Supplement Your Marketing Efforts with the Help of Video Production

Help amplify your site content and reach a broader audience by utilizing our video production services. There are millions of potential customers on Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest who consume video content daily, and your tutorials or product demonstrations could be their next find.

Our Video Production Capabilities

At Sixth City Marketing, our video production services are varied and our team can provide clients with:

  • In-house production with quick turnaround times
  • Complete production capabilities, including shoot planning, writing, filming, editing, and social media syndication such as YouTube
  • Optimized videos for Google searches and social media channels, helping users to discover your content

The Benefits of Incorporating Video Production into Your Digital Marketing Efforts

With the internet playing a larger and larger role in companies’ marketing and sales strategies, utilizing multimedia can provide you with numerous benefits, including:

  • Complementing and enhancing key pages of your website with instructional or introductory videos
  • Emphasizing topics, services, or upcoming events—such as trade shows—in social media channels
  • Showcasing your products, facilities, personnel, and goals to give your customers a look at the care that goes into your operations
  • Connecting with your customers in an immediate and worthwhile way. Not everyone has time to read a blog post, but a 2-minute or less video may be perfect to get them hooked
  • Producing valuable content for Facebook and Twitter leading to more likes and shares, particularly on Facebook since its algorithm favors video content
  • Producing “evergreen” content that will be relevant and sharable for the long-term of your business
  • Having exclusive content to use to expand your digital marketing into pay per click through Google Ads video advertising

About Sixth City Marketing

Located in both Cleveland, Columbus, and Pittsburgh we have been offering businesses of all kinds online marketing to help boost their leads, which in turn increases profits. Our focus has always been on one thing: results.

Our boutique agency is all in-house, meaning you get top-quality service and an unique opportunity to work directly with our digital marketing specialists, who have 25+ years of experience collectively.

Our Range of Digital Marketing Services

Alongside our video production services, we can also provide your company with:

Industries We Have Served

Since 2012, we have helped diverse industries reach their goals through our digital marketing services, including:

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