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Updated on 03/20/2023

Whether you’re a small bank building up your business to local residents or an owner of a credit union who wants more customers from large corporations to know about all your benefits, finance is a field where an effective marketing campaign is essential.

How else will potential clients know that your services are the best fit for their needs? From private practices to corporate-scale businesses, our team at Sixth City wants to use our years of knowledge and experience to provide a definitive guide on how to promote your company’s key attributes to ensure you get the clients and revenue you want.

Let’s take a look at the key tips and strategies that our agency recommends to businesses, as well as all the ways we can help educate your business as your dedicated finance digital marketing company.

What is Digital Marketing for Finance Companies?

Digital marketing encapsulates a variety of creative initiatives and channels used to market products and services for a company or business. Some of these tactics can include SEO, social media, pay-per-click, website design, and more.

When a digital marketing campaign is implemented effectively, it can result in leads in the form of potential customers, as well as an overall increase in revenue for your business.

Why Do Banks Need Marketing?

Banks range in personality and benefits from one location or city to another, making yours different from the one next door. Because of this, we would recommend that you highlight key features of your business through diverse channels to ensure that you gain the conversions, clients, and ROI you want.

Targeted audiences are key to getting qualified leads and genuine inquiries. From years of experience working with a diverse array of clients, we can conclude that if you zero in on the target audience appropriate for your location and services, you can deliver the best results for your bank.

“John was someone who came highly recommended to me for digital marketing and SEO. To my surprise he was easily accessible for a telephone appointment. Although I expected his knowledge of SEO to be far beyond mine (it is) he was also able to speak to me at a level I could understand. He seemed interested in making clear how he could help me and not overpromising. He seems to be a much more straightforward marketing asset that I am used to dealing with. Thank you, John!” – Brandon Shroy, Attorney at Law

6 Winning Strategies for Marketing Finance Companies

At Sixth City, our goal is to help companies and businesses on how to achieve the best results. With over 25 years of combined industry experience from our team of experts, we want to use our knowledge and exposure to help other businesses, such as banks and finance companies.

Here are 6 different methods that our experience and data have shown to improve institutions’ marketing efforts and some of the strategies we recommend to help improve your online presence:

  • Write unique, helpful, and detailed content that is most relevant and representative of your company for web pages, including blog posts and informational services pages
  • Increase your website’s trust and authority for search engines by building high-quality backlinks to your domain via your partnerships, guest posts, unlinked mentions, and more
  • Read data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track improvements and to determine which pages need work
  • Monitor your competition on Google Maps to report any businesses that are breaking guidelines by adding keywords into their business name or collecting fake reviews
  • Highlight your business, offerings, and specials through social channels and to your customized email list
  • If you have the budget, utilize Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns to find and target the audience most appropriate for your business using location and age filters

The Essentials of Digital Marketing for Financial Services

When considering digital marketing for your bank, it is important to consider the multiple facets that sum up digital marketing. When considering various campaigns and tasks that you can execute for your company, some of the most essential approaches that we recommend your company take include the following:

  1. Search Engine Optimization – Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of creating and optimizing content for highly trafficked web pages on your website to improve search frequencies and impressions from site visitors. This content includes blog posts related to the field, the benefits of your unique offerings, updates on any promotions, and even investment tips and tricks.
  2. Pay Per Click – Pay-per-click advertising essentially works to get your company in front of the right people. With the use of Google Ads, Bing Ads, and social media ads, you are able to adjust the needs of your PPC campaign to target your desired audience through effective ads.
  3. Website Design and Development – Website design is essential to increase engagement opportunities. With that in mind, creating an easily navigable site is important. You have the opportunity to choose from a variety of content creation platforms, including WordPress and Shopify.
  4. Social Media – Social media platforms are used every day for personal and professional announcements, with many businesses finding them beneficial. For digital marketing for your bank, you have the power to create, edit, and post updates for any platform your business utilizes, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  5. Email Marketing – As another channel to promote your service offerings, specials going on within your business, and important news in your industry, email marketing is incredibly useful. Simply write and send out informative email newsletters to your customer base, helping to drive leads.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Marketing for Finance Services

For those wanting some additional information regarding digital marketing and SEO for financial companies? Luckily for you, our team is here to help your business.

