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Updated on 8/9/2023

The game of generating new customers for organizations that focus on construction is challenging. Reaching your niche audience (whether it’s consumers or other businesses) can also be tough as traditional marketing can be too broad, expensive and immeasurable (in terms of what leads and calls drive sales).

This is why SEO has become a preferable marketing channel for businesses in the construction industry.

Our SEO for Construction Strategies Can Improve Your Revenue in 2023 and Beyond

This page will share some construction website strategies and tips for how you can improve your SEO. Our goal with sharing this is to be helpful.

However, if you need more immediate help and are looking for a vendor to partner with, please feel free to reach out to us using the form on this page.

What is Search Engine Optimization for Construction Companies?

Search Engine Optimization is a process that involves making strategic changes both on your website (content, web design, multimedia) and off your website (Google My Business, reviews, inbound links from other websites) to gain a higher position on search engines. The goal of the process is to ultimately demonstrate to search engines that you are an authority on one or several subjects. If you can demonstrate to Google, Bing and Yahoo that you are influential in either your local area or nationally, this can put you in front of customers looking for your construction services.SEO For Construction Companies

How Can I Rank High In The Local Listings on Google and Bing?

The process of ranking high in a specific region is called local SEO. Local SEO merits doing things a little differently than normal SEO or national SEO. The holy grail of ranking in a local area is the number 1 spot in the map pack or maps listings on Google or Bing. These will help you stand out in general and from national competitors that don’t have a location in your area.

The three biggest things to look at or invest time into that help with local SEO include:

  1. The proxmity of your business address to the city that you want to rank in. If you are not within the city limits of the city you want to appear in the maps listings for, you are in for a tougher journey to rank than a business that has a listing in that area.
  2. The extent that your local profiles on Google and Bing are not only claimed but also complete. You’ll want to fill in as much information as possible for what these profiles are asking for.
  3. Your review count on your Google My Business profile is critical. You’ll want to set up a process to ask your customers for reviews and make sure that you are getting reviews regularly (monthly) to your GMB profile.

How Can It Help You Gain More Customers for Your Construction Business?

You can consider people looking for your construction services as “warmer prospects.” They are actively seeking vendors or contractors to help with their project. These could be homeowners looking for a new house or another business looking to subcontract construction work out. The biggest difference with the search engine customer is that they are in an active researching and buying stage which is a great type of customer to target.

Why SEO Will Help Your Construction Company

Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital if you are wanting your business to rank on the top of Google’s search engine results. Some benefits of SEO for construction include:

  • More traffic and leads – When you optimize your content, Google will boost your rankings. The higher your placement on search engine results, the more likely users will end up on your site. You will gain more traffic, bringing in more leads and revenue for your company!
  • User-friendly website – Implementing SEO services for your construction company will result in a cleaner and more organized website design. A better website for customers to navigate will result in more sales.
  • Increased keyword results – Quality SEO tactics target specific words for your content, helping relevant customers to find you. When you optimize your pages with the right keywords, you’ll get more qualified leads from your users’ website visits.
  • Trustworthiness – Users trust Google. Having your construction company displayed at the top of the search engine page will give your website more authority in the eyes of potential customers, making it likely they will choose your business over that of a competitor.
  • More brand awareness – From all the work we do outside of your website, along with our efforts to grow your social media presence, your brand mentions will increase, helping to boost your business in your service area(s).

SEO Tips for Construction Companies

  1. Do your keyword homework (locally and/or nationally)
  2. Review your current website structure
  3. Adjust or add to your website content (implementing keywords from your homework)
  4. Implement a review program
  5. Generate links for your website – both locally and nationally
“John and his team at Sixth City are smart, passionate, and friendly. A great team to collaborate with!” – Will Duderstadt, M/I Homes

Our Approach to SEO for Construction Companies

At Sixth City Marketing, our team is driven to reach your companies target audience, location, and overall goals. With keeping that in mind, we have centered around SEO campaigns to make that all happen.

Some of the tactics we consider implementing for construction companies include:

  • Keyword research – We will evaluate which specific keywords will rank well for your business to help reach your construction companies goals.
  • Metadata optimization – Our team is always updating metadata including the target keywords that will help get clicks from potential customers.
  • Competitor research – Conducting searches on different competitors that rank above you in SERPs helps our team determine our approach to our work. This is especially important for construction companies because this targets a more local audience.
  • Spam fighting – We will investigate companies that are breaking policy on Google Maps to increase their rankings. This is done by submitting spam submissions to help level the playing field.
  • Blog writing – Our experienced team of writers will develop creative blog posts pertaining to your business to help increase your sites ranking and gain more traffic for long tail keywords.
  • Schema implementation – Implementing schema can help boost your sites overall value as it better helps search engines understand your website.
  • Speed improvements – No one is willing to wait for a website that has a long load time, and our team is aware of that. We will ensure your website’s speed is fast and efficient. We will ensure your sites speed is continuously being updated, which also

Our Construction SEO Experience: M/I Homes

As an agency, we’ve helped clients from diverse fields, including those in home and commercial construction, supply chain, industrial, manufacturing, and more.

