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Updated on 05/30/2024

Looking for help to improve and enhance your existing pay-per-click advertising campaigns? With online advertising becoming more prevalent day after day, a well-managed PPC campaign is crucial for success. The competitive landscape is rising and having an optimized PPC campaign can help bring in the qualified audience you’re looking for.

Here at Sixth City Marketing, our PPC consulting offerings are designed to help you reach your online advertising goals by doing an initial assessment and providing expert advice and recommendations.

Get The Return on Ad Spend You Desire

top ppc agencyIn the world of pay-per-click, businesses want to know that the dollars they’re spending are turning into revenue.

With that being said, we make it our job to measure campaign effectiveness, maximize budget efficiency, and make data-driven decisions in order to ensure your PPC campaigns are optimized to the fullest. Our Google Ads consultants main focus is to provide our clients with the tools needed to enhance ad performance and maximize the return.

If you’re looking to drive more revenue and maintain control of your accounts, choose Sixth City Marketing as your pay-per-click consultant.

“Sixth City has done an excellent job in keeping our digital strategy ahead of the curve. Through a consistent evolution of our channel driven content and measurement we have been able to optimize (and even reduce) our spend over time while continually increasing quality lead generation. The team is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and responsive and a pleasure to work with.” – Scott Eagle, LORD Corporation

What is PPC consulting?

PPC consulting involves working with an agency who specializes in pay-per-click advertising to gain actionable insights to get better results from your campaigns. Their role involves assessing current campaigns and providing feedback on various factors to further optimize the campaigns for performance and help you get more leads while utilizing your budget strategically.

Our PPC Consulting Process

Sixth City’s Google Ads consulting services are custom curated for every client. Our team knows that there is no one-size fits all solution, so we do our due-diligence to create a strategy that meets your specific goals.

When you choose Sixth City Marketing as your Google Ads consultant, you can expect the process to include:

  1. An initial consultation – In order to fully understand our client’s overall goals, we will start with an initial consultation to understand your target audience, business objectives, and the current landscape of your PPC campaigns.
  2. Perform campaign audit – Our PPC consultants will perform an in-depth analysis of the campaigns and identify areas of opportunity. We will take a look at all things including:
    1. Keyword effectiveness
    2. Budget optimization
    3. Demographic targeting
    4. Ad/landing page copy
    5. Conversion tracking
    6. Location targeting
    7. General campaign settings
    8. And more!
  3. Develop a strategy – Based on the findings during the audit, our Google Ads consultants will craft a custom strategy that outlines recommended changes to enhance the effectiveness and success of your PPC campaigns.
  4. Implementation and support – In addition to the initial audit, our pay-per-click consultants can implement the recommended changes outlined in the strategy to ensure timeliness and efficiency. Additionally, our team is available to your post-audit to answer any questions and make sure your campaigns are running smoothly.

Main Ad Platforms We’re Familiar With

Pay-per-click advertising has grown on a variety of different platforms, and our team can help with the following platforms based on your goals and objectives:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads

What Do Our PPC Consulting Services Include?

Keyword Research and Optimization

Having an effective keyword strategy is the foundation of a successful pay-per-click campaign. Our PPC consultants will use data to identify high performing keywords and ensure they’re drawing in qualified leads.

Ad and Landing Page Copy Optimization

Vague and non-targeted ad and landing page copy can be a driving factor for decreased clicks. Your ad and landing page copy should be engaging and targeted towards the exact customer you’re trying to reach.

We have a dedicated team of writers who craft persuasive and compelling ad copy along with landing page copy that converts clicks into sales.

Target Audience Evaluation

The saying ‘right place at the right time’ couldn’t be any more true when it comes to PPC campaigns. We will help you to leverage advanced targeting techniques to ensure you are reaching the right people at the right time. Some of the targeting factors we look at include age, household income, gender, location, ad schedule, and more.

Conversion Tracking Analysis

Having a robust system for tracking the leads coming from your PPC campaign is critical to assessing the performance and making informed decisions. Our Google Ads consultants will help to set-up analytics tracking so that you can monitor performance and gain valuable insights.

FAQs on PPC Consulting Services

Why should I hire a PPC consultant?

If you’re looking to see greater success in your pay-per-click campaigns and already have an in-house team doing all the work, but want more expert guidance, then hiring a PPC consultant is the way to go. A pay-per-click consultant can help you implement best practices, identify weaknesses, and achieve better results quickly.

How much does a PPC consultant typically cost?

The cost of a PPC consultant can range widely depending on a variety of factors including complexity of campaigns, scope of work, and level of expertise. Depending on the provider, they may charge and hourly rate or offer retainer packages.

How long does it take to see results from PPC consulting?

Typically, you can start to see changes within the first couple of weeks of changes being made to the campaigns. However, there are some factors to consider including the initial state of the campaigns, industry competitiveness, and the strategies implemented.

What industries have you managed campaigns for?

Over the years, we’ve worked with a variety of industries in assisting them enhance their PPC campaigns. We’d be happy to help you whether you are in the business of:

Choose Sixth City as Your Go-To PPC Consultant

Looking for the right PPC consulting agency to provide insights and strategies to maximize the effectiveness and ROI of your pay-per-click campaigns? Whether you’re looking to enhance sales, leads, or clicks, Sixth City Marketing can help you achieve your goals.

Contact us today for more information!

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