Effective Waste Management SEO Can Strengthen Your Marketing and More

John SammonAuthor: John Sammon
Updated on 04/12/2024

Have the leads to your septic tank website started to drop off? Does it seem like your sewer management competitors are gaining ground? If so, it’s probably time to consider SEO for your waste management company, or to freshen up your strategies and approach.

Whether you’re a local business or a national operation, search engine optimization can help draw in the customers you need to keep your business thriving. In a variety of on-page, off-page, technical, and local SEO techniques, our team at Sixth City Marketing can utilize our considerable industry experience to get you the increase in business you’ve been seeking.

Best yet, all of our services are ROI-focused, so you’ll know exactly how much value we’re providing for you. Read on for key insights about our approach to SEO for waste management, and be sure to reach out to us with any questions.

“If you are contemplating a change in marketing strategies, I highly recommend requesting a strategy consultation. You will be in for a treat! John and Aubrie were both very kind, professional and engaging. John gave us a number of very helpful tips…all at no cost to us!” – Simeon Shankster, Shankster Bros

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO for Waste Management

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Why do I need SEO for my waste management business?

Utilizing SEO tactics can be one of the best decisions you can make for your company. Not only are they able to boost your profile on the web, increase your traffic, and generate more leads, but they supply a wide array of other advantages, including:

  • More qualified leads – When people search for specific products or services, and utilize keywords that take them to a specific business’s website, such users are likely to be more motivated and primed for a sale.
  • Outranking competitors – Most people who search for products and services on the web don’t go beyond the first page of search results, meaning that the higher you are in search engine rankings, the more likely your business will make the sale. Under this light, ranking above your competition isn’t just a nice bonus – it’s essential to staying profitable.
  • Measurability – While marketing methods like billboards, radio ads, and TV ads all have their place, they all pale in comparison to digital marketing because they aren’t nearly as measurable. Waste management SEO campaigns utilize special platforms and tracking metrics to show you which search terms brought users to your site, which users converted to leads, and which leads converted to sales. SEO gives you hard numbers that both illustrate the efficacy of campaigns and highlight where more work is needed.

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What kinds of SEO tactics are best for waste management companies?

There is an array of proven strategies to get your website where it needs to be, including:

  • Content creation for key pages of your waste management site
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content optimization and keyword incorporation
  • Interlinking and external link building
  • Website development and design for conversion
  • Mobile-friendly design optimization
  • Contact form creation
  • Using tracking platforms such as Google Analytics 4, HubSpot, CallRail, and others

All of these methods can deliver measurable results, making them the cornerstone of our waste management SEO approach. To discuss particulars, be sure to reach out to our team and we can schedule a strategy session!

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Should I be optimizing my Google Business Profile?

Absolutely. Google Business Profiles are essential for marketing your company, especially if you are local or have a local component. Fleshing out your profile with helpful information, strategic keywords, eye-catching images, and more can all go a long way toward boosting your business and bringing local customers to you.

Pro-tip: Your main business category on your profile is one of the top ranking factors, and can make or break your rankings in the local pack. As of April 2024, here are some of the relevant categories you could use:

  • Waste management service
  • Waste transfer station
  • Water tank cleaning service
  • Water treatment supplier
  • Water works equipment supplier
  • Waste transfer station
  • Septic system service
  • Sewage disposal service
  • Sewage treatment plant
  • Plumber

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Does SEO bring real results for businesses?

Yes. Here are some statistics to help prove it curteousy of Ahrefs and Invoca Blog:

  • Searches for “plumber near me” seeing 288% growrth year-over-yearv
  • 68% of online interactions initiate through a search engine
  • Customers are 2.7x more likely to think a business is reliable if their GBP is completely filled out
  • Leads that come from organic search have a 14.6% close rate
  • 88% of searchers would utilize a business that replies their reviews
  • 28% of searches result in a purchase

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Is content marketing important in 2024?

Last year, Google released a new type of system that helps them determine how to rank websites called the Helpful Content Update. And as of March 2024, this update has been folded into their main core ranking system, meaning it is here to stay!

With that said, having unique and helpful content on your site that demonstrates E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness) is how you can win over your users and Google. Below are some questions that Google suggests you ask yourself to assess if you are creating helpful content that is made for people-first:

  • Do your main headlines summarize your content in a helpful manner?
  • Would a user perceive your site as reputable and an authority in your field?
  • Does your copy offer a thorough overview of the subject matter?
  • Do you showcase proof of expertise, such as an author bio or an about page?
  • Do you have any spelling or stylistic issues on your website?
  • Can users navigate your site with ease and have a satisfying experience?

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Why should I outsource the marketing for my business?

When you own and operate a business, there are so many aspects to keep track of. Obviously, marketing is a key element, but overseeing your products and services, maintaining quality, expanding and innovating, hiring, handling financials, and so much more are all vitally important as well. Outsourcing your waste management SEO marketing to a dedicated firm frees you up to focus on other areas of your business while we get you the leads you need.

If you already have your own internal marketing team, though, not to worry, as we often work alongside and in tandem with marketing teams to enhance your overall campaign. A lot of businesses will have internal teams that focus on traditional media, tradeshows, and other marketing opportunities, while we handle the digital marketing aspects. It makes for a great partnership!

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Who SEO Can Help

When it comes to SEO for waste management operations, the tactics can be applied to a wide range of sectors within the greater field. Some of the possibilities include:

  • Septic tank design and installation companies
  • Septic tank servicing companies
  • Bio waste/hazardous waste processing companies
  • Wastewater treatment facilities
  • Sewage system operations
  • Sewer management companies
  • Sewer inspection companies
  • Medical waste processing companies
  • Recycling operations and facilities
  • Plumbing contractors

The team at Sixth City Marketing has worked with businesses in many of these fields, supplying reliable waste management SEO work to boost their online presence and garner more leads. Through the right combination of on-page, off-page, technical, and local SEO tactics, companies can really see an impact in their sales.

Check Out Some of Our Case Studies

During our time in the digital marketing field, we’ve been able to deliver great results for our clients and get them the new business they’ve been seeking. To highlight some of these successes, we put together a case studies page for visitors to browse. Give it a look, but in the meantime consider these impressive results:

TYKMA Electrox

  • Improvement to overall traffic by 402%
  • Improvement to search engine traffic by 540%
  • Improvement to monthly leads by 314%

Valco Valley Tool & Die

  • Boost in site visits per month of 114%
  • Increase in online inquiries per month of 543%
  • A 4.6% site conversion rate up from the previous 1.54%

Shini USA

  • Monthly visit increase of 28%
  • Monthly search engine traffic increase of 632%
  • Monthly online lead increase of 129%

Beyond Waste Management SEO

Along with all we can provide when it comes to SEO, we can also offer a range of other digital marketing services for your waste management company. These include:

“Sixth City has been incredible to work with. They quickly and articulately communicate what they’re doing and why, they respond to emails promptly, and have consistently shown solid, measurable ROIs. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking SEO services!” – Seth McDaniels, SERVPRO

Looking to Get More Leads? Contact Us Today!

If you’re in any part of the waste management sector – from recycling to septic services to wastewater treatment and beyond – SEO can deliver the results you’ve been looking for.

Contact our dedicated team about SEO for waste management today and we can assess your site and your goals and determine the best path forward!

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