Finally, More Options to Flag Reviews in GMB

flag reviews GMBIt was recently reported at Local U that there are new options in the Google My Business dashboard that are available when flagging reviews.

As bad spammy reviews, reviews from ex-employees, and even reviews from competitors continue to be an issue for many business owners, the addition of the new options is being widely celebrated. Let’s take a look at what Google added.

New Options Menu

Here is what listing managers now see when they flag a review:

The menu structure is quite similar to what users see when they suggest edits to GMB to combat spam listings.

In detail, this is what Joy Hawkins of Local U found has changed:

  • The descriptions under each option were not there before, making it easier now for owners to find the most fitting option
  • The option for “hateful, violent, or inappropriate” has now been split up
  • The option for personal information is new
  • After selecting your flagging option, you are prompted with a new page that states it will take 3 days for Google to review your request

Some Industry Responses

Bonus: Real Person Review

Unlike how Google Maps spam is reviewed by an algorithm, when reviews are flagged they are manually reviewed by a Google representative, which many may not have known!

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