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Andrea OzelloAuthor: Andrea Ozello
Updated on 11/16/2023

Targeting your ideal customer online can be hard, but with the help of pay per click, it can be a whole lot easier.

From text ads to video ads to everything in between, you can market your software to your audience online with ease all while setting you own budget, choosing where to run your ads, and deciding what terms you want you ads to show for.

What is PPC for SaaS?

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing refers to the process of running ads on various networks, and paying a fee for every click your ads get based on a pricing model the platform sets for that exact term. And since the software industry is highly competitive, PPC is a great way to get your brand out there.

Top Channels We Recommend for Software PPC Marketing

  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Facebook Ads
“Sixth City has done an excellent job in keeping our digital strategy ahead of the curve. Through a consistent evolution of our channel-driven content and measurement we have been able to optimize (and even reduce) our spend over time while continually increasing quality lead generation. The team is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and responsive, and a pleasure to work with.” – Scott Eagle, LORD Corporation

Three Tips for SaaS PPC (2024 Guide)

  1. Do thorough A/B testing
    Aside from standing things you can test, be sure to A/B test in your campaigns, too. From running ad groups targeting your competitors, to groups that run at different times, since you can set so many parameters in an ad campaign, there will not be some cookie-cutter approach. The only way to craft up the perfect recipe is to test, and then test again!
  2. Show-off on your landing pages
    If you are not a well-known brand, it can be hard building trust between you and potential customers all from some copy on a page. In order to help your conversion rates, be sure to expand on your reliability by adding testimonials, brands who use your product, and even case studies.
  3. Be diligent in refining your keywords
    On platforms like Google Ads, you have the ability to create a negative keyword list, which can help campaigns especially in their beginning stages. One thing to do is add a ton of broad terms to your negative keyword lists to not allow unqualified impressions slip through the cracks. Unless they’re relevant to you software, we typically suggest adding these to your negative terms list:

    • Job(s)
    • Class(es)
    • Course(s)
    • Program(s)
    • Book(s)

How We Do PPC for SaaS Providers

  • Dedicated account management
    When you sign on as a client at our agency, you will receive a direct line of contact with your account manager, who will facilitate approvals, meetings, and more.
  • Ongoing campaign maintenance
    Throughout the time you work with us, you can trust that our PPC management staff will work diligently to ensure your campaign is running optimally by monitoring search terms, budget, and more.
  • In-depth research and analysis
    We take a deep look at what types of ads your competitors are running or what keywords they are bidding on, we explore what other channels we could possibly expand to, and we consider various A/B testing options, so we are always looking for ways to improve your campaigns.
  • Ad and landing page creation
    Luckily, since we also provide design and development services, we have the ability to create customized landing pages that will help drive conversions and match your branding. Our writing staff also will craft concise ad copy to help captivate customers and encourage sales.
  • Detailed monthly reporting
    On a monthly basis, your account manager will send you a detailed report that will break down all the important metrics you should be aware of in connection to your ongoing campaign, such as leads, phone calls, clicks, and more.

5 Things That Make Us Different

As you research the best SaaS PPC company for you, we hope you consider these five factors that we think help separate us from the pack.

  1. Knowledge – Our team has 25+ years of collective experience in the marketing industry, meaning that many of us have long followed the ever-changing trends, rules, and the like around PPC, giving us extensive knowledge.
  2. Transparency – We take pride in our dedication to honest communication. You can trust that we will always be transparent when reporting data, talking about the campaign, and more.
  3. Experience – Our agency is built on a team with diverse backgrounds. From marketing to business to design and much more, we all bring different assets to the table that help us provide high-quality work.
  4. Range –PPC is just one of our services, and our other offerings such as SEO, web design, and more give us additional outside perspectives on our approaches to pay-per-click marketing. This helps us craft more unique strategies.
  5. Location – Since we have our headquarters in Cleveland, and other offices in Indianapolis, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Columbus, we are able to serve you no matter if you are a smaller software company in Toledo or a large-scale business serving the west coast.
“John Sammon at Sixth City Marketing is the “go-to guy” for SEO and PPC! John’s always been available when I have had healthcare marketing questions and he provides good insight on areas I may not have considered. I don’t ever fill out these, but John Sammon is just that good!” – Michael Buser, Teleradiology Consultants, LLC

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