No, Spending More on Ads Does Not Improve SEO

Google Ads and SEORecently, rumors were spun on Twitter over a response from a Google representative who told a user that in order to improve their SEO, they needed to spend more on PPC.

This allegation got a big reaction from SEOs on the community, and thankfully, was shored up rather quickly.

Here Is What Went Down

January 7, 2021

This was the first tweet that started it all. And with over 100 likes, 30 retweets, and 25 replies, it gained popularity quickly for those in the field.

But thanks to how quickly it spread among marketers on Twitter, it didn’t take long for Danny Sullivan, Google’s public search liaison, to step in:

Rest assured, he also has taken action in addressing the matter with Google to help make sure that this won’t be communicated with customers again:

Actual Tips to Improve SEO

So since it’s been officially reiterated that your ad spend won’t improve your SEO, here are a few tips that will actually help improve your SEO ranking and traffic.

  1. Check your links – When it comes to backlinks and interlinks, have you chosen the most appropriate word to anchor your link with? Be sure to strategically choose relevant terms to link from when doing link building as it is a factor in helping that specific page gain authority.
  2. Optimize your GMB profile – Local has been a big focus for many businesses in the past year, and if you have been neglecting it, you are truly missing out! Be sure to get your Google My Business profile claimed and verified, and add in relevant categories, services, and products. Plus, you should post business updates for searchers to see!
  3. Use keywords, but don’t spam – This applies not only to the suggestion above in optimizing your Google My Business profile, but also the content on your website. While it is a great idea to ensure you are using keywords on your site for SEO, at the end of the day, real customers are going to be reading your pages, and if you come off like a keyword robot, it will likely turn them away.

And Just for Kicks, Here Are Some PPC Tips

  1. Check landing page speed – Did you know that how fast your landing pages load affects your quality score in Google Ads? Try using Google’s PageSpeed Insights test to see what you can do to improve your pages.
  2. Improve your negative keyword list – For Google Ads, one of the top ways you can refine your PPC strategy is to ensure that you have added a variety of irrelevant search terms to your negative keyword list. For example, terms about job searches, how-to’s, and other unhelpful aspects are a great start.
  3. A/B test with photos and CTAs – One of the best tips for both paid social and traditional PPC on search engines is to be sure you are swapping out your photos regularly in your ads and on landing pages. You can even go a step further and try A/B testing with stock photos, staff photos, or infographics to see which works the best.

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