content management system statisticsAre you looking to transition to a new CMS or enhance your current one? If so, dive into content management system statistics you should know in 2024!

WordPress Statistics

  • 43.3% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress (W3Techs)
  • As of 2024, 810 million websites are using WordPress as their CMS (Color lib)
  • Each month, 400 million people visit a WordPress site (WP User Manager)
  • WordPress holds a market share of over 62% in the CMS market (WP Zoom)
  • Of the top 10 million websites online, there are more than 500 sites built each day on WordPress (WP Engine)
  • Over 80% of WordPress websites are using Version 6 (W3Techs)
  • There are over 30,000 themes available on WordPress (WP Zoom)
  • WordPress offers around 60,000 free plugins on the plugin database (Colorlib)
  • WordPress powers over 14% of the world’s top-rated websites (ZDNET)

Shopify Statistics

  • As of 2024, 26% of ecommerce websites use Shopify as their CMS (Yaguara)
  • By the end of 2023, Shopify experienced a 24% growth in revenue year over year (Digital Commerce 360)
  • Shopify holds a market share of 29% in the ecommerce CMS market (Yaguara)
  • There are over 8,000 apps available to customize your store through the Shopify App Store (Shopify)
  • Over 4 million active websites across the world are powered through Shopify (Yaguara)
  • 45 of the top 1,000 online retailers use Shopify as their CMS platform (Digital Commerce 360)

Wix Statistics

  • Wix is used by 2.7% of all websites (W3Techs)
  • The Wix app has 44,000 downloads each day (Meetanshi)
  • Wix is used in 190 countries across the world (Wix)
  • Over 8 million websites worldwide are powered by Wix (Theme Isle)
  • There are 300 apps available in the Wix App Market (Meetanshi)
  • There are over 1,000 innovative features to use with the CMS platform (Wix)
  • Wix offers more than 900 customizable templates for your website (Meetanshi)

BigCommerce Statistics

  • As of Q1 in 2024, more than 44,000 live stores that are powered by BigCommerce (Store Leads)
  • Globally, BigCommerce has more than 150 stores across the globe (ConnectPOS)
  • In Q1 of 2024, BigCommerce stores increased 23% year over year (Store Leads)
  • BigCommerce average order value grew by 7.89% by the end of 2023 (BigCommerce)
  • Home and garden products are the most sold on BigCommerce stores holding 15.6% of total sales (Store Leads)

Drupal Statistics

  • 1.7 million websites are powered by Drupal (Tech Jury)
  • Drupal’s community includes over 1 million members (Tech Jury)
  • Drupal is used by 1.0% of all websites (W3Techs)
  • 12.8% of the top 10,000 websites are powered by Drupal (Tech Jury)
  • Majority of Drupal website tend to be for non-profits, government, higher education, or media (Drupal)

Squarespace Statistics

Joomla Statistics

Magento Statistics

  • 0.9% of all websites with a CMS use Magento (App My Site)
  • 26% of merchants using Magento upgraded to Magento’s second version (Save My Cent)
  • Magento is used by 11% of websites in the U.S. (Rock Technolabs)
  • Over 770,000 merchants use Magento (Rock Technolabs)
  • Magento holds a 2.32% market share in global ecommerce platforms (App My Site)
  • There are over 3,500 Magento extensions available (App My Site)
  • Magento sites hold a gross merchandise volume of $155 billion annually (Save My Cent)

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