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Seniors have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a retirement community. Even if you provide excellent service and offer a comfortable community with a range of amenities, unless seniors know about you, your efforts will be for naught.

Retirement community marketing through SEO, PPC, social media and more can help to showcase your community and all it can provide for the seniors and families searching online for locations just like yours.

Sixth City Marketing has extensive experience providing digital marketing for retirement communities. Let’s take a moment to look at all we can offer.

Marketing for All Types of Care

  • Not only do we specialize in marketing for retirement communities, but we also are able to put our skills to use for senior living services such as independent living, assisted living, and memory care!
  • We understand the essential terms and tactics that can be used to target your desired audience, making sure the content we produce for you gets in front of the right people.

5 Essential Digital Marketing Services We Can Provide Your Senior Living and Retirement Community

  1. Content Creation – With our in-house staff of writers and editors, we can help write new copy for key pages on your website to help improve traffic. We can also write blog posts around your services, provide advice for seniors, post updates on local events, and much more.
  1. Social Media – Our social media team can write, edit, and post updates for your desired social media outlets, whether those are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or others. We can also help build your online presence and social followings.
  1. Video Production – Whether you want to showcase your community or have a representative speak about your services, we have the ability to film and produce videos to be used on your site and in social media.
  1. Pay Per Click – A great way to get exposure and put your company in front of the right audience is through pay per click marketing. We can strategize a custom solution for your retirement community’s needs, which can help increase leads.
  1. Website Design and Development – Is your website stuck back in 1999? We can help. Our team can design a custom site just for your business in WordPress, Drupal, or whatever content management system you prefer. And during site redesigns we utilize proven marketing tactics incorporating strong calls to action to get you an influx of new residents.

We Can Report and Measure Your Improvement

One of the best parts of our retirement community marketing is that we offer monthly reports that you can actually understand.

We will send you a short monthly report that provides an overview of what work we have conducted that month, how traffic has changed on your site, the extent of your social media outreach, and how your PPC campaign is performing.

We place a lot of emphasis on measurement to ensure that the marketing tactics we use on your website are effective and giving you results!

Easy Ways to Use Digital Marketing to Improve Your Retirement Community Marketing Efforts

Here are a few quick tips to help improve your digital marketing:

  • Utilize social media to show you are an active community in the local area
  • Create relevant and useful web content for your site
  • Target your Facebook and AdWords campaigns to your core audience using age and location filters
  • Implement Google Analytics on your site to see which pages and types of content perform best

Our Experience in Retirement Community Marketing

We have considerable experience in working with a variety of retirement communities, making us a great choice for your senior living community marketing needs!

We’ve worked extensively with National Church Residences, which has 340 retirement, assisting living, and memory care facilities within the United States and Puerto Rico.

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