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Updated on 02/29/2024

A well-designed senior living facility website will help communicate the value of your services, increase the amount of inquiries you receive, and enhance the functionality of the site for visits.

A great design does not just include an eye-catching look and feel; there is so much more that goes into a website’s design and development that will ultimately help your business thrive by attracting more overall inquiries from prospective residents.

We’re here to provide you with the essential dos and don’ts of senior living website design. Implementing these tactics into your web design strategy will not only help you drive more interest to your retirement community, but ultimately make it thrive.

“Sixth City Marketing provides National Church Residences with a full range of services including website design/administration/management, digital marketing, search engine optimization, analytics/metrics/reporting, and much more. Their excellent customer service, speedy turnaround times, and expert advice makes them a valued extension of our in-house team!” – National Church Residences

What Is Senior Living Website Design and Why Is It Important?

In summary, website design and development involves the creation of a site and internal pages to reflect a brand’s information, services, products, values, and more. People often think of website design as strictly a visual makeover, which is not the case.

A well-executed website design involves many additional elements, including conversion rate optimization, custom design, search engine optimization (SEO), multi-device friendliness, and much more.

Now, why is this important to you and your senior living community? The first thing to note is that we’re aware that the term “senior living community” is an umbrella term for all of the different types of senior housing options. There is, of course, independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, continuing care retirement communities, and more, but the following principles apply to each of these.

No matter which of these categories your business falls under, you need residents. In order for your business to flourish, you need to make sure you’re giving your target audience the means to get in touch with you and educate them on what you provide, and your website is the key way of doing just that.

Understanding Your Target Audience

When it comes to a web design project for the senior housing industry, the first step is identifying who exactly your potential customers are. This is more than just identifying the typical age range or generational habits based on your current customers.

Take some time to do extensive research on the exact type of individual who would normally inquire about your services. For example, typically within this industry your potential customers will have family, friends, or health professionals look for services on behalf of the individual. You are not always trying to target individuals between the ages of 70-90, but you’re trying to reach those that may be helping an elderly individual with their plans for next steps in housing.

I’m sure you’re wondering how this translates into web design, and the truth is, it has a major impact on the way a website is developed.

More Tips on Senior Living Website Design

As discussed above, identifying your target audience is one of the first steps in guiding a web design project. Being that there are different online behaviors of target markets, you’ll want to make sure your website caters to those behaviors and habits.

One of the big elements that will specifically apply to your senior living web design project is ensuring that the website is mobile-friendly. Visitors should be able to easily navigate your site from any device they are using to provide them with a smooth and convenient experience. Not only that, but mobile-friendly websites are proven to convert better and boost the overall amount of leads you receive.

Other Important Elements of Senior Living Web Design

We’ve talked about some of the basics of senior living web design and development, but there are many things that can be implemented to enhance the overall look, usability, and readability of the site, including:

  • Easy-to-read fonts
  • Attractive color schemes
  • Updated navigation design
  • Images, logos, text, and videos
  • Utilizing HTML to add design elements
  • Enhanced calls to action built for conversion
  • Optimized content for search engines

Advantages of Sixth City’s Senior Living Web Design Services

How Our Philosophy on Assisted Living, Retirement, and Memory Care Community Web Design Will Help Your Facility

You can trust that we do website design for senior living the right way by:

  1. Focusing on Increasing Leads – The main goal of services is to help you get more inquiries that lead to more residents at your community.
  2. Enhancing Online Presence – We incorporate search engine optimization tactics that will help your website rank better among your competition, especially from a local perspective.
  3. Creating Total Device Friendliness – All of the websites we develop are compatible across every device type and on all browsers.
  4. Improving Overall Site Speed – New websites have the luxury of being built on the latest technology, giving them features that can improve site load time.

Our Experience Building Websites in WordPress

Our team of professionals is committed to building your new website with a CMS that not only is user-friendly for you, but offers a beautiful design to market your retirement or assisted living community.

We commonly build our websites in WordPress and Shopify, which are popular and versatile content management systems that you can trust. And for senior living businesses, your best option will be WordPress!

