Finally, More Options to Flag Reviews in GMB

flag reviews GMBIt was recently reported at Local U that there are new options in the Google My Business dashboard that are available when flagging reviews.

As bad spammy reviews, reviews from ex-employees, and even reviews from competitors continue to be an issue for many business owners, the addition of the new options is being widely celebrated. Let’s take a look at what Google added.

New Options Menu

The menu structure is quite similar to what users see when they suggest edits to GMB to combat spam listings.

In detail, this is what Joy Hawkins of Local U found has changed:

  • The descriptions under each option were not there before, making it easier now for owners to find the most fitting option
  • The option for “hateful, violent, or inappropriate” has now been split up
  • The option for personal information is new
  • After selecting your flagging option, you are prompted with a new page that states it will take 3 days for Google to review your request

Some Industry Responses

Bonus: Real Person Review

Unlike how Google Maps spam is reviewed by an algorithm, when reviews are flagged they are manually reviewed by a Google representative, which many may not have known!

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