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Updated on 06/29/2023

Your goal as a business is to get the most out of your online presence, right? Working with the right marketing consulting agency can help make that possible.

At Sixth City Marketing, we can give you unique advice and directions for your marketing strategy through our experienced marketing consultants.

What is SEO Consulting and Auditing?

An SEO audit is a report that details how a website is doing and the major areas of improvement possible, all to achieve better search engine rankings. This audit is conducted by an SEO professional who is knowledgeable in all types of SEO so they can provide insights and suggestions on how you can improve your site. This is the best way to determine potential opportunities to boost your online presence.

SEO consulting is aimed at companies that want to revamp and enhance their web positioning. During an audit, consultants look at what needs to be improved and develop a plan to rework lacking aspects. It’s important that your SEO audit meets your unique goals to ensure that adjustments are relevant to your target audience and industry, so we are sure to take those factors into account.

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8 Crucial Components of an SEO Audit

SEO Consulting and Auditing

  • Error analysis – Use SEO tools to remove detected errors. Make sure none of your landing pages contain errors so Google won’t penalize you for them and will understand how your structure works.
  • Sitemap analysis – Using XML sitemaps, Google will receive all relevant URLs for search purposes. You need to use these to understand the indexing status.
  • Indexing report – In this step, you must ensure that all pages on your website appear on Google. Also, make sure that no pages are marked with a “noindex” tag, unless they are part of a PPC campaign.
  • Keyword analysis – Analyze how current keywords on your website are positioned and find new opportunities and improvements to be made. Competitor research helps to determine what the competition is ranking for and how you can outrank them.
  • Web Performance Optimization – Be sure to check out your website’s load speed to optimize your website performance and rank higher on search engines. Google rewards websites that load quicker.
  • Analyze web images – Each image on your website must have a title tag and an alt tag with relevant keywords for Google to consider indexing them. Having images indexed only helps your SEO!
  • Analyze web content – Content on your website must be relevant and interesting. Any content that does not serve a significant purpose must be removed so Google does not find your writing lackluster and irrelevant to the query.
  • Duplicate content – In addition to producing relevant content, check to make sure there are no duplicate pages or writing, since sites that feature such issues are strictly penalized by Google.

Each of these factors is something to consider when going through an SEO audit. These aspects are vital for your campaign, so keep track of them to ensure you’re getting the most out of your marketing efforts.

“Sixth City does an excellent job listening and they do what they say they will do. They follow up promptly and professionally and are very responsive to our needs. I highly recommend this company!” – Bill Madl, Ashtonne Packaging

What You Will Receive from Our SEO Audit Services

As part of our marketing audit services, we will do the following:

  • Technical inspection – We will examine the technical structure of your website to see what adjustments can be made to improve user experience, analytics tracking, and more.
  • Content analysis and strategy recommendations – Through our content analysis, we will determine what opportunities are available for better keyword positioning, new landing pages, and expansions on word count.
  • Google Analytics and search console audit – Google’s search console and analytics tool will give us deeper insight into details of your account, meaning we will be able to make more strategic adjustments to help improve your website’s health in the eyes of Google.

What Makes Us Different from Other SEO Consulting Agencies

Want to know what separates us from other marketing consultants? Take a look at how we are different:

  • Our staff is all in-house – Unlike other marketing consulting agencies, our whole team of developers, strategists, and managers all work out of our offices – meaning you will get to work with our experts hands-on.
  • We have vast experience in various industries – If you take a look at our clientele, you can see that we aren’t just one of those agencies that only works with one specific business type – we are happy to help your company no matter what you do.
  • Results are always our #1 focus – Whether we are just working with you for SEO consulting or for any of our other marketing services, making sure you get more business as a result of our work is always our main goal.
  • We produce unique strategies – With our SEO consulting services, we are focused on customizing strategies to your specific goals. Nothing is cookie cutter!
  • We are driven by data – With the help of Google Analytics and other efficiency software, we will be able to show you changes we are seeing on your website on a monthly basis as a measurement of our success. From form submissions to traffic increases to keyword ranking changes, our reporting method will give you everything you’d want to know.

Common SEO Consulting & Auditing Questions

Here are some answers to questions we frequently see when it comes to SEO audits and consulting:

What can I expect from an SEO audit?

When a finished SEO audit is handed back over to you, you can expect to see pivotal data along with actionable suggestions of things you can do to improve your website such as implementing redirects, writing new content, and more.

What’s the first thing you look at when doing an SEO audit?

Depending on the type of website you have, there are various areas we could start digging in on. Most times, we start by running a keyword report to see where your rankings currently stand, and then we will assess data in Google Analytics to look at traffic and conversions. After that, we dive into Google Search Console and alike tools to get a deeper look at your site.

How do you evaluate SEO performance?

While you can track your keyword rankings to see your SEO efforts at work, the real way to measure SEO is by evaluating how many organic leads you gain, whether this be from form submissions, purchases, phone calls, and alike.

Other Services Our Marketing Consulting Agency Offers

Alongside our SEO audit services, we also have the ability to help your company with other digital marketing services such as:

“The Sixth City Team is truly knowledgeable about how SEO works and love what they do. They are natural teachers, excited to share what they know. The recommendations and information we got from them were super helpful in improving our site’s rankings and a few other things.” – Miranda Berner, Berner Air Curtains

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