We Can Help Your Shopify Store Thrive with Dedicated SEO

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Updated on 03/08/2023

Do you have a high amount of organic traffic and decent keyword rankings, but not the sales to reflect it? Are you investing in traditional marketing, and not seeing the ROI you desire? Do you have a high cart abandonment rate and are wondering why users aren’t converting into sales?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’ve come to the right place. For years, we have been assisting companies of all kinds in growing their business through our SEO marketing, and that includes companies that run ecommerce stores through Shopify.

We can help your store stand out from the rest on search engines when you invest in the talent of our Shopify SEO experts.

Why You Need SEO

The e-commerce SEO we offer for Shopify websites will help your business build a strong online presence in order to stand out among competitors in your specific niche, whether you are a metal parts distributor, craft hand-made leather goods, or even dog food.

As you already know as a business owner, there are many companies competing for the same customers, which is why we will help your business target your ideal audience and location all while meeting your marketing goals.

We measure results in your Shopify SEO campaign through increases in:

  • Sales on your website from organic search
  • Form submissions and phone calls
  • Organic search engine traffic to your website
  • Increases in keyword positions
  • Newly obtained backlinks
  • Overall traffic and new users who have discovered your site

11 Ways We Help as Shopify Experts

Here are just some of the things you can expect our SEO team to implement as part of our strategy to get your Shopify site where it needs to be:

Content Writing

We often see that many ecommerce sites lack solid content, which means that Google and other search engines can struggle to understand the site and its purpose. We can ensure that all of your site’s pages are properly taken care of and feature strong, optimized copy designed to convert.

Product Optimization

Having a strong focus on your products is a key part of our Shopify SEO services for your site. By making updates to page titles, descriptions, images, and more, we thoroughly take a deep dive into crafting product pages that will rank better.

Collection Page Creation

One of our key tactics in Shopify SEO is that we create unique copy for individual collections pages, which allows us to target multiple types of keywords for products. We have found that collection pages have a history of ranking very well for ecommerce businesses.

Blog Writing

To help keep content on your site fresh, we can write blog posts for your site on a variety of topics. This content also can get you more backlinks across the web and encourage visitors to seek out your products and services.

Enhanced Add-Ons

Shopify has a large library of add-ons that you can enable for your website to enhance your SEO and other key parts of your site. Our expert technical team will be able to set these up on your site, and our SEO staff will take care of the rest.

Metadata Writing

Depending on how your online store was built, your current structure may be lacking proper metadata, which means the titles and descriptions that show on search engines are bland and exclude keywords. Tackling this will be a major priority for our team to help boost your rankings.

Strategic Link Building

As an off-page tactic that we use across the board for all of our clients, building high-quality backlinks to your domain is something we know can establish trust in the eyes of Google and get you more exposure on the web.

Analytics Ecommerce Tracking

Do you currently have your store connected to your Google Analytics account? We utilize Google Analytics as our resource into seeing all the data related to your campaign, including traffic, conversions, and purchases.

Adding Image Metadata

When people shop online, they often will use the images tab to browse a variety of products if they have a specific item in mind. In order to make sure your products are readily viewable in this area of search engines, we include image alt tags that help search engines read your images with ease and showcase them.

Google Shopping Integration

Alongside the images tab is the shopping tab, which allows users to browse products across the internet and sort them by price, color, and other factors. Integrating your site with Google Shopping is a key way to maximizing your visibility online.

Social Media Posting

As part of our SEO services, we can also write posts, schedule them out, help grow your follower count, and more. Keeping up your brand on social media helps potential customers learn more about your brand and keeps them in the loop on announcements.

“I’ve worked with the team at Sixth City Marketing for about a year now, and they have been very helpful in improving my website’s visibility. The team is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. They are also easily accessible by phone or email, and respond quickly; the customer service is what separates them from the pack.” – David Kozak, Kozak Micro Adjusters

Types of Ecommerce Businesses We Can Help

We know that your business is completely unique, and will require a strategy that fits your niche whether you are B2B or B2C.

