Get More Residents at Your Living Facility Through Customized Digital Ad Campaigns

Andrea OzelloAuthor: Andrea Ozello
Updated on 05/08/2024

Targeting your ideal audience online can be hard, but with pay-per-click services, the control is in your hands. With age, location, interests, search queries, and more, there are many ways you can get specific on who your online ads appear to.

Our team of certified Google Ads and Facebook Ads specialists would be happy to help your senior care community get the boost it needs in 2024 and beyond. Below, we share our tips on how to optimize your paid marketing efforts across various channels. However, if you are looking for services to help you run or manage your senior living campaigns, be sure to contact our team using the form on this page.

“Sixth City Marketing has provided consulting, SEO and many other services to National Church Residences. The team has excellent advice and is very easy to work with.” – Karen Twinem, National Church Residences

2024 Guide to Paid Advertising for Senior Care Facilities

To better help you grasp what PPC is and what it can do for your community, here are some FAQs we often see online or are asked by prospective clients:

What is the Definition of Pay-Per-Click?

Pay-per-click, also referred to as PPC, is a form of digital advertising conducted through select web platforms to run online ads on various search engines, sites, apps, etc. With PPC, you are charged for every click your ad receives. Therefore, you are literally paying per click.

One of the quickest and most effective ways to grow your business is through a pay-per-click campaign. PPC channels provide targeting tools that allow you to direct your ads to a specific group of users. Targeting can be applied based on age, language, geographic location, income, and more.

How Does PPC Work for Senior Living Communities?

PPC marketing has proven to be highly effective if campaigns are researched and structured properly. It can be a very profitable source of high-quality leads for your senior living care company. In pay-per-click, ads can be set up in a variety of formats, ranging from text copy to images or even video. Once the ad is created, it can run on search engines, websites, social media channels, and other online platforms.

To build and maintain an effective PPC campaign, there are several factors you need to consider. Paid advertising varies based on the selected platform but in all cases, be sure you are bidding on the right keywords, refining your target audience, and creating compelling ad and landing page copy.

What are the Benefits of Running PPC Campaigns for Senior Living Communities?

If you’re considering adding pay-per-click into your marketing efforts, it can be hard to determine whether or not it will be a worthwhile expense. We’ve listed a few of the reasons you should consider implementing PPC for your senior living care company:

  • Unlike SEO, it can produce fast results and marketers can see a response almost immediately once campaigns are approved and go live
  • It can put your brand at the top results, above your other competitors on Google or Bing
  • Pay-per-click has advanced targeting abilities different from any other marketing method, down to their zip code, age and more
  • Ads are super easy to edit, so it’s a great and easy way to showcase promotions and sales that change often
  • You have the ability to track ROI for specific campaigns and ad groups, which can help you better understand what location, service, or alike converts the best
  • It is cost-effective and you have complete control of how much you spend

How Much Does PPC Cost?

This depends on the keywords you decide to target and the level of competition in the area you target. Using WordStream’s keyword tool, we are able to get a brief idea of the average cost in the U.S. for some terms you’d likely consider targeting:

senior living ppc keywords

I’m New to PPC, What Are Some Things I Might Not Know?

If you are new to digital marketing, you may not know everything about pay-per-click just yet. Here are some high-level things you might want to know:

  1. You get to set your monthly (or yearly) budget
  2. Your ads can be turned on and off in minutes
  3. You can change your budget to be heavier or lighter in specific months
  4. You only have to pay when someone (including yourself) clicks on your ad
  5. You may not see your ads in search if you are searching from a different location than what you set in your campaign settings
  6. There are great platforms such as Unbounce that help you build unique landing pages designed to convert at a higher percentage
  7. You can be very specific or very broad in your targeting
  8. You can use PPC to test different markets and locations
  9. You can use things learned through PPC and apply it to SEO
  10. You can use tools such as SpyFu to see competitor ads and keywords

How Can I Trust That It Will Work?

