Many colleges and universities are looking towards social media to promote their educational facilities. With social media playing such a predominant role on the Internet, it seems only fitting.


Higher education facilities have increasingly taken to creating accounts on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, areas where their target audience is dominant and active. In fact, nearly all institutions employ Facebook, and between 80-90% use Twitter. YouTube is third most used, in the arsenal of about 80% of four year schools.


Institutions achieve success on social media sites because they are able to connect with their audience. They attract potential students and engage them through posts, contests, promotions, and more. This helps drive people to their website, where they can submit inquiries and applications.

These applications add up, and become enrollment numbers.


Maximizing the Benefits of Social Media for Higher Education

The benefit of using social media as a marketing strategy is that there are no limitations. Colleges and universities have the ability to bring everything that’s good about their selves and promote it in one place, attracting a wider audience.


If you are looking to create a social media profile for your college or university, it is important to know a few things.

Important Considerations in University Social Media Campaigns

First off, just because you have followers doesn’t mean you have an audience. It is important to target social media sites where your target audience is active and shows an interest.


Find out what your audience is searching for, and tailor to those needs in your posts. Although sites such as Twitter and Facebook are used to socialize, people also use them when they are trying to gather information.


It is also important to join social media sites that fit your “niche”. For example, if there is a site specifically for evaluating higher education options, it would be worthwhile to become a member. A majority of your target audience is probably also exploring the page.


In sum, creating social media profiles is a great foundation on which institutions can build a place for potential students to go for information. As with any expansion project, it requires a blueprint featuring a sound design and a cohesive look and feel across elements.


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