Advantages of WordPress for Senior Community Websites

WordPress is not only our platform of choice when designing sites for our clients, but also what we rely on for our own website! Some advantages of using WordPress include: 

  • Customize your entire site –  One of the best parts about WordPress is that you are able to completely customize the look and interface, which is rare compared to other platforms.
  • Easily add and edit pages – Another benefit is that you can add new content without needing coding knowledge. All it takes if a few clicks and your new page or blog post can be published!
  • Schedule blog content – Readily use the built-in scheduling function that allows you to plan and schedule blog posts for future-use and publication. By doing this in advance, you can optimize your publishing workflow and maintain engagement with your audience.
  • Manage your site menu – Seamlessly use the user-friendly menu system that allows you to create, customize, and organize your menu for your senior living site effortlessly and with ease. The interface also allows you to rearrange the items in your site menu, create multi-level options, and more without technical skills.
  • Upload photos and media – Easily upload, manage, and display photos and videos directly within your website’s content. You can upload media directly from your computer or import them from various external sources.
  • Add additional features – Add installing plugins to display metatags or manage redirects, integrate social media icons, add event calendars, and more with the extensive range of plugins from WordPress.

Additional Services We Offer

At Sixth City Marketing, we have a diverse and dedicated team of marketing experts, allowing us to provide a wide variety of services to our clients in addition to web design and development.

The services we provide include:

  1. SEO & Content Marketing – The main goal of SEO is to reach your goals, target the correct audience, and target the location. We conduct SEO through a variety of services, with some including strategic content creation, external link building, SWOT analysis of competitors, and more.
  2. Pay Per Click (PPC) – We are adept at managing paid advertising campaigns through Google and Bing Ads. Our goal is to ensure your ads land in front of the target audience. We do this through ongoing campaign maintenance, search engine ad campaigns, competitor analysis reports, and custom landing page designs.
  3. Paid Social Media Marketing – Through paid social media marketing, you can benefit from many impressions, expansive targeting, low cost per click, and unique ad types. The paid social media channels we can assist with include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, X (Twitter), YouTube, and Pinterest.
  4. Website Design and Development – We work to create unique and custom designs that best fit your target audience and overall goals. We are happy to work step-by-step with you to reach a design that you’ll love and will help benefit your overall brand goals.
  5. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – The strategies we use to approach CRO on your site include design for conversion, user experience optimization, and search engine optimization. We enact these through different tactics such as adding more calls to action, redesigning key page templates, optimizing page copy and headers, and improving overall user experience.
  6. Social Media Marketing – A strong presence on different social media platforms is highly recommended! Our team will develop a robust social media strategy and determine the ideal social media networks that best suit your businesses growth. We will help increase brand awareness and provide analytics that show the new leads to your site, along with handling all the social media management duties. This helps you grow and create a relationship with your target audience through varied channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube).
  7. Consulting and Auditing – We’re able to increase your marketing efforts by working with you on a consulting agreement. Through this service, some factors we consider include error analysis, sitemap analysis, indexing coverage, keyword analysis, web performance optimization, analyzing web images and content, and discovering duplicate content. We will work to examine the structure of your site and supply suggestions or opportunities for your brand to grow.
  8. HubSpot Marketing – As a certified HubSpot partner agency, we focus on results. HubSpot helps keep your sales on track. The services HubSpot offers include lead tracking, website creation and management, social media scheduling, email marketing, workflows, and reports.

Case Study: National Church Residences

For several years, we worked closely with National Church Residences, a nonprofit with 340 retirement, assisting living, and memory care facilities within the United States and Puerto Rico. One of their locations we assisted was Water’s Edge of Lake Wales, located near Tampa, Florida.

Along with providing them with SEO and PPC services, we also performed technical design enhancements to their location pages by integrating our design for conversion techniques.

From all the work we did, we were able to get their facility to 100% capacity, which pushed their team to create a wait list for future residents. Some key metrics of their campaigns included:

  • Conversions increased by 295%
  • Overall traffic increased by 138%
  • Traffic from SEO increased by 96%

Learn More About Our Senior Living Website Design Agency

Headquartered in Cleveland with National Service

As a digital marketing company, we are prepared to provide our clients with top-rated services no matter their niche or location. So whether you are a chain of assisted living centers in Buffalo, or provide memory care services on the West Coast, we can help.

