Our Start

In December of 2011, I filed paperwork to incorporate Sixth City Marketing. One reason for this was to show people that I wasn’t working out of my parents’ basement (which I wasn’t, I swear!).

Another reason was because I knew that I could make a real difference for companies through internet marketing, specifically in terms of design and search engine marketing.

web marketing

In my past work for businesses I’d seen what digital marketing was capable of, but also knew that the rise in mobile search and the increased importance of video online would have a tremendous future impact. It was my goal to provide clients with a company that would take these factors into account and offer a fully integrated multimedia approach to their goals.

What started out as a way to make a difference and build a business by producing results evolved into a group of individuals that is passionate about helping businesses grow – Sixth City Marketing.

Our Customer Relations

When I started out and began talking to potential customers, I found that they often had previously had a bad experience working with a digital agency. The frustrations that they had with these old agencies boiled down to:

1. Poor customer service
2. Lack of results
3. Knowledge gap (usually in understanding the reporting)

As I saw it, most of these problems stemmed from having a one-size-fits-all approach to working with clients and their sites, rather than tailoring marketing efforts to their individual industries and needs.

To counter this, I was dedicated to providing customized approaches that not only took into account client goals, but also the clients’ knowledge levels for digital marketing, having regular meetings to discuss our marketing efforts and explain the role of various methods.

Our Approach

We view our engagements with companies as long-term business relationships. Here’s how we address some of the common pain-points of our prospective clients:

1. Delivering high-quality response and education via customer service
2. Showing results through data
3. Communicating campaign wins through meetings, executive level reports and direct communication with the strategy team

Learn more about us by clicking on the video above.

Our Partners & Awards