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Updated on 11/16/2023

For painting companies, it’s critical to have a reliable influx of new business inquiries for customers looking for the services that you offer. Many of the painting companies that we work with depend on gaining and booking out either exterior or interior painting clients.

The further you can book up new painting jobs, the easier it will be to plan and line up staff and supplies to execute the job. Search engine optimization can be critical in helping you book future jobs. We know how critical SEO can be in helping your company grow. Feel free to contact us via the form on our site to chat about how we can help. In the meantime, let me explain a little bit more about what SEO is.

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO for PaintersSearch engine optimization or (SEO for short) is a type of marketing strategy or campaign that people, businesses and organizations utilize in order to improve their visibility on popular search engines (such as Google, Bing and Yahoo). The goal of any search engine campaign is to draw searchers looking for their products or services to their website. There are four types of search engine optimization including on-page, off-page, technical, and local SEO that can benefit your online presence. Ultimately, if the SEO campaign is successful, it will result in an increase in traffic from search engines and either responses or sales from the website (from people either nationally or locally).

Why Should You Do SEO for Your Painting Company Website?

Here are a few things you should know if you are considering starting or continuing an SEO campaign:

  • SEO is typically the channel that drives the most qualified prospect traffic to our painting company client’s websites
  • Local SEO is typically a key focus for our painting company clients
  • It can take 3-6 months to get the full effect of results from SEO
  • SEO is the best channel for ROI

Assessing How Your Site is Performing in SEO

Whether you are just getting started or evaluating your current campaign, here are a few things to look at:

  1. Quality of Leads – Taking a step back and assessing the quality of the leads from people calling and emailing you is critical. If the volume and quality have fallen off or just aren’t where you want them to be, you may want to look closely at the SEO health of your website.
  2. Implementing a call tracking program – You may be using a bunch of different marketing tactics to reach your target audience. In order to properly assess where your calls are coming from, it’s a good idea to put a call tracking program in place. The program we recommend is CallRail. It costs $40 dollars per month but it’s worth every penny. The program not only provides you with a true understanding of how people found. This will allow you to properly assess and value any current marketing initiatives.
  3. Keyword Positions in Local Search – How are you currently ranking in local search? If you aren’t in the local pack, this could be an indication that you may need help. Ranking well in local search but not having a presence in the local pack can hurt your overall presence in your market for your painting services.
  4. Change in Traffic Coming From Search Engines – We would recommend identifying a specific time period (a case in point would be the last 60 days) and assessing your search engine traffic compared to the same time period last year. If it’s not up by a healthy margin, it could be cause for concern. If you have spent a decent amount of time and or money on a campaign, you would want to see anywhere between a 5-10% increase year over year (depending upon how active you’ve been and how wide your targeted geographic area is).

SEO Tips for Painting Companies

Whether you are just starting out with SEO or you’ve been doing it for years, it’s critical to capitalize on key fundamentals to help you improve your presence in search for the painting industry. Here are some tips that we can share with you to review and assess.

Tip #1 – Claim and Complete Your Local SEO Profiles
It’s critical to make sure you’ve claimed your Google Business Profile and Bing Local Places profiles. These are the entities that Google and Bing will qualify you to enter in to the local or map pack listings.

Make sure to add as much information about your business as you can to complete the information that these profiles request. Completeness of your profile is something that they look at for ranking you.

Tip #2 – Keywords to Target
Here a sample of terms that are frequently targeted in painting company SEO campaigns (please note that you can have the singular or plural version of the keywords):

  • Painting company
  • [City you are targeting] painting company
  • Painting contractor
  • Exterior painting company
  • New home painting company
  • Interior painting company
  • Garage door painting contractor
  • Exterior painting professionals
  • Wall painters
  • House painters
  • Best painters
  • Add “near me” to any of the terms above

Additional specific or what the industry refers to as “long tail” keywords to target could include:

  • How much does it cost to paint a house exterior?
  • How long does it take to a paint a house?
  • What time of the year is it best to paint a house?
  • Why should I hire a painter to paint my house?

The specific types of searches usually make great topics for blog posts.

