Increase Online Sales Through Customized SEO Strategies for Ecommerce Websites

Sarah BlocksidgeAuthor:Sarah Blocksidge
Updated on 5/18/2023

Is your online business going through a slump? Are you looking for a new way to help improve your website’s presence on the web? Are you getting a lot of visitors, but have a high abandoned cart rate?

If are wondering what types of things you should be doing to improve your search engine optimization for your ecommerce store, you’ve come to the right place.

What is Ecommerce SEO?

SEO for ecommerce is the practice of strategically updating ecommerce websites with the best search engine optimization tactics in order to help them rank above competitors who sell similar products online. Ecommerce SEO requires a special approach given it can involve other platforms other industries do not use, such as Google Merchant Center.

Why Does Your Online Store Need SEO?

ecommerce seo strategies

If you are on the fence on whether you should be doing SEO for your website, here are some things you may want to know:

  • SEO is one the leading sources for online purchases
  • By 2026, ecommerce will make up 24% of global retail sales
  • 2.64 billion people shop online
  • For every increase you make on search engine results pages (SERPs), you can boost your click-through rate by an average of 30.8%
  • 51% of people using the internet have found out about a new product online

SEO for Ecommerce: 10 Strategies That Will Boost Your Online Orders

To help your business’s site get more purchases, you will need to craft a custom ecommerce SEO strategy based off your site’s unique needs, what you competitors are doing, and tactics you haven’t implemented. Here are some areas we find most online stores need help with:

Write Detailed and Helpful Content

Did you know that 88% of customers think detailed product pages are crucial for purchasing? In order to help gain the attention of not only customers, but Google as well, you need captivating copy on your website that incorporates the terms you wish to rank for most. For instance, insure that you are adding the key terms and information of your products to the meta title and description, headers, and page copy.

Conduct a Competitor Analysis

To better understand what your business is up against, take a hard look at your competitors’ websites, analyze their content, backlinks, and structure to see where we can fill in the gaps on your own site. You can do this by manually searching for your products on a broader scale, seeing what brands Google is ranking above you, and seeing what types of things their products pages have that yours don’t.

Do Thorough Keyword Planning

Be sure research the key terms you want your site to show up for, find out which ones have the most potential to bring you traffic, and incorporate them into your strategy to be used in content, link building, and more. For example, if your online store sells rugs, be sure to see if more broad terms such as “rugs for sale” or more niche terms such as “oriental pattern rugs” would be easier for you to rank for.

Don’t Forget Technical Optimization

There are numerous other ways we can optimize your site outside of changing your page copy. From metadata writing to schema markup and more, you should give your website the attention it needs from top to bottom. Ensuring you have rich snippet data and schema markup can make your pages appear better in search results and help search engines better understand your store and it’s products.

Sign-up For Merchant Center

One free and great way online stores can improve their appearance on search engines is by signing up for Google Merchant Center. When you add your products to the merchant center, it will add your products to the Shopping tab in Google, which helps enhance your visibility. Some brands have even seen 400%  revenue growth just from its free listings!

Take Advantage of Your Blog

Google loves sites that are continuing to keep their site content fresh and updated. And if you aren’t constantly adding new products, this can be tough. Another way we keep your site up to date and full of opportunities to bring in new customers is through blog posts. When you have a blog, it also opens the doors to rank for various types of keywords. Say for a site that makes leather goods, they could write about the “10 Best Gifts for Fathers Day” and feature their own products. Pro-tip: Be sure to utilize Google Trends to see what types of topics are popular at the moment for content ideas.

Build Authoritative Backlinks

In order to help your website gain strength, and become more authoritative, spend time building backlinks that point to your site from other reputable locations such as news sites, directories, and more. Getting links as an online retailer can be tough, but you can utilize sites such Qwoted to answer questions asked by reporters that are relevant to your niche.

Enhance Your Design for Conversion

Something we often see many websites overlooking is having conversion rate optimization in place, meaning that once visitors come to your site there is a clear and easy way to make purchases, email you, or call you. And since cart abandonment is something very common for ecommerce stores, you will want to ensure that potential customers don’t need to jump through hoops to buy your product.

