Get the ROI You’ve Been Seeking by Using Targeted PPC Management Services

Trying to get a leg up on competitors online isn’t easy. Even if you offer superior products and supply customers with excellent service, it won’t matter much if customers are unable to find your business and learn all you can do for them.

Sixth City Marketing is a pay-per-click marketing and management company in Cleveland dedicated to helping local businesses succeed through our in-house PPC management services.

To help make your company more visible in search engines and boost your traffic, implementing a variety of SEO services is your best bet, with pay-per-click (PPC) management being particularly advantageous.

The Benefits of Our PPC Management in Cleveland

When looking for pay-per-click marketing services, there are several things to consider including budget, availability of the PPC management company, and much more.

By working with our experienced Cleveland PPC company, you can receive a wide range of great benefits. Let’s take a look at all you’ll gain:

  • Custom Crafted Strategies– We craft all of our PPC campaigns from scratch, tailoring factors like keyword analysis, competitor research, ad copy, written content and more to the needs of your business, all designed to attract relevant customers to your ads.
  • Lead GenerationFocus– At our PPC company, we focus on improving overall leads, sales, and cost per lead/sale as metrics of our success. This is done through our strategic design, marketing, and management skills.
  • Custom Landing Pages– We are able to create and optimize the landing pages customers will see after clicking PPC ads, using design for conversion tactics in our web design and written content to boost conversion percentage.
  • Tailored Contact Forms– Through the use of industry research and knowledge gained from years of experience, we know the factors that both help and hinder contact forms on landing pages, giving us the capabilities to build contact forms with the highest possibility for conversion.
  • Bid Management and Strategy– Our team strategically bids on the most relevant keywords that will both make the most impact for your site and be the best use of your budget.
  • Goal Tracking– Through systems like Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Manager, we’re able to generate detailed breakdowns on the results of our PPC management services, a significant advantage over traditional marketing tactics such as newspaper, magazine, radio, and television ads.
  • Monthly Reporting– As a regular part of our operations, we provide executive summaries to our clients in monthly reports to display the goal tracking results, as well as ad performance.
  • A Local Partner – One of the best parts of choosing our PPC agency as your dedicated ads managers is that we are local! We have offices in Rocky River and downtown Cleveland making us a short drive away from wherever you are located.
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Additionally, as a well-versed Cleveland PPC agency, we’ve worked with a variety of PPC services and platforms, allowing us to further tailor campaigns and help your business reach your target audiences.

These platforms include:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

We can help you assess which platform or platforms would be the most relevant and beneficial to your business and also test the efficacy of any given platform for your purposes.

Industries We’ve Helped Through Pay-Per-Click Marketing in Cleveland and Beyond

Our Cleveland PPC agency has had the pleasure of helping out businesses of all kinds through pay-per-click marketing, including those in the following industries:

Discover All That Cleveland PPC Management Services Can Do for You

If you’re ready to boost your business online and reap the rewards of a tailored PPC campaign, we want to hear from you.

Contact Sixth City Marketing today for PPC marketing and management in Cleveland, Ohio and beyond. We look forward to speaking with you!

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