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What Can Sixth City Marketing Do For You?

If you want to reach your target market online, we can help. We have helped businesses in an array of industries do just that. See our Case Studies page for detailed examples. Our experienced team will help you evaluate your target audience’s behavior online, understand your digital performance metrics, and set realistic website performance goals. Then, we will plan and execute an optimal, customized online marketing strategy to carry your business to the next level.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are results driven
  • We harness digital best practices in the creation of a custom strategy for your business’ unique situation
  • We make strategic, data-backed decisions (e.g. Google Analytics, keyword positions, conversions)
  • Quality work is our highest priority
  • We are fluent in many areas of internet marketing, so we can gauge which channel mix is best to achieve your goals

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Sixth City Marketing is a digital marketing agency focused on helping your business reach its goals and see a measurable difference in your online performance through personalized internet marketing tactics.

Offering a combination of search engine optimization, social media marketing, WordPress development, video production, and pay per click services, our diverse skills can help your business see the results you desire.

The Sixth City Marketing Process

We utilize a variety of focused digital marketing tactics in order to boost your online presence and improve your conversion rate. Our in-house staff of experts will craft strategy that incorporates:

  • User experience research
  • Data analysis and conversion tracking
  • Keyword research
  • Content writing for blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and Google AdWords

Proven Results for Internet Marketing Success

We have worked with a wide variety of businesses in industries such as manufacturing, higher education, event planning, housing and more. Through this, we have provided our clients with measurable results:

“Sixth City Marketing was the best choice for our SEO work. The lines of communication are always open. John and his team are very attentive and set on helping our company reach our SEO goals. They have made our website much easier to find and new customer inquiries have continued to improve.”

– Sarah Wentz, Valco Valley Tool & Die, Marketing Manager

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We understand there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing an SEO company. With this in mind, we offer our potential clients a free website evaluation so they can discover all the benefits Sixth City can provide for SEO and digital marketing.

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