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Hi, we are Sixth City Marketing, and we are a full-service digital marketing agency serving the Pittsburgh region. We help businesses grow their presence online, and in our current day and age, the look and functionality of your website will be a deciding factor for potential customers.

Allow our team of Pittsburgh developers and web designers build you a custom site that can help your business succeed for years to come.

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First, What Is Website Design?

Web design is the process of creating and planning the visual appearance and overall layout of a website. It involves creating the feel of your site with the help of functional and aesthetic elements.

It’s a huge aspect of creating an online presence because it affects the way that users view your brand and engage with your company online. In some cases, your site is the first touchpoint for a customer learning about your company. Proper web design ultimately influences your online success, which makes it that much more vital to invest in proper web development help.

Why Website Design Will Always Matter

Technology is ever-changing, but one thing we know is that websites will remain a key part of the digital world and for your business. With a proper website, you have full freedom and control to make changes whenever you want. Having a site that represents your business well will develop credibility and trust for any incoming customers.

Why Pittsburgh Web Design Services Are Necessary

Your website is the first thing people see when they look up your company, and those first impressions matter. Aside from creating a strong image for your brand, a successfully designed website can help provide a seamless user experience.

Why You Should Consider Our Team of Designers

pittsburgh web design company awardOur team has 25+ years of collective experience designing and developing websites. And being a full-service agency, we’re also able to help your company increase your presence online. With our experience, we’ve worked with many types of content management systems, including WordPress and Shopify (for ecommerce sites).

Reasons WordPress is Our Top CMS Choice

While there are various website platforms out there to choose from when building a new website, there’s one true standout. From our years of not only designing and developing websites but also performing digital marketing, we have found that WordPress has proven itself to be the best website platform available.

Some reasons to love WordPress include:

  • Ease of use for business owners to make updates
  • A huge library of free plugins to enhance your site
  • Mobile-responsive
  • Built-in blog feature
  • Safe and secure
  • Lots of flexibility
  • Great support with access to resources and 24-hour live chat support
  • Expansive customization abilities to fit your needs
“Sixth City Marketing provides National Church Residences with a full range of services including website design/administration/management, digital marketing, search engine optimization, analytics/metrics/reporting, and much more. Their excellent customer service, speedy turnaround times, and expert advice makes them a valued extension of our in-house team!” – National Church Residences

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Our Pittsburgh office in a prime location, as we are near PPG Paints Arena and Market Square. We’re also right across the river from PNC Park, so if you want to chat about our web design services during a Pirates game, you don’t have to ask us twice.

Once you navigate our office, be sure to check out some of these nearby amenities to embrace the city of Pittsburgh:

  • Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse
  • La Gourmandine
  • Pizzaiolo Primo
  • Yuzu Kitchen
  • Milkshake Factory
  • Genoa Pizza & Bar

Most importantly, don’t leave the city without visiting Primanti Bros. and getting our favorite French-fry-stuffed sandwiches.

Where to Park

When you visit our office, there will be a few options for parking. There’s the Third Avenue garage, which is a one-minute walk from our office. There are also parking garages available on 232 4th Avenue, along with the Market Square garage, both of which are a two-minute walk from our office.

Hours of Operation

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Why You Should Choose Us as Your Pittsburgh Web Design Agency?

The Top 8 Reasons to Consider Sixth City as Your Pittsburgh Website Design Company

  1. Every website we build is completely custom – We approach every Pittsburgh web design client we take on completely from scratch, and always take the time and effort to talk with you about what you are looking for so we can design a site that meets all your wants and needs.
  2. Our design team is 100% in-house – One of the best things about our Pittsburgh agency is that our design team is in-house, meaning that communication is direct and allows us to build better relationships with our clients and provide high-quality work.
  3. We keep SEO and conversions in mind– As marketers at heart, we understand that getting more business goes beyond just having a good-looking and functioning site. We design websites with conversion in mindto help encourage more form submissions and phone calls. We also include SEO services in your project to give your content some revamping to help you rank in search engines.
  4. Our websites are usable on all devices– We often find that a lot of people who come to us for website design help currently do not have a website that displays properly in desktop, tablet, and mobile. This means they are likely losing potential business just from that fact alone. We build all our sites to be usable for every device for a seamless experience.
  5. We have 25+ collective years of experience– You can trust that our Pittsburgh team is staffed with experts in the field, as our entire team has decades of experience as a whole, and we are always expanding our knowledge and staying in front of trends in the industry.
  6. We focus on building websites for users– Recently, we gathered research on internet users’ biggest gripes with business websites. Here are some things we keep in mind when designing and developing sites to ensure your site’s visitors have a good experience:
    • User-friendly navigation
    • Site load time
    • Mobile-friendliness
    • Easy ways to contact
    • Quality images
    • Proper interlinks
    • Clear messaging
    • Much more!
  7. Our services go beyond just web design– Along with providing you a brand-new site, we can also help your business improve its online presence through the assistance of our other marketing services, including search engine optimization, email marketing, pay-per-click, paid social media, and more.
  8. We can help your business no matter the industry – No matter your niche, we can design and develop a custom site that meets your unique needs. Here are some industries our Pittsburgh web agency has worked with in the past:

