wordpress statsWant to build a WordPress website and wondering key things to know?

Or are you weighing your options with other CMS platforms to see which is best for SEO?

Before getting started, check out these WordPress statistics for 2024.

General WordPress Statistics

  • 43.1% of all websites are WordPress (ScalaHosting)
  • WordPress is Googled around 2.7 million times a month (ScalaHosting)
  • WordPress shows up in Google’s search engine results 2.28 billion times (AppMySite)
  • WordPress has a 63.7% market share (W3Techs)
  • 14.7% of the world’s leading sites are WordPress sites, which includes the NFL, CNN, NBC and other Fortune 500 companies (Manaferra)
  • WordPress is translated in 208 languages (Manaferra)
  • The top language written for WordPress is English, at 71% (WordPress)
  • The last 10 years, WordPress has grown around 30% (W3Techs)
  • WordPress has over 20,000 themes (Colorlib)
  • The average WordPress developer can earn around $60,000 a year (Payscale)

WordPress User Behavior Statistics

  • Every month, WordPress users will create 70 million new posts (Digital)
  • Every month, WordPress users send 77 million comments (Digital)
  • 1 million new domains are created every sixth months on WordPress (Envisage Digital)
  • As of 2024, there are 34,286,296 live WordPress websites (ScalaHosting)
  • 409 million people view 20 billion WordPress pages monthly (WordPress)
  • 59.7% of WordPress users are using the newest version, which was released November 7, 2023 (Colorlib)
  • 13,764 websites have used Divi as their WordPress theme, making it the most popular (ScalaHosting)
  • Each second, 27 new posts are made in WordPress (Digital)

WordPress Plugin Statistics

  • WordPress has 59,576 free plugins (WordPress)
  • The most popular SEO plugin used in WordPress is Ypast SEO, with 5+ million installations (Manaferra)
  • The most popular paid plugin used in WordPress is Slider Revolution, which has been downloaded 423,000 times (Colorlib)
  • 68% of WordPress plugins have fewer than 100 active installations (Colorlib)

WordPress Security Statistics

  • Over 4 million WordPress owners use WordFence to secure their site (WordFence)
  • On average, every 19 minutes a WordPress site can be attacked (WordFence)
  • Around 13,000 WordPress sites are hacked each day (Search Logistics)
  • 41% of security attacks on WordPress are because of the WordPress Hosting Platform (Search Logistics)
  • 39% of WordPress sites are vulnerable due to cross-site scripting (Search Logistics)

WooCommerce Statistics

  • 9 million websites use the WooCommerce plugin (Manaferra)
  • WooCommerce has been downloaded about 299 million times (Manaferra)
  • 19% of online stores are powered by WooCommerce (WebTribunal)
  • Today, there are 4,414,535 live websites that use Woocommerce (WebTribunal)
  • WooCommerce makes up 7% of online sales (Envisage Digital)
  • Just on January 22, 2024, WooCommerce was downloaded 95,026 times (WordPress)
  • WooCommerce has an ecommerce share of 38.74% (Colorlib)
  • Of the 1.88 billion websites online, 8.7% of them use WooCommerce (Colorlib)

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