Just like any marketing tactic, there is no guarantee of results, but when you work with an advertising agency that is experienced in running campaigns, your likelihood of success is much higher! With that said, we’ve complied a list of statistics that may help you decide to give it a shot:

  • On average, pay per click has an average ROI of 200% (SmallBizGenius)
  • Since 2021, searches for terms such as “senior living” increased by 15% (Genexod)
  • In the U.S., 6,000 searches related to senior care are made every hour (Senior Housing News)
  • 83% of people looking for nursing homes don’t have one provider in mind while running a search (Invoca)
  • 75% of people looking for senior living options use search engines when researching living options (Senior Housing News)
  • The average cost per click for text ads on Google is only $2.69 (WordStream)

How We Help Senior Living Providers

Our pay-per-click team has experience working with various sectors of the senior living industry, including:

  • Assisted living centers
  • Retirement communities
  • Memory care facilities
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • In-home care providers
  • Respite care facilities

And over the years, we have built up various skills and technologies that allow us to provide high-quality services to our clients. And this is no different when it comes to how we approach paid marketing for assisted living centers, retirement communities, and more. Here are some of the things you can expect of our team when you partner with us to market your facility:

Thorough Market Research

From analyzing your competitors to seeing which keywords will bring you results, we put valuable time and effort into our research.

Strategic Campaign Changes

Throughout the time your ads are running, we monitor search queries that lead to clicks, keyword bids, spend, and various other elements to make your campaign as successful as possible.

Ad and Landing Page Creation

Our skilled team will write tailored ad copy to target your ideal audiences for various services. In addition, we’ll create a beautiful accompanying landing page that will match your branding.

Lead and Call Tracking

We have the ability to help you see where your online form submissions are coming from as well as your phone calls. Our team will implement lead source tracking on your forms and unique phone numbers that have special tracking capabilities.

Platform Flexibility

As mentioned above, our team is not only full of Google Ads experts, but we also have experience working with the Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram advertising channels.

Dedicated Account Management

We ensure that your campaigns will be well-managed and monitored to help your ads succeed. From checking your bids and excluding irrelevant keywords to keeping an overall eye on your campaign and budget, our routine monitoring will ensure results.

Hands-on Customer Support

At all times while you partner with us, you will have an account manager whom you can contact for all your questions.

Senior Living Paid Marketing Channels We Manage

As a well-versed agency, our team of marketing experts is well-equipped to provide you with senior living pay-per-click services. Our team has worked with a number of PPC platforms over the years to continue finding ways to execute campaigns and help businesses reach their targeted audiences.

We perform our campaigns with many paid advertising platforms, such as:

  • Google Ads: Many people use Google to conduct any type of research every day. In this instance, we can use Google Ads to promote your senior living services, hoping to catch the eyes of potential new residents (and their families in many cases).
  • Bing Ads: Like Google Ads, Bing Ads are relevant ads shown when users search specific keywords. As the second-largest search engine, it can be an essential way to promote your facility.
  • Facebook Ads: As the most popular social media platform to keep in touch with friends and family, Facebook can serve as a great outlet for displaying ads in users’ news feeds based off their likes, interests, and various demographics.
  • YouTube Ads: For a different approach, videos on YouTube of your facilities, different locations, or interviews with residents serve as a great way to advertise online.
  • Other Channels: We also have experience with platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and X (Twitter). Each of these platforms are used with the goal of creating well-rounded campaigns, building brand awareness, and driving in new, highly qualified leads.

Through PPC for senior living, our team is able to help build brand awareness for your business with the ultimate goal of generating leads to your site. Let us help decide which paid advertising platform or platforms would be the most beneficial in driving success for your business.

Our Success in Running Ad Campaigns for Senior Living Clients

National Church Residences – Water’s Edge of Lake Wales – A Senior Living Community

Through various campaigns our team has executed, we have seen much of our clients’ success rooted from utilizing paid marketing services. Here is one example of the successes we had with our PPC marketing campaigns in the senior living space.

