conversion rate statistics 2024Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is an essential strategy to make the most out of your marketing efforts. Because, at the end of the day, ranking well and getting a lot of traffic is one thing, but having site visitors convert into leads or sales is what ultimately helps your business thrive.

Here are some of the most compelling statistics on design for conversion you should know for 2024.

General Conversion Rate Optimization Stats

  • Load times that are between 0 and 4 seconds are known to have the highest conversion rates (HubSpot)
  • The average conversion rate for landing pages is 2.35% across all industries (Wordstream)
  • As of 2022, the average conversion rate is 4.14% on desktop, while on mobile, the average conversion rate drops to 1.53% (Statista)
  • 50% of businesses believe conversion rate optimization is a crucial digital marketing strategy (Econsultancy)
  • The industry with the lowest conversion rate is agencies, at 1.7% (Unbounce)
  • Only 45% of people who visit a form page convert successfully (Zuko)
  • Reducing site load time by just .85 seconds can increase site conversion by 7% (Cloudfare)
  • Utilizing the color red in CTAs red has a 21% chance of improving conversions (HubSpot)
  • CTAs that are customized covert higher at 42% (Mindstamp)
  • Forms that had just 3 fields have the highest conversion rates (HubSpot)
  • Google and Bing have the highest customer conversion rates at approximately 8% (Forbes)
  • On average, companies spend $2,000 per month on CRO-type tools (Forbes)
  • 46% of all Google searches have local intent (Forbes)
  • 81% of consumers say that trust is a key deciding factor when choosing to purchase a product or service (Customer Data Platform Institute)
  • If a website loads in two seconds or less, the conversion rates are 15% higher on mobile devices (Landingi)
  • 50% of shoppers say that images help them determine what to buy (Google)
  • Blog posts that have one list every 500 words get 70% more traffic than posts that do not contain a list (Semrush)
  • You can get 120% more conversions by reducing the number of fields from 11 to 4 on your lead generation forms (NotifyVisitors)
  • Conversions lower by 5% when you prompt users to include their telephone number on your lead generation form (Unbounce)
  • 64% of consumers are more inclined to purchase a product after watching a branded video (Adweek/Motionbox)
  • According to Mailchimp, a “good” website conversion rate falls between 2% and 5% across all industries (Mailchimp)
  • Using human faces as your media instead of stock images helps to humanize your brand and achieve a conversion rate of 17.2% (VWO)
  • 81% of sales happen after seven or more interactions (Automation Ninjas)
  • Social media has the worst conversion rate across all industries, as the average is only 1.5% (Blogging Wizard)
  • The top 10% of highest-performing popups have an average conversion rate of 42.3% (OptiMonk)

Conversion Rate Optimization for PPC Stats

  • The average conversion rate for Google Ads is approximately 3.75% (Consolidata)
  • However, certain industries like travel have an 8.5% conversion rate for organic search (Ruler Analytics)
  • Retail has the highest click-through rate through Facebook Ads compared to other industries at 1.59% (Wordstream)
  • Overall, Facebook ads have an average conversion rate of 9.21% (Abdalslam)
  • Paid advertising gets, on average, 50% more conversions than organic (Moz)
  • The median conversion rate for paid landing pages is 3.2% (Unbounce)
  • When you conduct, A/B testing for landing pages you can increase conversions by 12% (VWO)
  • The top 10% of landing pages have a conversion rate of 11.45% or above (SeedProd)
  • The average cost per conversion on Google Ads is $56.11 on the search network (WordStream)
  • Landing pages with five or more links had a conversion rate of 10.5%, while pages with only one link had a conversion rate of 13.5% (Email Vendor Selection)
  • The average conversion rate of a landing page is 26% (Email Vendor Selection)
  • 36% of the top landing pages contain testimonials, which act as social proof for potential customers (Email Vendor Selection)

Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Stats

  • The average conversion rate for organic ecommerce leads is 14.6% (Monster Insights)
  • Out of all types of ecommerce stores, electrical tools have the lowest average conversion rate of anywhere between 1.31-2.49% (Yotpo)
  • On the flip side, gifts have one of the highest conversion rates of ecommerce products at nearly 5% (Yotpo)
  • On average, 69.82% of carts are abandoned on ecommerce websites (BigCommerce)
  • In Q1 of 2019, 4.01% of ecommerce conversions were from desktops. And as of the Q2 of 2022, the conversion rate decreased as the screen size got smaller (Statista)
  • The food and beverage industry holds the highest average ecommerce conversion rate, with a rate of 4.95% (User Guiding)
  • The shopping cart abandonment rate on mobile is 77.8% and 67.1% on desktop (User Guiding)

Email Conversion Rate Optimization Statistics

  • Using a CTA button instead of a text link in your email can increase your CTR by 28% (Campaign Monitor)
  • Use birthday emails to generate 481% more sales than general marketing emails (Experian)
  • When emails are personalized, conversions increase by 10% (LinkedIn)
  • When emails have a CTA button, the conversion rates increase by 28% (Clearout)
  • Across all industries, email campaigns have an average conversion rate of 2.6% (Blogging Wizard)
  • 76% of shoppers have made a purchase from an email that they received (Forbes)

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