Over the years we have had the fortune to have worked with companies in numerous fields, helping us to tackle problems for future clients. These fields include:

Check Out Some of Our SEO Case Studies

Not sure if SEO is worth investing in? Take a look at some of the success we’ve had with clients we have helped through search engine optimization marketing:

TYKMA Electrox

In working with them for SEO, web design, and implementing correct data monitoring through Google Analytics, we have helped TYKMA Electrox for years to help them grow sales. As an example of this, in 2017 we saw some really great results compared to years prior:

  • 402% growth in overall traffic
  • 540% improvement in organic traffic
  • 314% boost in monthly leads

Bruening Glass Works

As one of our favorite case studies, Bruening’s story is quite different from the rest. With the help of a new website and some SEO, we helped turn this local Cleveland business into an international glass repair shop. Through our work, we were able to:

  • Increase traffic by 1,528%
  • Help them rank for their #1 desired keyword
  • Obtain 8-16 national leads per day

Shini USA

Shini USA is another client of ours that we have worked with for a long while, which has given us the opportunity to help them succeed through SEO, PPC management, and website design and conversion optimization. We’ve seen results, compared to other years, such as:

  • 28% increase in monthly visits
  • 632% increase in monthly SEO traffic
  • 129% increase in monthly form submissions

Valco Valley Tool & Die

Valco was one of our very first clients, and they’re still going strong! When they first became a client, they were experiencing the possible downside of launching a new website without SEO help: a drop in rankings. Through SEO and revamping the layout of key pages, compared to the year before, we saw:

  • An increase in monthly visits by 114%
  • A rise in monthly leads by 543%
  • Improvement in conversion rates (4.6% vs. 1.54%)

Get to Know Sixth City Marketing

What Makes Us Different from Other Agencies

  1. Thirst for Knowledge
    Our team is always staying up to date on all things SEO, and rest assured you can trust that we do our best to stay ahead of the curve and prepare ourselves to conquer anything Google throws our way.
  2. Flexibility and Adaptiveness
    With our up-to-date focus on the field, we are able to remain flexible and adapt to changes in the industry. But also, if there is ever a point in your campaign where you wish us to shift our approach or anything of that nature, we are able to pivot to meet your needs.
  3. Complete Transparency
    We stand by the age-old saying that honesty is the best policy, and when it comes to reporting your data every month, you can trust that we are always 100% transparent in what we communicate with your team.
  4. A Total In-house Team
    Our SEO team is completely in-house, which gives us the great advantage of being able to easily collaborate and work with our clients to provide well-rounded, quality work that brings results.
  5. Industry Experience
    As we showed above, we have worked with many businesses in a wide range of industries. Given this, we have been able to broaden our mindset and apply everything we learn to every new client we take on.

Why Outsource Your Marketing to a Shopify SEO Agency?

We know that making the decision to work with an agency is a big one, but we can assure you that there are numerous perks to investing in outside SEO help, such as:

  • Agencies have access to tools that you may not want to pay for, including keyword tracking platforms, auditing software, backlink trackers, and more
  • Agencies also have teams comprised of people from various backgrounds, like marketing, business, design, and more, giving them a more well-rounded approach
  • Since SEO agencies are dedicated to your company during your allocated monthly hours, you have the opportunity to get quicker results while you tend to other areas of your business
“Sixth City Marketing revamped our website with usable tools to track our sales and identify where our sales were originating from! What a huge piece of information – to know what advertising is actually generating sales!” – Shaun Kinley, Kinley Studio

Frequently Asked Questions on SEO for Shopify

Q: How do you track SEO success?

A: Since there are various ways to perform SEO, there are also multiple ways we rate success, with the main method being increases in purchases or leads through organic search. However, we still believe that keyword position changes, new backlinks, and the like are all great wins for our efforts as they can help move needle and result in long-term success.

Q: Can my product images rank higher as well as my pages?

A: Yes. We know that some people shop through Google Images, and with the help of adding proper meta descriptions and increasing the overall authority of your website, we can then track changes if your site’s images start to rank in the images section of Google as well.

Q: Do all of your clients use the same SEO strategy if they are on Shopify?

A: Nope! Even though you may share a website platform, and are a fellow ecommerce business, you will have different goals and needs that require a customized SEO strategy. No cookie-cutter approaches here!

Q: I get a lot of traffic but not as many conversions. Can that be fixed?

A: With our design for conversion services, we can make some shifts to your key pages that can help encourage people to make purchases. This can include adding more calls to action buttons, moving forms, and more.

Other Ways We Can Help

  • Paid Advertising – We are proficient in Google Ads and Bing Ads, and can write ads, create landing pages, and manage your campaigns.
  • Email Marketing – By reaching your current list of customers and others who inquire about your products, we can help draw them deeper into the sales process.
  • Social Media Ads – Along with Bing and Google ads, we can also run campaigns on Facebook and Instagram that help get your products seen by users.
  • Web Design – If you are currently exploring if Shopify is the best platform for your new website, know that we can get you up and running with our website design and SEO services.
  • Consulting – From analyzing your SEO to conducting thorough audits on your site, we can also start a relationship with you by providing SEO consulting and auditing.

Let Help With SEO for Shopify Websites

Are you ready to take the leap into seeing all that dedicated SEO for Shopify can do? Get in touch with our team today to schedule your free SEO meeting.

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