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Updated on 04/30/2024

From contractors to electricians to plumbers to everything in between, companies operating in the home services industry cover a broad range of services that everyone needs. However, with endless options for the consumer, how can you be sure that your business is getting the exposure it needs to be successful?

At Sixth City Marketing, we can help you improve your marketing efforts as a home service provider and increase the overall success of your business. Through helpful tips and tricks for navigating SEO, PPC, social media, website design and development, and more, we can ensure that your company reaches new heights in the digital marketing world. Learn more from our informational guide for the home services industry today!

“Sixth City has been incredible to work with. They quickly and articulately communicate what they’re doing and why, they respond to emails promptly, and have consistently shown solid, measurable ROIs. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking digital marketing or SEO-based services!” – Seth McDaniels, SERVPRO

FAQs About Digital Marketing for Home Services

Digital marketing can encompass a wide array of skills and tactics in order to create successful campaigns, so here are some of the most commonly asked questions and our answers to get you started.

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What is the main purpose of digital marketing and why is it needed?

Digital marketing allows businesses to connect with their target audiences and provide them with information on the different services they offer. Having a strong online presence can make or break your business, and content optimization and technical web improvements are just two marketing tactics that can enhance your current rankings to help more customers find you.

Digital marketing for home services helps build brand awareness, and it also helps in monitoring leads to pursue for sales. Plus, a strong online presence creates credibility within an industry and allows for customers to engage with the business.

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Can my businesses choose to invest in one digital marketing service?

Absolutely! Each service works to enhance your business’s online presence, and you have the option to choose which areas you want to focus on. If your business decides it’s time to grow and add more services down the road, you always have the ability to expand into other SEO and PPC opportunities to see a variety of results in your digital marketing efforts.

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What about social media? Should I increase my presence there? Should I run ads on those platforms?

While social media doesn’t offer all the benefits that SEO does, it can provide another channel for reaching your target audience and letting them know about your products and services, industry news, and changes to your business.

Ads on social media, such as on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, X (Twitter), and more, can be viable options for getting your goods and services directly in front of the people most interested in what you offer. Our team can craft effective ad copy for you and oversee social media ad campaigns to get you more leads.

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How would my home services company benefit from digital marketing?

Home services digital marketing will help your business generate new leads and increase overall traffic. This also gives you an opportunity to surpass any competitors and generate a steady flow of leads for your growing business.

If all of that didn’t convince you, hopefully these statistics do the trick:

home services seo stats

  • 86% of consumers read an average of 10 reviews for local businesses to determine if a company is trustworthy (Invoca)
  • 55% of searchers look online before scheduling an appointment (Invoca)
  • 98% of people looking for local businesses use the internet for research (BrightLocal)
  • 40% of home services searchers who call a business end up making a purchase (Invoca)
  • For home services verticals, searches on mobile devices are growing year-over-year, with “plumbers near me” growing by 288% (Invoca)
  • The average ad click-through rate (CTR) for home services companies is 4.80% (Local IQ)
  • 78% of mobile searches looking for local services made a purchase within 24 hours (Invoca)
  • Nearly 81.6% of customers looking for home services do not have a company in mind when they start their search (Invoca)

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What if I’m not reaching the intended target audience?

There’s no need to worry, because if something isn’t working, we can discuss the changes that need to be improved. After review, our team will make the proper adjustments and shift gears to bring you the best results for success. Digital marketing is a constantly shifting landscape, and it’s important to have an open and collaborative relationship with your digital marketing agency, as that will always produce the best results.

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Do I really need a blog?

Yes! 71% of bloggers now say that SEO is one of the most important factors in generating organic traffic. So if you are a business that specializes in home services and you’re looking for an extra boost in search engine rankings, writing ongoing blog posts will help illustrate your expertise in your industry to potential customers.

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Is local SEO important for home services businesses?

Yes, for a locally focused business such as yours, local SEO is an absolutely vital aspect of any marketing campaign you implement. Locally focused content on your site – such as highlighting your service areas with individual landing pages – is important, but on Google ranking in the local map pack is also a critical piece of the overall local SEO puzzle.

plumber local pack

With so many people making proximity-based searches such as this, it’s imperative that you show up in the local pack like the one featured in our example above, and our team can help make that happen.

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I feel like I need more Google reviews. Is that something you can help me with?

Yes! Having plenty of strong Google reviews will elevate your presence on search engines and also encourage potential customers to contact you about your services. Reviews can be obtained via requests in social media posts, from links incorporated into email newsletters, and through direct contact. Our team can help you to strategize key approaches so that you can get the solid reviews you need and boost your business.

