Spare your fax machine the abuse and right your SEO efforts in 2017

Are you frustrated by your current internet marketing campaign and are you taking it out on your fax machine, copier or cubicle?

We completely understand can help you right your online marketing/SEO efforts in 2017 through a custom SEO campaign tailored to your target audience and business.

What is SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a way to help connect your business and your target audience online.

Neglecting to follow SEO best practices can lead to your company being overlooked by potential customers or clients.

The world of search engine optimization is in a constant state of flux.

The tactics of the past are no longer enough. Even worse, strategies rooted in misguided “old school SEO” principles can be harming your website’s potential. We all know technology is moving at a rapid pace. Is your website keeping up?

It takes a consistent and focused campaign to maintain your presence in search results as the Internet becomes more crowded with competition. SEO helps you draw decision makers – the people prepared to buy – to your site.

In a nutshell, Sixth City makes sure your site has the right “behind-the-scenes” coding so search engines fully understand it. We also ensure your customer-facing content is primed for pulling in new business.

Our Approach to SEO

We want work together with you, to achieve your marketing goals. These could be:

  • Obtaining more qualified leads
  • Increasing sales
  • Improving your brand’s digital media presence

How Do We Show Results?

We show results through improving 4 key metrics:

  1. Overall website traffic
  2. Traffic from search engines
  3. Online inquiries or sales
  4. Keyword positions

The synergy of these factors combined is critical in gauging the effectiveness of an overall SEO campaign. We evaluate each metric using industry standard platforms.

How Are We Different?

  • We create a unique strategy to match your campaign priorities. No cookie-cutter approaches here.
  • We have the luxury of offering high quality service and attention to detail that larger, more detached agencies cannot.
  • We don’t take shady shortcuts that could improve rank superficially but harm your long-term success.
  • We have an in-house staff of writers and strategists.
  • We offer a varied portfolio of services to help your site’s conversion rate (design for conversion, video, social media) that we can work into a retainer agreement.

As search engines continue to alter the ways in which sites are indexed, categorized, and displayed in search results, don’t be a laggard in adopting digital best practices. Let Sixth City Marketing help keep you at the forefront of these changes.

“Sixth City Marketing has made me realize that having a website and not doing SEO is like getting a phone number and not listing it anywhere.” Marc Konys, Owner of Bruening Glass Works

If you are serious about generating revenue for your company online, an effective SEO campaign is essential. Begin the process of solidifying your search presence. Contact Sixth City Marketing today to get a quote.

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