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John SammonAuthor: John Sammon
Updated on 03/27/2024

At Sixth City Marketing, we are focused on helping your business achieve your marketing goals through search engine optimization (SEO) services. And if you are considering investing in SEO, we know that you are likely wanting to:

  • Obtain more qualified leads
  • Increase sales from your website
  • Improve rankings on Google
  • See ROI in your SEO investment

At the end of the day, our true goal as your dedicated SEO agency is to improve the number of leads you receive, ultimately resulting in more sales for your company. That is our sole focus for a campaign.

You can trust that everything we will do while working with you is centered on accomplishing this goal, and quality and measurement are our highest priorities in every facet of an SEO campaign.

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“Sixth City Marketing was the best choice for our SEO work. The lines of communication are always open. John and his team are very attentive and set on helping our company reach our SEO goals. They have made our website much easier to find, and new customer inquiries have continued to improve.” – Sarah Wentz, Valco Valley Tool & Die, Marketing Manager

Our Customized Approach to SEO Focuses on Your:

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Target Audience
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ROI and Sales
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Target Locations

Why Should You Invest in SEO?

Take a look at some statistics that can illustrate the importance of search engine optimization services:

  • There are an estimated 3.5 billion searches on Google each day
  • Google Search, Images, and Maps are responsible for 92.96% of global internet traffic
  • 68% of online users start their experience through search engines
  • Leads from search engine optimization have a close rate of 14.6%

Additionally, our SEO company has been able to produce great results for our clients:

  • 543% increase in form submissions per month
  • Increased conversion rate from 1.54% to 4.6%
  • Monthly organic traffic increased by 632%
  • 90% of online leads turn into customers
  • Overall traffic improved by 402%

Key Components of Our SEO Agency’s Process

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Keyword Research – Focused on Your Goals
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Content Writing – Services, Product, and Blog Pages
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User Experience – Desktop, Mobile & Tablet
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Data Analysis – Conversions in Google Analytics

Essential Strategies We Use in Our SEO Services

Here are some things you can expect in your custom strategy when you partner with us:

Keyword research

One of the main purposes of SEO is to help you rank for the terms most relevant to your business so your ideal customer can find you on the web.

An experienced SEO agency like Sixth City can diligently research which terms have the potential to get you the most leads and traffic, and then incorporate them throughout your site within high-quality content.

Competitor analysis

No good strategy is created without understanding what you are up against. And we understand how Google is constantly evolving, and changing who they rank for queries.

To help us craft the perfect combination of tactics to get your website where it needs to be, examining your competitors is highly important whether it be you are a local business trying to rank in the local pack, or a national company wanting to move up in organic SERPs. We do manual research to see who is ranking on Google and utilize our toolset to analyze what your site is missing.

Content optimization

The copy you have on your pages is not only important for your customers, but also for search engines as well. Search engines have the ability to evaluate your content’s quality, authority, helpfulness, and more and then grade your pages to see where they should rank. 

Our in-house writing team has vast experience optimizing service, location, and product pages. As well as the ability to create concise blog content to help you rank for long-tail keywords.

Link building

Having a strong profile of backlinks can help your domain gain authority and trustworthiness, while showcasing your expertise in your niche.

In short, gaining more links to your site can give you the foundation you need to rank above your competitors. We’ve learned over the years what works and what doesn’t for various industries, and have a unique approach to link building that ensures you are gaining quality backlinks at a consistent rate.

Technical improvements

Outside of on-page adjustments, various aspects behind the scenes can factor into your rankings. Ensuring your website is at its best when it comes to load time, security, and more is top of mind for any committed SEO company.

Google and other search engines factor in your entire website’s structure for ranking, so our SEO agency optimizes your site to meet search engine standards and improve aspects such as usability, metadata, image alt and title tags, schema, and more.

Local enhancements

If your business serves a specific area, such as orthodontists, gyms, or plumbers, your business actually requires a dedicate local SEO approach in order to improve your business’ appearance on search engines.

Through vigorous trial and error, we’ve cracked the code on what it takes to help your Google Business Profile get into the local pack, and can apply our tried and true methods to your business to help get to rank in the areas you desire.

Conversion optimization

Increasing qualified traffic to your business via SEO strategies is one thing, but having a website that is optimized to encourage visitors to convert is a whole other ballgame.

By utilizing various tools and our design team, we are able to assess your site structure, page layout, calls to action, and various other site factors to determine what it will take to improve your conversion rates, make strategic changes, and monitor the outcome.

How We Measure SEO Success

We show results in an SEO campaign by closely tracking:

  1. Form submissions, purchases, phone calls, and live chats
  2. Organic traffic from search engines to your website
  3. Overall traffic increases to your website
  4. Positive changes in keyword positions

Combining these factors is critical in gauging the effectiveness of an overall SEO campaign. We evaluate each metric using industry-standard platforms such as Google Analytics, SE Ranking, Moz, Ahrefs, Spyfu, Semrush, HubSpot, and more.

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What Makes Our SEO Company Different?