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Should I redesign my website along with launching a new marketing campaign?

We definitely think you should consider it. Most websites have elements that can be improved, such as their mobile friendliness, site speed, design for conversion components, navigability, and more, all of which our dedicated web team can work on.

Some websites, however, utilize outdated content management systems, feature broken plugins, and may even have a generally awkward or confusing site structure. All of these elements can hurt a company’s marketing and SEO efforts, and make their site less appealing to potential customers. In these cases, a full website redesign is often recommended to streamline your site and make it the best it can be, clearing the path for more leads and sales.

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What types of home services benefit from digital marketing the most?

Virtually any kind of business in the home services sector can benefit from digital marketing when overseen by a competent team. Most specializations in the field are incredibly competitive, so you need to make sure that your home services digital marketing messages are delivered as clearly and effectively as possible, enticing users to contact you. Home services marketing tactics are beneficial to a variety of specializations within the industry, including:

  • Contractors – Having a steady flow of incoming projects is essential for contractors, especially if there is an element of seasonality to their business. Let our team of experienced marketers use our contractor marketing skills to attract the customers you’re seeking in order to boost your business and increase overall revenue.
  • Electricians – Homeowners and business owners are always in need of electrical work, and finding the right electrician is top of mind. With our electrician marketing tactics, we can help make sure those people find your company and continue to generate sales for you.
  • HVAC – Our HVAC marketing services allow us to analyze the unique elements of your company and offer tailored solutions on how to build and maintain an online presence. We will provide you with measurable results; whether it’s through form submissions or phone calls, we know seeing your ROI is important.
  • Plumbers – When it comes to plumbing work, there’s no shortage of companies to choose from. At Sixth City, we will use our proven tactics in digital marketing for plumbers to help you and your business stand out from the rest. This includes obtaining more qualified leads, increasing sales, improving your online presence, and much more.
  • Roofers – Have you noticed that your competition ranks above you, or that you don’t show up in the vaunted local map pack when searching for “roofing company near me” on Google? Through evaluating your current site, marketing goals, and location, we can craft a custom digital strategy that can bring in quality leads and results.
  • Painters – No matter if it’s a commercial building owner or an individual homeowner, all types of people turn to search engines to find reliable and reputable painting companies to complete their projects. We can help ensure that your business is found by those searching for your offerings.
  • Other home services providers – There are plenty of other businesses that fall into the home services category, such as landscapers, handymen, remodelers, pest control businesses, septic tank management companies, and more. No matter what you offer, we would love to find out if we are a good fit for you.

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Have More Questions for Us? Reach Out!

At Sixth City Marketing, our main goal is to use our collective experience to help your business. For any additional questions regarding digital marketing for the home services industry, please contact our team today.

4 Digital Marketing Strategies Home Services Companies Should Be Doing

Our experienced team has helped businesses in a wide variety of industries, such as the home services field, to reach their target markets online. Here are four key services you should consider for your own company to better enhance your company’s online presence:

Search Engine Optimization

Proper search engine optimization work will increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. The fundamental areas of our SEO process include keyword research, link building, and data analysis.

Content writing is a major way to drive leads and gain business. Whether that involves working on individual product/service pages, blog posts about your industry, or other types of landing pages, your company needs effective copy to help you establish yourself as an industry leader. Plus, search engines love a lot of rich content, and will deem your website more valuable if you continue to publish content on a regular basis.

Website Design and Development

Websites should be built to serve your marketing goals and target audience, and should also be conversion-friendly.

Over the years, there has also been a rise in mobile searches, with approximately 7.26 billion mobile users in 2022, making it essential to accommodate these searches with a mobile-friendly website. Especially in the case of an emergency, such as a pipe bursting or potential flooding, people will rely more heavily on their smartphones to search for various home services companies.

Other ways to increase user experience include:

  • High-quality photos from your business
  • Individual location pages for the areas you serve
  • Clear and concise calls to action
  • Page redirects for deleted pages
  • Reviews and testimonials from happy customers
  • A regularly updated blog

Ultimately, your website should be easy for your staff to use and update. Having a user-friendly website is a great asset to your home services company’s digital marketing efforts!

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

PPC advertisements are ideal for reaching your target audience and receiving more qualified leads. These campaigns can include monthly ROI reporting, ad copywriting, keyword analysis, auditing, and much more.

Did you know that PPC usually creates twice the number of impressions and visitors than that of SEO? If used appropriately, your business can make incredible strides in building your overall brand awareness.