FAQs Surrounding Pittsburgh Web Design Services

If you’re interested in a possible website design, be sure to check out this list of questions that are commonly asked before, during, or after the process. Of course, if there isn’t a question listed here, be sure to reach out to our team – we’d be more than happy to help!

Do you offer website copywriting services?

Yes! We are happy to provide help with writing content for your site. While our web projects are separate, we offer full SEO services that include writing content for your site. With SEO, we focus on bringing in not just quality organic traffic, but qualified leads as well.

What’s the typical timeline for a web project?

On average, a site typically takes about three to four months to design, develop, and launch. With that being said, every web project is different, so that timeline can change depending on the size of your site, what you’re looking for, etc.

At Sixth City Marketing, we provide a web project timeline that gives you an estimate of how long each phase will take, leading all the way up to the launch date. Throughout the process, we have various touch-base meetings, ensuring you are in the loop and providing valuable feedback throughout the length of the project.

What are the signs that I may need a new website?

We understand that a website redesign is an investment, which is why we’ve gathered some of the common signs to look for that may hint it’s time to invest in a new site. These include:

  • Branding inconsistencies
  • Difficult navigation
  • Not mobile/phone responsive
  • Security issues
  • Slow site speed
  • Low conversion rates
  • More than five years old
  • Low search engine ranking
  • Cluttered site
  • Broken site elements

If you’re currently dealing with some of these issues or are curious if there are any ways your current site could improve, be sure to contact our team of Pittsburgh website designers!

How often should a site be redesigned?

Generally, we like to say that you should redesign or tweak aspects of your site every two to three years, as it’s important to keep your site updated with fresh content.

What are the benefits of a web design project?

While there are websites you could create yourself through the use of premade themes, there can be many dangers to doing so. Your company’s site is the online storefront of your business, and you want to be sure you’re coming across as professional and legitimate. Some benefits of hiring a professional Pittsburgh web design team instead of doing it yourself may include:

  • Save time – There’s a big learning curve in web design, and building a site is not easy. By hiring a professional, you don’t have to worry about doing any research and you can leave the work to experts you trust.
  • Stand out from competitors – A lot of the sites you can build on your own have templates to choose from. When you work with us, you will get a 100% custom design that performs better than a template.
  • Worthwhile investment – You can typically tell the difference when a high-quality, experienced web designer creates a site, as it will look fresh and professional for years to come.

How do your web designers ensure success after the project is complete?

At Sixth City, we understand the importance of other success factors, such as search engine optimization (SEO), when designing a site. That way, when you launch your new site, you’ll be in a great position to rank it on search engines. We create an aesthetically pleasing site that will also deliver high-quality traffic that is relevant to your business.

What to Expect During a Website Design and Development Project

If you decide to invest in our web design services for your Pittsburgh-area business, the following is an inside look at our process and what you can expect as we work with you to create your new website.

  • Initial discussion and review of your site to go over goals, frustrations, and what you are looking for
  • A strategy session where we detail our plan for your site, determine budgets, and address questions
  • Website architecture proposal of how we recommend your navigation be structured for optimal user experience
  • Creation of wireframes and Photoshop mockups for design purposes
  • Building the website out on our development server and migrating your site’s content over
  • Final touches and approvals, and then we launch!
“We were faced with a lot of web based issues and Sixth City Marketing helped us streamline eight websites. Their dedicated staff listened to our every need and understood the importance of an easy, user-friendly layout. Sixth City offered prompt and efficient communication and delivered above our expectations. We value our continued relationship with their team.” – Claire Anter, I-X Center

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