Tip #3 – Visually Emphasize Your Phone Number on Your Site
Many painting customers tend to call rather than fill out online forms. It’s critical to make sure you phone number is prominently listed at the top in the page in both the desktop and mobile view of your website. The most critical space on a webpage is above the scroll (what you view when the page first loads). Use that space wisely. Finally, make sure that the click to call code is in place on your website so it’s easy to contact you.

Tip #4 – Ask Your Customers For Reviews
Assessing and changing your business process to emphasize getting reviews on an ongoing basis from your customers. It will be critical to gain and keep your position in search. It’s critical to automate this process as much as possible to send requests for reviews after a job is completed. You can also try to build in a follow up email too as most people will need a pleasant “nudge” after you ask them for a review.

Tip #5 – Updated Pictures of Your Team
If you rank well in search engines, people will find you for your painting services and not your company name. One of the things that you’ll want to address is the photography on your website. Quite often, our painting clients will be diligent about editing and updating job photos. However, putting photos up of the key team members and even the sales staff is an afterthought. Make sure to add photos of your team and put a little description of each of the key members of the team so people can see the staff.

If you improve your ranking on search for terms related to your business, the people coming to your website won’t be aware of who you are. The images can be critcal to show who you are and that you have a presence in the local community.

Choose Sixth City Marketing To Run Your SEO Campaign

Here are a few advantages of hiring us to help with your SEO campaign. With our extensive experience in SEO and in the painting industry, we can:

  • Engineer a campaign for you with detailed focus on keywords that generate business for the type of work you are seeking and with seasonality in mind
  • Increase sales from the area/areas you target by helping you rank in the maps listings
  • Provide you with lead attribution for every call and form submission that comes through
  • Show return on investment from sales that come from SEO (via our lead tracking systematization)
  • Closely watch and capitalize on shortcomings in your competitor’s campaigns
“Sixth City Marketing has been our SEO and PPC company for almost a year now. We have seen significant increases in search rankings, domain authority, site traffic, call volume and most importantly revenue. Not to mentioned they are fantastic to deal with. They are always bringing new creative ideas to us to continue this growth. They have taken the time to learn our business and industry which helps enhance our 9 sites. I would highly recommend.” – Albert Atkins, SERVPRO

Why Choose Us to Help You With Painting Company SEO

Why choose us to help you with SEO? Here’s our best case:

  • Our attribution system will show you what sales are coming from SEO
  • We track SEO ROI on an ongoing basis
  • Constant discussion on the quality of the leads
  • Monthly meeting with a dedicated account manager and SEO strategist on our team
  • Expertise in ranking you in the maps listings
  • We provide a variety of different services that we can provide you with under our SEO plan
  • Expertise and experience with the painting company industry
  • We are family owned and operated
  • Our approach to everything is unique and not cookie-cutter

Painting Company SEO FAQ’s

Here are a few typical questions we get from prospective clients in the painting industry:

What type of reporting do you provide?

As a business owner, executive or manager, we know that your time is extremely valuable. We need to communicate the progress of the campaign quickly and efficiently and we aim to do that in a consolidated monthly report.

It’s custom and completely customizable based on what you prioritize. Lastly, it’s focused on what return (ROI) we are bringing from the services we are providing you with.

What is SEO for painters and how do you go about implementing in?
SEO is the process of improving your website’s presence on the most popular search engines (typically Google, Bing and Yahoo) in order to attract more visitors to your website. The ultimate focus of SEO marketing is to achieve your overall goals for your business. In the painting industry it’s typically to deliver more qualified leads and ultimately sales.

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Get to Know Sixth City

We first opened our doors in 2010, and since then we have grown to a team of 20 SEO experts who all strive to help our clients grow their business one lead at a time. You can find our main office in Cleveland, alongside our additional offices in Chicago, Columbus, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh.

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And while our main offering is search engine optimization for B2B and B2C brands, we also offer other digital marketing services such as PPC, web design, email, and social media.

Excellent company – the team is professional and provides a personal touch that you don’t get from other agencies. Great at what they do, providing real results where it counts. We couldn’t be more pleased with Sixth City.” – Greg Snider, United Skid Tracks

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