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Are you a local Columbus business looking to maximize your exposure and increase your leads? Our pay per click management services in Columbus can do just that.

Not only can we assist you in maximizing your ROI, but we can help your company get noticed by the right people. Keep reading to find out how we differ from other Columbus PPC companies.

Why You Should Invest in Our Columbus PPC Management Services

  • Our Strategies Are Custom

    We understand that no two companies are the same, no matter how similar they may be, which is why we create custom strategies every month for our clients to ensure that we are providing fresh content and analyzing past tactics based on their success rate.

  • We Focus on Improving Your Overall Leads

    Our main goal during your PPC campaign is to get you results that lead to new business. We focus on improving your overall leads so your business can expand and be able to get new customers through the door.

  • Our Team Can Create Custom Landing Pages

    An important component of pay per click campaigns is the specific page you send your desired customer to when they click on your ad.

    At Sixth City, we design custom landing pages that are made to convert at a higher percentage. By utilizing A/B testing, a variety of calls to action, phone tracking, and more, we ensure that the landing pages we use as part of your PPC campaign can bring you results.

    Our Columbus PPC management services utilize a wide range of platforms that allow us to further customize our campaigns and get your ads in front of the type of potential customers you desire.

    We have the ability to spread your PPC ads across platforms such as:

    • Social media outlets
      • Facebook
      • LinkedIn
      • Twitter
    • Search engines
      • Google AdWords
      • Bing Ads
  • We Can Provide a Monthly Executive Summary

    One of the best parts of our Columbus PPC management services is that every month we send you a comprehensive report summary of how well your PPC campaign is doing. This includes analytics for both your social media and search engine platforms.

    Our reports are short and to the point, making them easy for you to understand so you can get a grasp of the work we are doing and how your numbers change from month to month.

Not Sure Where to Start?

With our pay per click management services, we can identify what platforms are the best to use your spend on to make sure you are reaching your target audience.

We can help guide you through the pay per click process by examining your various options and who you want to reach, and then together we can create a customized plan just for you and your company goals.

Take the Next Step Toward Success and Contact Our Columbus PPC Management Team Today!

Are you ready to get new business and increase your exposure? Contact our pay per click management team today to get started on your path to success