Let our team help by answering some of our most frequently asked questions:

  1. What is SEO? Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a facet of digital marketing that includes implementing a diverse array of initiatives to increase search traffic, leads, and overall ranking for your website.
  2. What are keywords? Keywords are words and phrases that searchers use to type into a search engine to find relevant information. Users could be looking for pages, images, videos, or any other information that will answer their search query, generally related to products, services, or answers to questions.
    Some general keywords you may target could be “loan vendors near me” or “banks in [your city]” and you could even go after long-tail terms on your blog such as “when should I start saving for retirement” or “what is a ROTH IRA.”
  3. What is PPC? PPC stands for pay-per-click marketing. It is a paid form of online advertising in which businesses are charged for each click that a user makes on their ad.
  4. Would my business benefit from digital marketing? Absolutely. It is an essential investment for your business to help generate more leads, increase overall traffic, and craft strategies customized to your goals.
  5. How long will it take to see my business on Google? SEO work is a series of smaller projects that lead to a larger, long-term goal. With that in mind, it is important to practice patience as search engines take the chance to crawl your newly optimized website. Though it is a longer process, you will see benefits for your company for years to come!
  6. What if I do not know which digital marketing services are right for my bank?
    If you are uncertain of which digital marketing services and strategies are the best fit, we would be happy to talk with you and go over each service’s advantages and disadvantages.

Types of Financial Companies That Can Benefit from Digital Marketing

Wondering if our digital marketing tips for financial companies are right for your business? Here are some examples of banks and financial companies that can further benefit from digital marketing initiatives:

  • Commercial banks
  • Investment banks
  • Mortgage companies
  • Brokerage firms
  • Internet banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Credit unions
  • Loan providers

How We Show Results: Up-to-Date Reports on Progress

When you bring us onto your team, we provide you with digestible reports and streamlined communication, supplying a transparent barrier between our work and your results. In our monthly reports, and even weekly updates, we track how well the campaign is going in terms that you can actually understand.

At the start of the month, a report is shared with you with a summary of the work we have completed for the month, as well as changes in web traffic, the status of rankings on Google, and any updates of the specific campaigns we’re running including PPC and social media. This report also includes recommendations for the future and strategies to tackle the specifics of your campaign.

Using accurate measurements through Google Analytics, we track statistics that provide distinguished data and guide us in the direction that will best fit your finance marketing needs.

Targeted audiences are key to getting qualified leads and genuine inquiries. Our research focuses on zeroing in on the target audience appropriate for your location and services, as well as finding the right people at the right time and place.

“John and the team at Sixth City Marketing has delivered on everything they promised. From the time we started working with them until now, our leads have tripled. We’ve worked with them in many areas including PPC, SEO, website design and social media marketing. I would HIGHLY recommend John and the team at Sixth City Marketing.” – Lisa Calovini, Shini USA

Why Choose Sixth City for Your Financial Services Marketing

As you read up on different agencies that offer digital marketing services, we hope that some of our qualities allow us to stand out from the crowd:

  • Unique – Our campaigns are 100% tailored to your specific goals and targeted audiences. There is nothing cookie-cutter here!
  • Full-service digital agency – We have the opportunity to provide you with many different services to ensure your online marketing efforts are maximizing your ROI.
  • Results-driven – All of our decisions are strategic and based on statistics drawn from Google Analytics.
  • Quality – Our small firm can provide you with the best quality through our dedicated efforts.
  • Years of expertise – Check out some of our case studies to see our previous successes.

Contact Us to Get Started with Your Digital Marketing for Financial Services!

Whether your focus is on local or national search engine ranking, we want to see your company thrive in the world of finance.

Be sure to contact us today with any questions on how you can improve the quality of your leads for daily business. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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