Want to improve sales or leads from your website? Our unique Indianapolis SEO company’s offerings contain the personalization, quality and customer service you deserve. Our team has the experience and grit that you need to help you strengthen your online footprint in order achieve the results you desire.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of gaining traffic to your website to enhance your online presence. It is typically one of the most consistent sources of revenue generation and growth for our clients. Through our SEO services, we are dedicated to creating unique content that will help you increase sales and gain more qualified leads. Our focus for your SEO campaign is improving business for your company.

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How We Measure Results

Our Indianapolis SEO firm utilizes digital platforms that let us effectively measure how your marketing dollars are working, and Sixth City prides itself on showing results. Prior to starting a campaign, measurable expectations will be set for both response (calls, form submissions and/or online sales) and overall sales.

In an ongoing campaign we’ll measure and share:

  • Overall traffic to your website
  • Phone calls and sales made through your website
  • Where you stand in relation to your competitors
  • Search engine traffic to your site
  • Changes in keyword positions

Why Choose Sixth City?

Wondering what makes our Indianapolis SEO company different from the rest? It’s simple. We are focused on creating a custom approach for your specific business goals.

  • Personalization
    • Nothing cookie cutter here. We offer approaches to target your particular audience and geographic area
  • Expertise
    • We have 10+ in-house experts with extensive experience in SEO techniques. We do not outsource any aspect of SEO work
  • Customer service
    • We pay close attention to detail and quality is our largest priority
  • Collaboration
    • We look long-term. Sixth City is determined to develop an SEO campaign designed to continue to improve over the course of years
  • Diversity of services
    • We offer a variety of digital services, including content creation, social media marketing, website development, graphic design, and PPC

Our experts are able to appraise your goals and create a meaningful SEO campaign to boost revenue for your business! See our case studies to check out our previous successes.

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What’s Included

Here are a few things we include in an ongoing SEO campaign:

  • Copywriting
    • As a key part of SEO, we typically optimize pages with keywords and increase their length to over 500 words of content
  • Technical analysis
    • We’ll review the workings of your website in order to evaluate and make strategic recommendations to boost your online presence
  • Google Analytics review
    • There can be several key takeaways from an initial review of Google Analytics to bring big wins to your site
  • Link and citation building
    • This is a core part of our services and is done in-house. Quality is the name of the game when we perform outreach on your behalf
  • Website conversion analysis
    • It’s one thing to get people to your website, but it’s another to get them to contact you or buy something. We’ll review your website and provide you with feedback on how either small or large changes can shift response

Our Services

In addition to SEO services for Indianapolis and beyond, Sixth City offers a wide range of other services to meet your needs. With such a diversity, we can better enhance your online presence through many other marketing tactics. Our services include:

  • Pay Per Click – This option incorporates the use of advertising channels like Google Ads and Bing Ads. We provide campaign maintenance, search engine ad campaigns, social media ad campaigns, competitor analysis and landing page analysis.
  • Social Media Marketing – Create a better relationship with your audience through social media channels. We set up social media profiles and offer paid social media campaigns.
  • Website Design and Development – Craft a totally customized site specific to your business. We will develop a user-friendly site with content and design that utilizes SEO techniques to enhance your digital presence.
  • Video Production – Amplify your website content to draw in your audience. We have the ability to write, produce and optimize videos to be displayed on your site and on social media channels.

Our team’s experience allows us to provide you with numerous services to better your business. Check out some of our blog posts to see our expertise.

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Contact Us to Get Started!

Our Indianapolis SEO firm offers a free site evaluation for you to see all the benefits we can provide. You can call us at 440-821-1425 or contact us online to get underway!

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