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Having some issues getting your business to show up in search results? What’s the point of building a website, if no one can find it?

Hi, we’re Sixth City. We help Cleveland businesses thrive through search engine optimization.

SEO (search engine optimization) helps connect the dots between someone searching and the solution you offer. Since so often a purchase begins with a search engine, SEO can help drive customers to your site, and our Cleveland SEO company can produce onsite content that will make them want to stay!

How Are Results Measured?

The digital platforms we use at our Cleveland SEO company have one huge advantage: they let us measure exactly how effectively your marketing dollars are working for you.

Website optimization is just one of many profit-driven online marketing opportunities. For this aspect of internet advertising strategy, we use industry-leading tools to evaluate:

  1. Overall website traffic
  2. Visitors who find you through search engines
  3. Inquiries or sales made through your site
  4. Where you stand in search results among competitors for your goods or services

Why Sixth City Marketing?

Because we’re dedicated to the Cleveland community, we want to help our neighbors succeed any way we can. That momentum can help make the city an even better place to live, work, and play in the long term. And our name, Sixth City, pays homage to this great place we call home. This is just one of the ways we like to give back!

Sixth City Marketing Team at a recent company outing

  • No cookie-cutter approaches. We’re a boutique agency with the ability to customize the best strategy for you. (Read: Close attention to detail.)
  • We play the long game. Since SEO has gotten harder, some agencies cut corners, delivering limited long-term results. We’re focused on developing steady improvement over the course of long-term campaigns.
  • We offer a varied portfolio of services to help you bring your digital A-game: Video, social, design, PPC, etc.

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To start a conversation about how our search engine optimization services can help your Cleveland business, or just vent about Cleveland sports to sympathetic fellow fans, give us a ring at 440-821-1425.

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We look forward to getting to know you.

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