Over 67% of graduating high school seniors prefer to learn about colleges and universities through web based resources.

Did you know that this includes social media?

Read more results from the 2014 E-Expectations Survey by Noel-Levitz.

Traditional marketing is still alive, but with much of today’s society relying heavily on technology, there has been a change in enrollment marketing direction. The ability to strategize from both perspectives gives universities a distinct competitive advantage.

Experience has shown that search engine optimization can be complimented with social media marketing, maximizing your institution’s presence on the Internet.

At Sixth City Marketing, we blend your traditional with our digital marketing techniques for this reason.

Integrating Social Media for Student Recruitment

Social media can drive many prospective students to your college or university by:

  • Giving potential students an inside look at events on campus
  • Running contests
  • Serving as a platform for your existing students to work as brand advocates online
  • Displaying the benefits of attending your college or university

Using social media as an enrollment marketing technique shows that your college or university is keeping pace with the way students communicate today. It also requires time and dedication.

Building a Profile

There are a variety of social media sites out there, so how do you pick which one is best for you? It is important to:

  • Determine the ideal networks to develop your presence
  • Develop a media strategy
  • Post social media updates
  • Interact with your audience

We can help you with all of the above.

Why Social Media Matters

Creating departmental profiles on social media allows for potential students to feel connected with the institution. It lets them to understand what the college or university is about, and can attract a wider audience.

Ways We Can Start Increasing your Enrollment

We create incentives for prospective students to interact with your site through social media to help your enrollment rate increase. We consult with you to develop a website design, or even just add graphic elements, that point visitors in the right direction once they are exploring your web pages.

Sixth City Marketing tailors our strategy to each institution’s unique needs, but those are examples of two highly effective tactics.

Looking for help in setting your brand’s social media best practices to drive a directly measurable increase in student interest? Maybe you could use guidance in optimizing profiles, or combining tactics to form a holistic online strategy.

For all things digital marketing, please contact us. Sixth City’s niche expertise has proven to help higher education clients boost enrollment. Let your brand be the next to benefit.