emoji statsBelieve it or not, emojis can play a role in your marketing strategies, so let’s take a look at some interesting stats on emoji use in marketing and day-to-day work use.

General Emoji Statistics

  • Over 10 billion emojis are used every day around the world (Brand Watch)
  • 44% of customers will more likely buy something if it’s advertised with emojis (Adobe)
  • The most used emoji is the laughing face 😂, then the heart ❤️, and third is the rolling on the floor laughing emoji 🤣 (DooFinder)
  • When creating push notifications, including emojis can increase CTR by 5% (Business of Apps)
  • The brain identifies images just in 13 milliseconds, which is why emojis are a useful tool for communication (MIT News Office)
  • The 🤠 is the #1 most misunderstood emoji (Adobe)
  • There are more than 3,600 emojis on iPhones (USA Today)
  • Google My Business Posts that contain emojis get twice as many clicks (Sterling Sky)

Statistics on Emojis and User Behavior in Marketing

  • If your target audience is mostly men, you’ll want to cut down on emoji use (NetHunt)
  • 42% of women think it’s fun when brands use emojis (NetHunt)
  • 15% of people the age 45+ believe that emoji usage is inappropriate (NetHunt)
  • 51% of people will more likely engage with a brand’s post if they use emojis (Campaign Live)
  • The top reason internet users use emojis is because they feel that emojis help them accurately express what they’re thinking (Falkon SMS)
  • 50% of people are more likely to respond to a message if an emoji is included (Pumble)
  • 32% of Gen Zs have ended a relationship by using an emoji (Adobe)
  • 73% of people believe that including an emoji in your message makes you cooler (Adobe)
  • 91% of emoji users in the United States believe that emojis help make it easier for people to express themselves (Adobe)
  • 92% of online consumers will use emojis (AdWeek)
  • In a case study, when adding an emoji to the meta title, there was an 11% increase in organic clicks (Semrush)
  • In a case study, when adding an emoji into the meta description, there was a 3% increase in organic clicks (Semrush)
  • 50% of emoji users use emojis that are different from their intended meaning (Adobe)
  • 2 in 5 people believe that their identities are not portrayed with the current emojis available (Adobe)
  • 71% of people believe that inclusive emojis can help start conversations about cultures (Adobe)
  • 88% of people will feel more empathetic towards someone who uses emojis (Adobe)

Statistics on Emojis in Email Marketing

  • Using emojis in the subject line of emails increases the unique click rate by 28% (NetHunt)
  • The top Valentine’s Day emoji used in email subject lines, with a 24% read rate is: 💋 (NetHunt)
  • Email open rates with emojis included in the subject line are 56% higher compared to subject lines with no emojis (NetHunt)
  • For New Year’s email promotions, the top emoji used in email subject lines with a read rate of 22% is: 🎊 (NetHunt)
  • If emojis are included in an email subject line, people are 56% more likely to open the email (NetHunt)

Statistics on Emojis and Social Media

  • On Facebook Messenger, over 900 million emojis are sent every day without text (World Emoji Day)
  • Half of Instagram comments have an emoji included (World Emoji Day)
  • On Twitter, 86% of emoji users are 24 years old or younger (World Emoji Day)
  • If a tweet includes an emoji, the engagement rate increases by 25.4% (Medium)
  • Facebook posts that use emojis have increased engagement by 25.4% (Medium)
  • Instagram posts that use emojis have increased engagement by 48% (SignHouse)

Statistics on Using Emojis at Work

  • When using emojis, 78% of people believe that emojis affect the likability of someone when communicating at work (PC)
  • 61% of people use emojis at work (PC)
  • 65% of people believe that using emojis makes it easier to express emotions than calling on the phone (PC)
  • 79% of emoji users believe that sharing emojis at work can help share ideas (Adobe)
  • 58% of people believe that emojis can help boost creativity at work (Adobe)

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