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With ecommerce being an ever-changing market, we can use past data to help gain insight into what the future will bring. And with so many different channels to choose from to promote your store, such as SEO, Facebook Ads, or ads on Google, we know that data will always be the biggest influence in your marketing strategy.

Here are some ecommerce marketing statistics you need to know.

General Ecommerce Statistics

  • The global ecommerce market is expected to be just over $6.9 trillion in 2024 (eMarketer)
  • Research shows that for every one second your site loads faster, conversion rates can increase by 17% (Bidnamic)
  • 75% of consumers will use their mobile phone to carry out purchases from start to finish (LinkedIn)
  • 63% of shopping instances start online (Think with Google)
  • Cross-border ecommerce is expected to grow 108% between 2023 and 2028 (AnyMind)
  • Fashion has the highest total ecommerce revenue in the world, with a total of $990 billion (Statista)
  • 92% of adults between 30 and 49 make online purchases using a smartphone (Pew Research Center)
  • In the US, computer and consumer electronics account for 21.2% of total online sales (MobiLoud)
  • 18% of local searches will lead to a sale within 24 hours (Small Biz Genius)
  • Amazon makes up 44% of all ecommerce sales (Small Biz Genius)
  • $260 billion of lost ecommerce orders can be recovered by simply creating a better checkout design (Baymard)
  • As of 2024, there are around 2.71 billion online shoppers, a huge audience for your products and services (Oberlo)
  • It’s predicted that ecommerce will account for half of B2B revenue by 2025. (Optimizely)

Ecommerce Consumer Behavior Statistics

  • 39% of consumers making a purchase online prefer to pay using PayPal (Small Biz Genius)
  • 43% of online buyers said they regularly make purchases in bed (Search Logistics)
  • As of 2022, 56.6% of survey respondents in the United States of people prefer to shop online (Fit Small Business)
  • 51% prefer ecommerce businesses with live chat support (Upmetrics)
  • 2.64 billion consumers shopped online in 2023 (Oberlo)
  • 43% of ecommerce traffic originates from organic Google searches (99 Firms)
  • Personalized content can increase revenue by over 25% and improve your customer’s chances of spending more than they initially planned by over 40% (Search logistics)
  • Approximately 80% of people who shop online buy something at least once a month (Fit Small Business)
  • People aged 25-34 years old are the largest group of online shoppers (Fit Small Business)
  • In 2023, the abandonment shopping cart rate was at 79.53% (Baymard)
  • 48% of users abandoned their cart during checkout because extra costs were too high (Baymard)
  • 49% of customers bought a product they did not intend to buy because they received a personalized product recommendation (Invesp)
  • Over 75% of consumers stated they made unintentional online purchases because of the convenience of online shopping (Analytics Steps)
  • On average, 4.41 products per order are purchased by ecommerce users (Statista)

Shopify Statistics

We like to think of Shopify as the most popular content management system for ecommerce, but is that really the case? From its SEO to easy design elements, it may very well be. Check out these stats and see for yourself:

  • On average, a Shopify store’s revenue is $67,000 (Acquire Convert)
  • Shopify has generated more than $307 billion in global economic impact (Shopify)
  • Shopify powers more than 4 million stores in the world (Search Logistics)
  • In 2022, Shopify stores would see an average of $72 in revenue from each customer (PageFly)
  • Shopify has more than 2.1 million users daily (Fundera)
  • Shopify’s workforce makes up more than 7,000 people (Demand Sage)
  • Over 4.8 million websites are run through Shopify across 175 countries as of January 2024 (Demand Sage)
  • The United States makes up the majority of the total Shopify stores, which is 2,907,545 stores (Demand Sage)
  • 79% of all Shopify traffic comes from mobile devices and their mobile experience is one of the best of any ecommerce platform in the world (Search Logistics)
  • Over 50% of Shopify stores see repeat purchases (eDesk)

BigCommerce Statistics

As another popular CMS for online stores, here are a few things you should know about BigCommerce

  • BigCommerce has more than 150 stores globally (ConnectPOS)
  • Facebook is the primary platform utilized for 28.6% of BigCommerce stores (Acquire Convert)
  • Just over 48% of BigCommerce stores have 1-9 people employed (Acquire Convert)
  • 44,340 live websites use BigCommerce (Store Leads)

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