What we did for the Water’s Edge of Lake Wales paid campaign:

  • Ran paid ads on Google and Facebook
  • Wrote strong and powerful copy for landing pages
  • Designed custom landing pages with conversion in mind
  • Thoroughly tracked results in Google Analytics

As a result of our PPC and SEO efforts, we saw a 295% increase in conversions, 138% increase in overall traffic, and 96% increase in organic search traffic.

Additional Questions & Answers for Our PPC Services

Our team wants you to have a solid understanding of PPC marketing. Take a look at some of the industry’s most frequently asked questions to help you get started.

Can I Change My Budget at Any Time?
Yes – whether you want to change your budget for the long-term, or temporarily pull back, we can adjust your campaigns to meet your needs. This also means you can split up your yearly budget to be heavier in your more popular months, smaller around the holidays, etc.

How Are Landing Pages Created?
While there are many different ways you can make landing pages to accompany your ads, we use a platform called Unbounce, which allows us to create conversion-friendly landing pages that we can manage without access to your site.

How Do You Track Conversions?
With the help of Google Analytics and the Unbounce platform, we are able to set up goal tracking, which can allow us, and you, to see which conversions are coming from our efforts. Many of our clients also use HubSpot for customer relations management and sales tracking.

Which PPC Channel Works Best?
It depends! This factor changes for every business, even for those in the same niche. Things such as location, budget, and demand all play key factors. We will work with you and do our research to ensure we put our eggs into the right basket.

How Are SEO and PPC Different?
With PPC, you are paying for your placement at the top of the search engine results. But with SEO, your placement and position in search results is free and can be improved through strategic work to your website.

The Sixth City Difference

  • In-house team – Our entire PPC staff is in-house, meaning we don’t outsource our work, allowing us to provide better-quality service to you
  • Years of experience – Since opening in 2010, we have helped dozens of clients flourish through our work
  • Variety of skills – Our staff has 25+ years working in the marketing industry doing various tasks, allowing us to provide well-rounded expertise
  • Transparent reporting – At all times, you can count on our team to be honest and transparent with you
  • A national agency with a personalized touch – Sixth City Marketing is headquartered in the Midwest with clients all over the United States, including senior living communities that have both national focuses and hyper-local targeting. We currently have offices in ClevelandColumbus, Nashville, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Chicago, and our team is excited to assist your business wherever you are located.

Additional Services for Senior Living Communities

Our digital marketing services don’t just stop with PPC; we also offer the following services:

  • Content marketing and organic marketing (SEO)
    • Our team works to improve your facility’s online presence by executing various strategies such as link building, competitor research, keyword analysis, blog writing, and more.
  • Website design and development
    • Redesigning your senior community’s site can be the best way to generate new leads and more responses from the families of prospective residents. This can help increase a site’s conversion rate and encourage more website visitors to contact your business.
  • Conversion rate optimization
    • Our CRO process has the goal of improving your site to increase the number of leads you receive by making strategic changes so visitors to your site turn into potential residents.
  • CRM management
    • We are experienced in helping our clients with their customer relationship management systems like HubSpot, Salesforce, and others to help keep track of sales and ROI.
  • Auditing/consulting
    • If you are just looking for solid advice on how to improve your current efforts, our team can provide audits and supply consulting on ways to improve your facility’s marketing.
  • Email marketing
    • We can help reach your potential and current residents by designing new email templates, crafting email copy, and scheduling emails on a weekly or monthly basis.
“Sixth City Marketing provides National Church Residences with a full range of services including website design/administration/management, digital marketing, search engine optimization, analytics/metrics/reporting, and much more. Their excellent customer service, speedy turnaround times, and expert advice makes them a valued extension of our in-house team!” – National Church Residences

Grow Your Senior Living Community With PPC Marketing

When it comes to PPC services for senior living providers, Sixth City Marketing is your best bet. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your facility get more leads online through an entirely customized PPC campaign, get in touch with our team today.

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