  • We create a unique strategy to match your campaign priorities. No cookie-cutter approaches here.
  • We have the luxury of offering high-quality services and attention to detail that larger, more detached SEO agencies
  • We don’t take shady shortcuts that could improve rank superficially while harming your long-term success.
  • We have an in-house staff of writers, designers and strategists who possess over 25+ years of collective search engine marketing experience.
  • We can assist you whether you are looking for improvements to local or national SEO.
  • We can help no matter what content management system you use, and have extensive experience in WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce, Drupal, Wix, Squarespace, and more!
  • We offer a varied portfolio of services to help your site’s conversion rate, with such aspects as design for conversion, social media, email marketing, and pay-per-click advertising that can all be worked into a retainer agreement.
  • We have a thirst for knowledge and dedicate ourselves to being up to date on everything related to SEO. From reading up on the latest Google algorithm updates to attending conferences and webinars, we love continuing our research on the effects that SEO and other marketing efforts have on businesses we work closely with such as manufacturers, attorneys, and dental offices.

As search engines continue to alter the ways in which sites are indexed, categorized, and displayed in search results, don’t be a laggard in adopting digital best practices. Let Sixth City Marketing help keep you at the forefront of these changes through our search engine optimization services.

SEO Leadership

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John Sammon

CEO & Founder

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SEO Director

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Maureen Darrah

Senior SEO Operations Manager

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Steve DiMatteo

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Frequently Asked Questions About SEO Services

What exactly is SEO?

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is a service offered by internet marketing agencies that includes various tactics that can help your website rank better on sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Work conducted by SEO agencies typically includes content optimization, link building, blog post writing, technical adjustments, and much more. The point of doing SEO is to help your business rank above your competitors for the services and products you offer, which in turn will lead more people to your website, allowing you to get more leads and sales.

What are monthly SEO services?

Search engine optimization services are often offered by SEO agencies and consultants on a monthly basis to improve your company’s standings on search engines and drive more leads. SEO isn’t something that magically works overnight, unfortunately, but steps can be taken right away so that you can begin to see improvement within a few months. Agreements for SEO projects typically have a 6–12-month duration initially, with many companies seeing the value of the work and continuing with an ongoing retainer. 

When should I consider doing SEO?

There are many reasons why business owners should consider partnering with an SEO agency such as:

  • Your website isn’t being found online when you search for your product or service
  • You recently launched a new website and your traffic has suddenly dropped
  • The quantity of organic leads has steadily gone down after an update from Google

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint, and everything we implement will improve your website’s online presence for years to come. Some tactics help move the needle quicker than others, so while we often start to see positive shifts in your keywords a month or two into working with you, it can take 3-6 months to start seeing steady results.

What is local SEO?

Local search engine optimization is the practice of having a specific regional focus on the strategies we implement. For example, helping you rank for terms such as “X near me” or “X services in Chicago.” Businesses that rely on having a physical location, such as gyms, dentists, and the like, are the industries that will need to put extra attention into their local marketing efforts.

How much do SEO services cost?

Unlike other SEO companies, we don’t have a one-price-fits-all model for our services, as we provide different packages to give our customers options. If you would like to learn more about the pricing of our services, feel free to schedule a meeting with our team.

How does Sixth City Marketing stand out among SEO agencies?

There are a variety of ways that we set ourselves apart from the competition. Firstly, we are extremely focused on ROI because we want our work to do exactly what it has been designed to do – get you more leads and sales. To accomplish this, we use a variety of metrics, including information from your team, to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and tweak our efforts when needed.

We also have a dedicated team of SEO experts who hold degrees and possess expertise in marketing, business, creative writing, journalism, public relations, and more. This diversification allows us to “see around corners” and develop creative and innovative approaches to companies’ marketing efforts.

Plus, when you work with our SEO company, you’ll learn that nothing we supply has a cookie-cutter approach to it, with all of our work being tailored to specific campaigns and customer goals. Along with this, we have a lengthy history of diverse industry experience, as seen in our list below. This showcases our versatility and our ability to modify our services to the needs of specific fields and businesses.

Do different search engines require different SEO strategies?

While there can be some slight differences in approach between search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others, focusing efforts primarily on Google tends to be the best course as work done for that search engine will also benefit others. But more importantly, the vast majority of online searches are conducted through Google, with as much as 82.74% of desktop traffic and a whopping 95.16% of mobile traffic being claimed by the company as of 2024.

Can SEO and PPC work together?

Absolutely! SEO and PPC can both be great channels for getting more business, with each having their benefits. While it may be incorrect to say that they “work together” in that they do not directly interrelate, they can be great complements to each other, drawing in users in different ways. Our SEO company also provides PPC services to ensure all of our clients’ bases are covered.

Diverse Industry Experience

Unlike other SEO agencies, we are experts in a wide range of industries for both B2B and B2C, such as:

We Help Businesses Across the Nation

If you are serious about generating revenue for your company online, effective SEO services are essential. We’ve helped companies improve their online presence in:

“Sixth City has been incredible to work with. They quickly and articulately communicate what they’re doing and why, they respond to emails promptly, and have consistently shown solid, measurable ROIs. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking SEO services!” – Seth McDaniels, SERVPRO

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