marketing newsOur team is full of knowledgeable experts in our industry, and we’re proud of the great work they do. Check out a few articles they’ve been featured in:

How Wufoo Helps Our Marketing Agency and the Clients We Work With

Our CEO John Sammon wrote this great blog post on how we have been able to use Wufoo, a user-friendly form builder, to help not only our own marketing but that of our clients as well.

The Best Perks Small Businesses Can Offer Employees

It’s no secret in our office that donuts and bagels are a regular thing, and it’s actually one of the better perks of being at a small business. Read what other perks our small business offers our employees in this feature on Carol Roth.

How to Find Your Most Valuable Website Traffic by Hour in Google Analytics

Ever wondered how you can find specific data such as the hourly traffic to your website? Sixth City alumna Kirsten Bowers explains how to find this valuable data within your Google Analytics profile in a special post for DashThis!

How LeadSync Helped Agency Sixth City and Their Clients Be Better Businesses

This blog post from our CEO John Sammon on LeadSync features a case study discussing how we’ve been able to help our customers’ marketing efforts, along with our own, by using LeadSync’s technology.

The State of Content Analytics 2019

How content is analyzed is always changing, and Kirsten Bowers shares some important notes on how Google’s mobile-first indexing is only going to continue to be prominent in this article from EContent Magazine.

Impressions in Digital Marketing: What Are They and Why Do They Matter?

In another article on DashThis, one of our strategists, Taylor Hosey, wrote a great piece on why impressions are important in marketing for not only SEO, but also for pay per click, social media, and reporting.

9 WordPress Tips from the Experts (If You’re a Beginner)

While WordPress is easy to use, there are still some things you should be sure to look out for when diving into a website project. Our web producer, Sarah Blocksidge, shares her advice for WordPress beginners in this article from G2 Crowd.

LinkedIn Headline Examples That Get Prospects Looking

What does it take to get noticed on LinkedIn? Headlines are taken into account more than you may know! John Sammon was featured in this article from Copper for his witty and humorous LinkedIn profile.

The Expys Finalists, Winners and Honorees

Earlier in the year, we were up for an Expys award for best internship in Cleveland! You can read more about our experience on our blog post.

Where Furloughed Government Workers in Cleveland Can Go for Free Food or Something to Do

When the government shutdown occurred, we teamed up with Bearden’s, a local burger joint, to provide meals to government workers. Check out a full recap of the event.

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