We first opened our doors in Columbus in 2010, then settled down in Cleveland a few years later. Now, we have offices in Indianapolis, Chicago, Nashville, and Pittsburgh.

Our staff has 25+ years of collective experience in marketing, and in the 12+ years that our firm has been open, we have been able to help dozens of our clients meet their goals through website design services.

Frequently Asked Questions on Assisted Living Website Design

How long does a website redesign typically take?

The timeline of a web design project will range depending on a variety of factors. If you’re undergoing a full-site redesign we would say that it can take somewhere between 12-16 weeks baring complications and changes. However, if you are looking for a web design that does not start from scratch, that timeline looks a bit smaller.

With Sixth City Marketing, we will present you with a clear and detailed timeline at the start of the project so you know what to expect. 

What analytics tools will be included on the new site?

There are many free analytics tools that are included within website platforms. These tools are extremely important in assessing whether your new site is achieving your goals. Here at Sixth City, we implement Google Analytics on every site we work on, as we believe it is the most accurate and detailed.

Don’t know how to use Google Analytics? No worries – our team will set it up and make sure you know have the knowledge you need to fully navigate the platform.

Will I have a dedicated point of contact throughout the process?

Yes! You will work with a designated account manager, who will oversee the day-to-day communications. As our web team starts creating the website, your account manager will be reaching out frequently to get feedback and approval. To help you put a name to a face, we will schedule a kickoff call before starting the project to introduce our team and outline who will be working on certain aspects of the project.

Will I have access to my site after the design is complete?

Absolutely. Our team will make sure to provide you with the log-in credentials needed so that you and anyone else on your team can access the site to make any changes. Depending on your agreement, our team will even help to make changes/updates after the project is completed.

How much input will I have on the design decisions?

We have a team of experts with vast experience in the design and conversion field. However, this is your project too, so your input and approval will be crucial throughout the entire process. We are here to provide recommendations and get the job done smoothly and efficiently.

What happens if I want to make changes to the design during the project?

That is no problem! If you have feedback or requests for changes during the design, we encourage open communication to ensure your satisfaction with your senior living web design. Our team will work with you to implement any requested changes promptly, keeping the project on track while accommodating your preferences.

Will my website be optimized for search engines?

Yes! Optimizing your website for search engines is an essential part of our web design process. Here at Sixth City, we follow best practices for SEO including keyword research, metadata optimization, image optimization, and much more to improve your site’s visibility and rankings.

Will my website be mobile-responsive on multiple devices?

Absolutely. Making sure that your website design for senior living is user-friendly on various devices is a priority during our development process. We will develop your senior living website for viewing across various mobile devices, providing a consistent experience for all visitors.

I’m not sure what design we want yet. Can you provide more examples of different websites your company has designed in the past?

Yes. We’d be happy to send over links to websites we have built in the past and will include these during your free strategy session as well.

What measures will your team take to ensure my website is secure?

Security is a top priority for our clients, as well as for our own website. We take several measures to ensure that your website is secure from different vulnerabilities. We ensure that every site we launch has an SSL certificate in place to have it be protected not only for you but your site’s visitors.

What happens if I encounter technical issues or need assistance after the website is launched?

Our team is here to help! You may reach out to us via email or phone, and we will promptly address any issues or concerns you may have. Additionally, our your hosting provider will offer customer support to promptly answer any complications you encounter if the issue is something out of our control.

What other companies do you do web design for?

Along with doing web design for senior living, our team specializes in website design for an array of different industries including:

“Sixth City Marketing has provided consulting, SEO, and many other services to National Church Residences. The team has excellent advice and is very easy to work with.” – Karen Twinem, National Church Residences

Let’s Talk About Your New Website Today

We are dedicated to ensuring that your website helps your senior living facility achieve all its goals. From lead generation and increased online awareness to improved functionality, our team of website design experts are here to help bring your ideas to life!

Are you ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your community revamp its online presence through our web design for senior living providers.

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