Higher Education Statistics: 40+ Marketing Stats for 2024

With the goal of boosting enrollment for your college or university, investing in digital marketing services is essential to achieving just that. So, for those in the higher education sector looking to craft their strategy backed by definitive numbers and facts, check out our complete list of 40+ statistics today.

What to Know About Higher Education: General Statistics

Stats on SEO Marketing for Colleges

Stats on Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Colleges

Stats on Web Design & Conversion Rate for Colleges

Stats on Mobile Search for Colleges

Stats on Email Marketing for Colleges

How to Jumpstart Your College’s Digital Marketing Initiatives

Looking to increase the number of students enrolled at your college or university? If so, check out how our digital marketing agency can assist you in achieving your goals and exceeding your expectations through the following:

Our Collection of Marketing Statistics and Facts

seo stats 2024
Search Engine Optimization
website design stats
Web Design & Development
social media marketing stats
Social Media Marketing
conversion rate statistics
Conversion Rate Optimization
content management system statistics
CMS (Content Management)
ppc stats
AI Marketing statistics
AI Marketing
ecommerce stats
CTA stats
Calls to Action
email marketing stats
Email Marketing
website redesign statistics
Website Redesigns
influencer marketing stats
mobile marketing stats
Mobile Marketing
emoji stats
wordpress stats
video marketing stats
Video Marketing
schema markup
Schema Markup
content marketing stats
Content Marketing
google stats
Google Search
chatbot stats
dental marketing stats
Legal Marketing Statistics
manufacturing marketing stats
higher education marketing stats
Higher Education
Software SaaS Marketing stats
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