4 Strategies to Collect Strong Google Reviews

get reviews online

Having reviews on your Google Maps listing not only shows potential customers your value, but also helps your profile grow stronger against competitors.

However, gathering reviews can be hard, especially for certain business types. Keep on reading to find out four simple ways you can encourage your customers to leave you reviews online.

But First, Get Your Review Link from GMB

When you are logged into Google My Business and are in the profile for the location of your choice, you can grab your shortened review link! On the home screen, you will see a box that says “get more reviews” with a button that allows you to share your review form:

get reviews online

All you need to do is click the button and copy the link presented in the pop-up! This way, anyone who clicks it will be taken to the area on your profile to quickly write a review.

Be Warned: What Not to Do

Before you start working toward enhancing your ratings, be aware that Google has a strict policy against certain tactics that businesses use to gain more reviews on their profiles, which include:

  • Do not discourage or prohibit negative reviews or selectively ask for positive reviews
  • Do not offer or accept money in exchange for reviews
  • This also includes things as “receive 20% off when you leave a 5-star review”
  • Do not have yourself or employees leave reviews

The main point of their policy is to ensure that there is equal opportunity for anyone to write an organic review without any bias or blockages from the listing owner, or anything that is orchestrated from those within the organization.

Try These 4 Strategies to Naturally Get More Reviews

Post on Social

One of the easiest and tried and true methods to help get more reviews online is to schedule out posts on various social media platforms that encourage your followers to leave a review for your business. This allows users to see the post whenever it shows up in their feed and gives them the freedom to easily click your post to go straight to your profile and leave feedback.

There are also ways to get creative in your messaging so your posts do not seem repetitive or forceful, such as posting other reviews or testimonials you have received, or including your messaging alongside video clips of customers sharing feedback.

Add Static Messaging to Your Site

From sticky bars to pop-ups to adding some messaging to your header or footer, there are a few places you could incorporate a call to action to leave a review that allows it to be accessible to anyone who visits your website.

We love to use Unbounce to create stylish pop-ups that are completely customizable to our branding and messaging.

Encourage Your Email List

If you are doing email marketing as part of your digital marketing efforts, something you can try is to add messaging to the bottom of your e-blasts that links to your review form.

This not only automates the process, but also can reach a variety of people in your base, from potential customers to long-standing clients to those simply in your network.

Link It in Your Email Signature

Similar to adding the link to your newsletter, or like how you probably have your contact info and website linked in your signature, why not add in your review link as well?

You have likely seen this done before, as this tactic is often used by those in the service or help desk industry, and can make sense for businesses that especially do correspondence or work virtually.

New to GMB Reviews: Attributes

Recently, Google helped solve a major issue with Google reviews. That issue being that users often left 1-star to 5-star reviews without any content or explanation behind them, which can be difficult for both businesses and perspective customers to interpret.

In order to help facilitate more substance to reviews, Google added auto-populated attributes to reviews of 1, 2, 4, and 5 stars for certain business category types.


Currently, we have seen the following business types featuring the attributes, though more are sure to come soon:

  • Accounting firms
  • Architectural firms
  • Auto repair shops
  • Dry cleaners
  • Financial planners
  • Law firms
  • Spas and salons

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