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Poop Jokes Gone Viral: Meet the Man Behind @neorsd, John Gonzalez

John Gonzalez has leaned into Cleveland’s ability to be the butt of the joke. In an earnest effort to connect residents with their sewers, the communications manager for the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District started responding on social media. Over time, the utility’s Twitter account, @neorsd, took on a wildly funny and somehow still educational persona all its own. John admits, he likes a good Dad joke, poop joke, and the like. And we’ll admit, we do too. John, Cleveland thanks you for your creativity. To follow John or learn more about the NEORSD, visit their Linktree. You can find him on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok under the handle @neorsd. 

Sara Shookman

My name is Sara Shookman and I’m a career journalist now working as a Content Marketing Consultant. Telling stories is my best skill, and I’m finding plenty of them at Sixth City.

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