry. We ensure that proper ADA compliances are included so everyone can navigate and read your site with ease.

Optional: Content Writing

Alongside designing and developing your new website, you can additionally add on content writing services, where our team can revamp your current content or write some from scratch about your team of doctors, locations, and education blog posts.

“John Sammon at Sixth City Marketing is the ‘go-to guy’ for SEO and PPC! John’s always been available when I have had healthcare marketing questions and he provides good insight on areas I may not have considered. I don’t ever fill out these, but John Sammon is just that good!” – Michael Buser, Teleradiology Consultants, LLC

Types of Healthcare and Medical Practices We Can Help

  • Hospitals
  • Urgent centers
  • Private practices
  • Clinical labs
  • Healthcare providers

Why We Choose WordPress

As longtime WordPress advocates, we not only trust WordPress for our own website and other clients, but continue to choose it for new projects because of its long list of benefits. With its easy-to-learn interface, customer usability, and complete customization options, there is no other content management system that we would recommend for medical offices to utilize.

Why Sixth City Marketing?

Wondering what makes our team different from other agencies that offer website design for medical companies? Here are just a few things to know about us: 

  • We can help you no matter your locationOur offices are in Chicago, Cleveland, Nashville, Columbus, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh, but we can help you no matter where are.
  • Our goal is to give you high-quality work – We are dedicated to building you a website that you will love for years to come.
  • We’re results-focused – We understand that you want to gain more business, so we make helping you get more leads our #1 goal. We’ve produced results from redesigns, such as:
    • 314% improvement in leads
    • 1,528% increase in traffic
    • 90% of internet leads resulted in sales
  • Our industry range is unmatched – From the medical industry to manufacturing to a host of other fields, we have delivered essential services to many sectors.
  • We have 10+ years of experience – Sixth City Marketing was founded in 2010 and has been helping companies succeed ever since.
  • Our team is in-house – We take pride in having our design, writing, and strategy team all under our own roof.
  • We do more than just healthcare web design – After we hand over your new website, we’d love to continue working with you on SEO, PPC, and more.
“The team at Sixth City is second to none!! Starting with the owner John and all his teammates I’ve worked with I have nothing but glowing things to say! I felt that they cared about MY business growth as their #1 priority even if it wasn’t always best for their bottom line. They are passionate about and great at what they do. If you’re looking for a team to help with your business, don’t look any further. This is the team that will feel like an extension of your own business!” – Dr. Paul Mikhli, Beachwood Dental

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