Your goal as a business is to get the most out of your online presence, right? Working with the right marketing consulting agency can help make that possible.

At Sixth City Marketing, we can give you unique advice and directions for your marketing strategy through our experienced marketing consultants.

What You Will Receive from Our SEO Audit Services

As part of our marketing audit services, we will do the following:

  • Technical inspection – We will examine the technical structure of your website to see what adjustments can be made to improve user experience, analytics tracking, and more.
  • Content analyzation and strategy recommendations – Through our content analysis, we will determine what opportunities are available for better keyword positioning, new landing pages, and expansions on word count.
  • Google Analytics and search console audit – Google’s search console and analytics tool will give us deeper insight into details of your account, meaning we will be able to make more strategic adjustments to help improve your website’s health in the eyes of Google.

What Makes Us Different from Other Marketing Audit Agencies

Want to know what separates us from other marketing consultants? Take a look at how we are different:

  • Our staff is all in-house – Unlike other marketing consulting agencies, our whole team of developers, strategists, and managers all work out of our offices – meaning you will get to work with our experts hands-on.
  • We have vast experience in various industries – If you take a look at our clientele, you can see that we aren’t just one of those agencies that only works with one specific business type – we are happy to help your company no matter what you do.
  • Results are always our #1 focus – Whether we are just working with you for SEO consulting or for any of our other marketing services, making sure you get more business as a result of our work is always our main goal.
  • We are driven by data – With the help of Google Analytics and other efficiency software, we will be able to show you changes we are seeing on your website on a monthly basis as a measurement of our success. From form submissions to traffic increases to keyword ranking changes, our reporting method will give you everything you’d want to know.
  • Convenient locations in Ohio – Sixth City Marketing has offices in both Cleveland and Columbus, meaning that no matter where you are located in Ohio or anywhere else, we would be happy to meet with your team in person for important meetings and strategy sessions.

Other Services Our Marketing Consulting Agency Offers

Alongside our SEO audit services, we also have the ability to help your company with other digital marketing services such as:

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