Improve Enrollment and Target Your Ideal Student with the Help of Higher Education PPC Marketing

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Updated on 11/16/2023

Are you looking to boost enrollment for specific programs at your college or university? Launching a new course that you want to market? Let pay-per-click marketing for higher education help.

When you partner with our dedicated PPC experts, we can help you get the response you are seeking, all within your allocated budget.

Without targeting to potential students under 18, how is PPC done for colleges?

Since many typical ad platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram have limited advertisers’ ability to target to people under 18, it can be tough to determine how to use these platforms for undergrad enrollment. However, PPC can definitely be a successful service for targeting students thinking about transferring schools, graduate programs, trade schools, or community colleges that cater to adults. Given that this change is difficult for many schools, we also would be happy to discuss how we can help your organic positioning on search engines.

“The team at Sixth City Marketing is GREAT! We went through an extensive re-branding process in our college and John and his staff were with us every step of the way. They were readily available for any questions we had. I would recommend Sixth City to any person/company, whether it’s their first time building a website and online marketing presence or if they are experienced veterans.” – Stephanie Berry, Kent State University

What Is PPC?

PPC (pay per click) is a type of digital marketing that is conducted through various platforms on the web which allow you to target users based on different aspects such as their age, location, income, interests, and more. Due to this exclusive targeting, you must pay for every click your ad receives. Unlike SEO, PPC is known to be quicker and produce results sooner.

Popular kinds of PPC you may have seen before include text ads in search, display banners, social media ads, shopping listings, and video ads on popular streaming apps.

How We Help Your School Thrive

As experienced higher ed digital marketing specialists, we can help you through an array of approaches as part of our higher education PPC services, including:

Creative and Captivating Ad Copy

With our goal of obtaining a high volume of clicks that lead to conversions, we understand that having strong language in your ads is key. We implement effective copy while also incorporating details that make your institution unique and attractive to applicants.

Custom Landing Page Design

While the copy used on your ads is the hook and line, what you display on the page you send users to is the reel. To encourage potential students to contact you, we apply design for conversion principles alongside strong content marketing practices. These tactics are proven to boost conversions and get you the new students you’re seeking.

Keyword Analysis and Optimization

As part of the ongoing campaign maintenance we deliver while working with you, we put a heavy emphasis on bidding on the best keywords related to what you are providing, as well as keeping a close eye on what searches produce results. We also filter out anything irrelevant to ensure your ads maintain targeted to your ideal audience.

Productive Competitor Research

Just like a sports team may study their opponents’ plays, in marketing, conducting research on the competition is highly productive and beneficial. Through various software services we have invested in, we are able to get an inside scoop on details of your competitors’ ad campaigns, landing pages, and more.

Proper Lead Tracking

The key way that we track the success of our paid campaigns is through goal tracking in Google Analytics. If you do not have your codes implemented correctly or goals set up properly, or you are relying on other data sources, you could have an unclear view of your efforts. All of these factors make reliable lead tracking so vital.

Various Advertising Networks

We not only are experienced in helping schools run ads on Google and Bing, but also on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, all to help expand reach.

Ongoing Campaign Management

In the keyword monitoring that is part of our ongoing management, we also continuously ensure your budget is met, your tracking is working, and many other small details of your account are taken care of.

Our Experience with PPC for Higher Education

kent state
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Case Study – Kent State’s College of Business Administration

We have helped various Kent State University departments, including the College of Business Administration, Public Health, Modern & Classical Language Studies, and others.

We exclusively worked on their Executive MBA program, supplying SEO and PPC expertise to increase enrollment. Here are some of the tactics we implemented:

  • A custom strategy tailored toward their ideal student audience
  • Refined messaging and targeting across their platforms
  • Custom landing pages designed for conversion
  • Strong ad messaging

The results we obtained, compared to the year prior, included:

  • Leads from PPC increased by 148%
  • Overall leads increased by 135%
  • Leads from SEO increased by 38%

As you can see, their program greatly benefitted from the work of our campaign.

Pay-Per-Click Management FAQs

When working with clients on PPC campaigns, we are often asked a variety of questions about the process, our services, and more. Hopefully these answers can help you as you research reliable PPC agencies.

I have heard the term CPC used. What does it mean?

CPC stands for cost per click and is a metric that is measured in paid campaigns to determine an average of how much you are spending per every click.

How is PPC different on Google vs. Facebook?

Google and Facebook both have different platforms that allow you to create ads, monitor your campaign, and more. The types of ads that are allowed through each platform are different as well.

Facebook ads are only shown on their website, alongside Instagram, whereas Google has an extensive ad network where your ads can be displayed in different places.

Can I advertise to a specific list of people?

This depends, on specific platforms you are able to run ads directly to a specific group of users, and this is a common type of remarketing. For instance, if you have a list of students who have previously contacted you and you would like to target them, this method is the way to go. However, any contact information must be obtained with the user’s consent and will need to adhere to the age policy.

Our school offers online courses. Can we run ads outside of our area?

One of the best things about doing PPC for your school is that you are able to run ads wherever you want in the world. So yes, whether you have an online program that would allow anyone to enroll, hybrid courses, or all in-person classes, we can ensure our location targeting reflects your unique needs.

How is PPC different from SEO?

As we mentioned earlier, in PPC you pay per click for your ads since the format gives you enhanced targeting abilities. In a higher education SEO campaign, there is no control on targeting besides the work you do in regards to keywords, metadata, site structure, and more. All of these factors help Google rank your website in search engine results, and there is no additional fee for your positioning.

“We can’t say enough good things about Sixth City Marketing. What a Great Staff to work with. TOP NOTCH!!!” – New Castle School of Trades

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