Make Adjustments for User Experience

There can also be various issues going on behind the scenes of your website that are causing limitations to your marketing. For example, websites that load slowly, have poorly optimized images, or are non-HTTPS, are just a few examples of things that could be holding your site back from ranking higher. Tools such as Google’s PageSpeed Insights can give you a rundown of ways you can improve your user experience.

Make Photos a Priority

When a shopper has a specific look for a product in mind, and wants to be able to view a variety of options at once, they often turn to image search. Having your products show up in image search can be relatively simple if you take the time to properly add alt and title info to photos. Be sure to be descriptive adding things such as color, material, and other things that describe the product with as much detail as you can.

“I’ve worked with Sixth City Marketing for multiple years now for my PPC and SEO needs. They have consistently delivered a high-quality product, are professional, and deeply care about their customers. They listen to my business needs and work with me to help my business grow. I’ve seen a massive improvement in the quality of leads, website visitors, and click-through rate. My website has experienced immediate positive results from suggested website changes, with increased forms completed, increased phone calls, and increased pages per visit. Other PPC companies I’ve worked with just waste ad spend, while Sixth City Marketing makes use of every penny.” – Jennifer Hristovski, SprayWorks

Need Help With Ecommerce SEO Services?

At Sixth City Marketing, we help ecommerce businesses just like yours look better online through our customized marketing services for ecommerce businesses.

  • Purchases
  • Info requests
  • Phone calls
  • Organic traffic
  • Overall traffic
  • Keyword positions

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Get to Know Our Ecommerce SEO Agency Better

Sixth City Marketing is a team of digital marketing experts providing services to clients in a wide range of industries with the goal of showing honest results. Through our transparent reporting, custom work, and flexibility, we deliver top-notch SEO services that help businesses grow.

While headquartered in Cleveland, we also have offices in Columbus, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh, but are happy to help you no matter where your business is located.

5 Things That Make Us Different

  1. Transparency – No matter what, you can trust that we will relay honest communication with you regarding your data, our strategies, or anything else.
  2. Knowledge – As the industry is always growing and changing, our team is always thirsting for knowledge to stay on top of trends and major shifts that could impact our work.
  3. Experience – Since opening in 2010, our staff has grown immensely. With that has brought us professionals with diverse backgrounds, totaling over 25 years of collective experience!
  4. Culture – One of the aspects that allows us to provide better-quality services is teamwork, and that is best done when a group of people gets along well in and outside of work, as we do.
  5. Results – Something that many other agencies lack that we mentioned earlier is providing proper ROI measurements in relation to your campaigns. We conduct due diligence to give you this data, which helps to illustrate the value you’re receiving from your investment in us.

Other Ways We Help Ecommerce Businesses Grow

With all of our clients, we want to make sure that we are doing as much as we can to get the results desired. Sometimes, that includes thinking outside of the box of our SEO strategies and dipping our toes into the pools of our other services.

So on top of providing you SEO, we can also help you through:

  • Email marketing
  • Paid social media


Past Examples of SEO Success

Since our company was founded in 2010, we’ve worked with a variety of different businesses in all kinds of industries! We’ve been successful in SEO services for ecommerce businesses and many others as well. With that being said, be sure to check out our case studies page to have a better understanding of some of the work we do.

Some of the businesses we have helped includes:

  • TYKMA Electrox
  • Bruening Glass Works
  • Shini USA
  • Valco Valley Tool & Die
“I’ve worked with the team at Sixth City Marketing for about a year now, and they have been very helpful in improving my website’s visibility. The team is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. They are also easily accessible by phone or email, and respond quickly; the customer service is what separates them from the pack.” – David Kozak, Kozak Micro Adjusters

SEO for Ecommerce Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some examples of ways you optimize product and category pages?
A: There are various ways that we approach helping these types of pages improve their rank. We check aspects such as your header titles, metadata, images, descriptions, and other parts of your pages that could benefit from new copy with key terms, interlinking, and more.

Q: Are there ways to help my products show up in Google Images or Shopping?
A: Yes! There are ways we can help your images try to gain better rankings in the images tab on Google. And as for the shopping tab, Google announced recently that they are allowing free listings, and many popular ecommerce site platforms easily integrate with Google to show up in shopping searches.

Q: Does doing PPC and SEO for my online store clash?
A: Not at all! You can run both paid campaigns and invest in SEO services and they will not interfere with one another. Doing both can actually maximize the potential to be found online from people searching for your types of products.

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