When running home services paid ads, it is important to have an engaging and eye-catching landing page that ultimately leads to a potential customer contacting you. Make sure that your landing page includes a clean and clear call to action, whether that points a user to a phone number they need to call or a form to fill out. This will help your overall conversion rate and success in the PPC campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Your company should invest in developing a social media strategy that consists of creating and scheduling posts and updates, engaging with your target audience, and providing feedback on campaign performance.

A big part of social media marketing for the home services industry involves building brand exposure for your business. And with 51% of people being more likely to share videos than any other content type, we recommend you also consider incorporating video content creation into your social media strategy for 2024 and beyond.

Overall, adding this service to your customized digital marketing strategy will increase your brand awareness and followers on your social profiles.

Our Strategic Approach to Marketing Home Services

As we sit down with you to discuss your local marketing opportunities, we focus on creating a 100% unique and custom strategy that aligns with your company goals and target audience. Whether your company is looking to improve its digital marketing tactics, or you’re interested in building a foundation from scratch, we can help.

At Sixth City, we are a small, in-house team of professionals with over 25 years of combined experience in digital marketing. We have the ability to provide your home services company with a specialized marketing approach focused on attention to detail, the highest-quality campaigns, and superior customer service.

It is our duty to ensure that your campaigns are entirely suited to your desired goals and will ultimately achieve the results you deserve. If you are not sure where to start, contact us today for a free website evaluation to find out how we can exceed your digital marketing expectations.

Achieve Real Results

In addition to the essential digital marketing services we offer, our team also creates brief reports on a monthly basis for each of our clients. These reports provide real and relevant data on how your campaigns are performing, presented in a manner that focuses only on the information that truly matters.

Our home services marketing reports include:

  • A summary of the work our team completed that month
  • Traffic changes to your website
  • PPC campaign performance metrics
  • Keyword ranking improvements
  • Effectiveness of any social media outreach

Everything we include in our reports, and everything we include in our strategies, will be focused on one thing: A quantifiable return on your investment. Here are a few examples of the results we’ve been able to produce for our clients over the years:

  • 117% more form submissions per month
  • 1,528% increase in traffic
  • 295% increase in conversions
  • Site conversion rate up to 4.6% vs. 1.54%

Get to Know Our Skilled Digital Marketing Company

Sixth City Marketing is a full-service digital marketing company with offices in IndianapolisPittsburgh, Nashville, Cleveland, Chicago, and Columbus. Our team has decades of experience in internet marketing and has developed campaigns for a wide range of clients across the United States.

We know each campaign is unique to your industry, and our completely in-house digital marketing team is dedicated to providing you with a strategy that will supply real results.

Why Choose Sixth City for Your Home Services Digital Marketing

top home services digital marketing agencyAt Sixth City, we offer your business a unique and reliable digital marketing experience, and we work to provide you with the most qualified leads that will result in conversions. We believe our group of marketing experts stands out from the rest, and we strive to satisfy our clients through diverse tactics.

  • We are driven by results – Our team works to meet your goals through the various strategies we offer, while also examining data from Google Analytics that can lead to improvements.
  • We create customized approaches – There are no cookie-cutter approaches here. Everything is tailored to your specific goals, target audience, and target location. We want our work to custom-fit your goals.
  • We focus on data – We provide our clients with reports to highlight how our campaigns are progressing each month and use data-tracking software to measure our successes. We also schedule routine meetings with clients to discuss the status of our campaigns and uncover any potential opportunities from a marketing perspective.
  • We have an in-house staff – As mentioned above, we are an entirely in-house firm, and working closely with our clients is one of our greatest strengths. We are dedicated to providing you and your business with the best-quality services available.

In addition to our work in digital marketing for home services, we’ve also helped a wide variety of businesses in other fields, showing our versatility. Some of our areas of expertise include:

There is little we haven’t seen at Sixth City, and we pride ourselves on being experienced across the board, something highlighted by the significant success we’ve had in our services.

We’re ready to put our experience in digital marketing for home services to work for you. If you are still unsure which direction to take, though, you can browse our website and find a variety of reviews from former and current clients expressing their own personal experiences with our team’s work. You can also check out some of our case studies to see our previous successes.

“If you are contemplating a change in marketing strategies, I highly recommend requesting a strategy consultation. You will be in for a treat! John and Aubrie were both very kind, professional and engaging. John gave us a number of very helpful tips…all at no cost to us!” – Simeon Shankster, Shankster Bros.

If You Need Digital Marketing for Your Home Services Company, Reach Out to Us Today!

At Sixth City Marketing, we want to help your company fulfill all of its localized marketing needs so you can boost your overall business. We encourage you to contact our team today for more information. We look forward to working with you!

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