There are many internet marketing agencies out there that will try to sell themselves as “SEO experts” despite being unable to provide you with the high-quality work that will help your business reach its goals.

Many companies are certainly vying to work for you, so how do you know who to choose?

At Sixth City Marketing, our team has 25+ years of collective experience, meaning we are true top-shelf SEO experts who have spent years developing our craft for clients and building pristine portfolios.

What Are SEO Marketing Services?

Completely customized to your website’s needs, your unique goals, and your budget, we can offer you a personalized combination of the follow strategy approaches to your SEO:

  • Content writing – One of the things we often see with most of our new clients is that they have neglected their website’s copy. From either not including terms they wish to rank for, or not having more than 250 words on the page, our writing team can revamp your site’s content for great results.
  • Blog creation – Do you have a blog on your website? Are you using it to target long-tail keyword phrases or expand your content? If not, you are underutilizing all the potential a blog can bring to your SEO.
  • Keyword analysis – We take into account your current rankings, what terms you wish to rank for, what your competitors are doing that you are not, and a lot of other factors to determine the best approach to help your website rank better on search engines.
  • Metadata optimization – Did you know you can control the title and description that displays on Google and other search engines? This is called metadata, and one of our priorities will be to examine your metadata and make strategic adjustments to help improve rank.
  • Technical adjustments – Sometimes, what can be holding back your website’s potential to rank higher are technical pitfalls from how your website was built. Our on-staff developers and designers can help overcome these issues such as having a secure site, improving page speed, 401 redirects, and more.
  • Design for conversion – Getting people to come to your website is one thing, but having them turn into customers is a whole other ballgame. Our years of web design and user experience gives us the knowledge to know what small changes should be made to your website to help improve conversion rate from the traffic we bring in from SEO.
  • Link building – As a term and practice that has been around since the 90s, link building is tired and true SEO tactic that can hail great results, if done correctly. Our expert SEO team can help get your quality backlinks to help improve your authority to search engines.
  • Local focus – If you are a locally focused business, there are a variety of different tactics we use to approach your marketing. From local profile creation and optimization, to spam removal from Google maps, and local backlink building, we can help improve your local rank.
  • Custom reporting – With all of our SEO campaigns, we will send you a monthly report detailing the progress of your website’s improvement from traffic changes, to keyword rankings, and even the lead source data of the leads you had acquired.

Who Are Our SEO Experts?

Take John Sammon, the Founder of Sixth City Marketing, For Instance

John has more than 15 years of SEO experience, working closely with small, medium, and large organizations all over the world to enhance their web presence and create SEO-friendly sites that drive new business.

As an SEO expert, John Sammon has worked with a number of agencies to help complement their various campaigns. He also brings innovative WordPress and CSS capabilities to his SEO strategies.

His wealth of experience ensures that you are receiving not only targeted visitors, but results. He works closely with you to develop a strategy that sets strong goals and provides the return you desire.

That is the kind of experience you can expect to have when working with an SEO expert like John Sammon and the team he has built over the years. A dedication to your goals and innovative strategies to reach them makes working with Sixth City Marketing the easy choice.

What Businesses Do We Serve?

We’d be happy to help your business, no matter what industry you are in. If you would like to learn more about how we can help your unique business type, be sure to check out some of our industry-specific pages below:

And if you don’t see your industry listed, don’t fret! We would still love to meet with you to talk on how we can potentially work together to grow your business through SEO marketing.

Contact Sixth City Marketing to Meet Our SEO Experts

John Sammon and the rest of the Sixth City Marketing’s SEO experts are ready to help your business reach its online potential. Contact us today to get a quote on our services – we look forward to serving all of your SEO, PPC, social media, and development needs.

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