Because of this, we have all the experience needed for your construction SEO services.

For instance, we have the experience of helping Columbus-based new home builders, M/I Homes, through our SEO tactics such as strategic content writing, keyword optimization, local SEO enhancements, and search console examination. Through this, compared to the previous year, we were able to:

  • Raise traffic by 48%
  • Increase organic traffic by 12%
  • Boost new users by 58%

10 Key Steps of Our Construction SEO Marketing Process

When we start working with a new client, we have a set of steps that we take to craft a strategy and get the project off the ground, before we lead into the core of our work and data tracking. The steps of your campaign will likely include:

  1.  Research of key terms and competitor analysis
  2. Creative strategy creation based on your targeting and goals
  3. Examining your local presence and making key adjustments
  4. Optimized content writing for your site, social channels, and emails
  5. User experience improvements for desktop, mobile and tablet
  6. Strategic link acquirement through directories and guest posts
  7. Technical improvements to metadata, site structure, speed, and images
  8. Tracking keyword changes as tasks are implemented
  9. Ongoing data analysis through Google Analytics tracking
  10. Monthly reporting, quarterly strategies, and meetings with your team

How Do We Show Results?

We measure results in your construction SEO campaign through increases in:

  • Organic search engine traffic to your website
  • Phone calls and leads through your site and Google Business Profiles
  • Overall traffic and new users who have discovered your site
  • Increases in keyword positions
  • High-quality websites linking back to yours

Our team of experts is dedicated to learning the essentials of your business and producing tailored strategies, and our proven techniques allow us to increase qualified leads and website traffic. With our SEO services for construction, we can adhere to your target audience, attain your company’s goals, and generate leads for sales!

Common Questions You May Have

What all does SEO cover?

It can be easy to think that search engine optimization is just making a few small adjustments to your website in hopes you can rank above your competitors. In reality, there are various types of SEO that exist: on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, and local SEO. These all utilize different strategies and approaches that are then customized to a client to produce results.

How does SEO get me more projects?

Our SEO work can help bring more prospective clients to your website and entice them to fill out a form, call you, or contact you through a chatbot. We help leads get into your pipeline for you and your team to convert into sales.

How long does SEO take?

Most of our SEO work is part of a long-term game, but there are various tactics that can show early results, such as uploading new content to improve keywords or getting a new backlink indexed. But SEO is a marathon, never a sprint. The best part of SEO is that it is long-lasting, and the work we do for you over the time of your campaign can show results for years to come.

Are we just limited to SEO?

We believe that every business can benefit from a mix of our digital marketing services, but in reality, some services are more suited for certain industries than others. For construction companies, alongside SEO, pay-per-click marketing or a website redesign can deliver some great results, so we’d be happy to assist you in those areas as well.

The Sixth City Difference

Our Sixth City Marketing team has years of SEO experience working for a variety of clients in a wide range of industries. For each of our clients, we develop a unique strategy for a specific business’s needs.

Why you should choose us for your construction company SEO:

  • We are driven by results. Your business’s goals become ours.
  • Nothing cookie cutter here. We create customized strategies for each of our clients.
  • We are a small agency meaning we can focus on providing you the best quality possible. Sixth City strives for a great client relationship!
  • Our SEO team is in-house and dedicated to responding to your needs.
  • We focus on data. Our decisions are based on data and statistics from your site.
  • Being located in Cleveland, Columbus, IndianapolisChicago, and Pittsburgh, along with our online capabilities, allows us to serve your business no matter where you are.
  • We do more than just SEO, so if you ever desire to switch gears, we can see what other services we offer could help.
“I’ve worked with Sixth City on a few projects and can honestly say that the quality of the service and advice given has been 1st class. There’s a lot of charlatans out there, but these guys are the real deal. Strongly recommended.” – Greg Harding, Greg Harding Photography

Examples of SEO Success

Not only have we worked with construction companies to show proven results, but we’ve helped numerous other industries as well. Some of our other case studies include:

  • TYKMA Electrox
  • Kent State University – College of Business
  • Bruening Glass Works
  • Shini USA
  • Valco Valley Tool & Die
  • University Commons
  • National Church Residences
    – Water’s Edge of Lake Wales

Reach Out to Us for SEO for Construction Companies

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